Red & Black Week, Day 3: Red Dress, Black Cardi

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First off, I wanted to extend a warm welcome to my newest followers.  Seems I’ve gained a few as a result of this week’s big event.  Thank you all so much for taking part, whether you are contributing blog posts of your own or just enjoying those of others.  Hope everyone is having fun with it!

Today, Red & Black Week continues with Day 3 of 6, and another work outfit.

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red and black corpgoth

This dress is a twin of the purple dress I wore during my first interview for the new job.  I grabbed them both at Ross on the same day a couple months ago, because I loved everything about the cut.  The ruched bodice is super-flattering, and the a-line skirt is perfect for work!

Today’s tattoo-concealing shrug is a modification of an old, unflattering cardi.  I cut off the front button part, cut the whole thing shorter and hemmed it all the way around.  Now it is just the right length to not hide my figure or my dress.

red and black week

I ditched the shrug when Mr. Kitty picked me up from work so we could go out for a nice dinner.  Did I mention that Mr. Kitty and I are commuting together now that I have this new job?  He’s been commuting for several years, and now my new employer happens to be right on his way to his office.  So we get to keep each other company for the first half of his drive, and we save on gas!  Sometimes it’s nice to stop for dinner halfway home to unwind a bit and break up the drive.

I spontaneously wore a side ponytail as a variation on my usual side bun.  Everyone at work was shocked to see how long my hair is.  I always love revealing that little secret to a new group of people when they’ve only ever seen me with my hair up.  🙂

The necklace and bead earrings are self-made. This bracelet is just a set of beaded stretch bracelets I bought in a random accessory shop on Melrose, with a sparkly butterfly brooch attached.  Another spontaneous decision, because I was dying to incorporate that little guy into my Red & Black posts this year but didn’t have any outfits planned that called for a brooch.  I had to be very careful not to smash him all over my desk throughout the day…  It seems he survived without injury!

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  1. I love that dress!! It's made for you, very flattering. It sound nice that you travel to work together, you have a little time by yourselves, especially if you have a lot to do after work. Johan and I work at the same place so we see each other several times during the work day, for me it's great because hes my best friend and I alway have someone to go to with my questions and get clever answers.

  2. totally agree with linnea <3and i also understand your workmates, who would guess your hair is THAT long?! love it!

  3. Terrific! I love the dress, you look great :).

  4. I love your mixing of a brooch onto a bracelet, it gives it such a nice touch! Love the dress! and the beaded necklace and earrings are awesome, I haven't made a beaded necklace in quite a while and now I really want to!

  5. Simple, genius and beautiful!

  6. That dress is so flattering and beautiful! Wonderful outfit. I am so jealous of your hair 🙂

  7. Once again, completely wonderful.

  8. Very pretty and elegant! The shape of the dress is a great combination of sexy and relaxed, and I love the edge you bring with the angular beaded necklace and bracelet/brooch. Lovely! (P.S. Your Mr. Linky for today is saying he's expired. Just so ya know. :P)

  9. I can see why you love that dress so much 😀 It's perfect, and perfect colour red also.

  10. That looks like a great dress for summer. 🙂 I love the modifications you did on that cardi. I'm going to try it on one of my old cardis too! 😀 Btw, seems like Mr. Linky for today isn't working.

  11. Oh, I'm a sucker for black beads! I love the idea about the brooch + bracelet DIY. You always have brilliant ideas!!!As for commuting together, that is pretty awesome! I hope you are enjoying your new position!

  12. You look very nice. Cool bracelet.

  13. I love the dress too and I especially like how you changed the cardigan into a cute, flattering piece. You've given me new ideas. Thanks!

  14. I love your handmade jewelry! They look very classy and professional. I also can definitely see why you bought that dress in two colors, it is lovely on you.

  15. I love your dress..It fits perfectly on you and you look stunning!

  16. You know, the bat tattoo and the butterfly really compliment each other. Just saying, if that was intentional, that's pretty cool. Coolr if it wasn't. 🙂

  17. Gwee, your outfit is gorgeous as always. You're so well dressed! I wish I looked as constantly good as you. My post for yesterday is suffering technical difficulties and will be up later this evening, can I still add it to yesterday's post?

  18. You look gorgeous in all of your photos. I wore red and black combo to work today. I guess you inspired me! Really enjoy reading your blog. Aunt Tracy

  19. That's rad that you two get to drive together.

  20. Le Professeur Gothique

    Now that's a red — deep, delicious and oh so gorgeous! I love the way that dress fits you, simply beautiful. Huzzah for another wonderful outfit! And thanks for the DIY with your brooch and stretchy bracelets. It never dawned on me to do so. :)And yes, Mr. Linky isn't working — he's expired.

  21. How cool that you and the Mr get to start the day off together every morning on your way to work! I think that would help me be more cheerful in the morning. And it would be so wonderful to step out the door of the office building at the end of each day to see my handsome prince in our chariot! Ah ROMANCE!

  22. The dress is gorgeous and I LOVE that butterfly <3 Its so adorable! ^^

  23. That is a brilliant cardigan alteration! I will have to try that someday.

  24. I can see why you bought two in different colours, that's a lovely dress.

  25. The dress is perfect on you. I love the shrug too. I can't believe you made it from a cardigan. I am searching the internet now for this dress.

  26. The internet is being difficult today. >.<By the way, the color of your dress looks great on you.I replied to your comment on my site, but in case you haven't seen it,a nerdfighter is basically somoeone who is proud to be a nerd. The term comes from Hank and John Green's Youtube channel "Vlogbrothers".

  27. Isn't it great to find multiples that work? I have a 3 identical sheath dresss from Target (black, grey, & red) that I adore.Your red dress is fab. So nice to have it in purple as well.

  28. I love everything here! The necklace looks kind of like something we have at my work. (I work at White House Black Market)

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