Red & Black Week 2012 Recap

You ladies (and a couple of gentlemen!) really pulled out all the stops for Second Annual Red & Black Week.  I simply can’t express how pleased I am with the enthusiasm this event garnered amongst our little community!

It’s such a shame that Mr. Linky died in the final hours of the event.  This was beyond my control, as Linky is a paid service I use.  They have the system back up and running now, so if you missed getting your Day 6 post linked up, please let me know.

And now, the results!

We had a total of 62 participants this year; an incredible increase over last year’s 28 participants.

Altogether, we posted 218 posts.  12 of us posted for all six days of the event.  8 people posted five out of six, and 7 people posted on four out of six days. Our biggest single day was Day Two with 41 entries.

Topics covered included fashion, jewelry, makeup, nails, crafts, flowers, books, poetry, photography, video games, home decor, music videos, nightclubs, cars, hair care products, camping gear, drawings, paintings, food, toys, pets and more!

In case you missed anything, check out all of the Red & Black Posts.

As promised, here is a list of everyone who participated throughout the week, along with links to their blogs.  These are listed in the order in which they first posted, starting with Day One.

  1. VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir
  2. Kraven Hellbeast of Meanwhile in Pandaemonium
  3. Amy of Gothica
  4. Jean of all Trades
  5. kakuidori of o.O 
  6. Nightshade of thepurplebroom
  7. SaryWalrus of The Walrus Room
  8. Lesthi of Lesthi’s Blog
  9. Pixel Pixie of Cuz I Said Sew
  10. Lynoire of Milking the Rolling Cow
  11. Siouxsie Law
  12. Madam Noire of Makeup Madness
  13. Jess Thai of Rabbit Library
  14. VavaBeeb of VavaBeeb Through the Looking Glass
  15. Amy Asphodel of Stripy Tights and Dark Delights
  16. Smashed Doll of Thoughts of a Smashed Doll 
  17. Xanthy of My life as a fairy princess
  18. Le Professeur Gothique 
  19. Linnea-maria
  20. Mr. Kitty of Wheels are Everything
  21. Twisted Princess of Darkling Dreams
  22. Blackblood of Blood is the New Black
  23. Mindless of Mindless Indulgence
  24. Sabayon of Ruffles Not Diets
  25. Sophie of BelfryBatz
  26. Leena of Luurankoja kaapissa
  27. Electrobat of Dark Entries
  28. Bixie Willow of Goth to Goth
  29. Sophie of The Dark Functionary
  30. The Heartsless Witch
  31. Jamie of Geeky Goth Girl
  32. Gothbarbie of Military Fashion Show
  33. Lady Bethezda of Bethezda’s Preoccupations
  34. Cris of Secret Diary of a Closet Goth
  35. Countess Audronasha of Gothically Yours
  36. Meagan Kyla of Coffin Kitsch 
  37. Far Away Girl of Over the Mountains and Far Away 
  38. Sheridan of The Zombie Moshpit
  39. Cirque de Beaute
  40. Crazy Nigel of lil’ bit
  41. Katelynn of Life of a Babybat
  42. Trystan of This is CorpGoth
  43. Unlacing the Victorians
  44. Alicia of yunxheexpyong
  45. Ms. Lou of The Neo-Victorian Parlour
  46. Bane of GIY: Goth it Yourself
  47. Sal K. of Still Dark @ Heart
  48. Housecat of Domesticated
  49. Saskia of Catacomb Kitten
  50. Caitlin of Diary of a Girly Nerd
  51. Dani DeathBiscuit of Confessions of an Australian Goth 
  52. The Cemetery Dreamer
  53. The Everyday Goth
  54. Prunio
  55. Merrihel Wednesday of Style and Graphite
  56. Marmalade Marionette
  57. traicetrak of The Airstepper’s Adventure
  58. ette of Be old, be new, be different!
  59. Christopher Courtley of Courtley Manor
  60. Daughter of the Jaded Era
  61. Katelyn of The Bat Cave
  62. Mistress Mystral of Mustaa Pitsia

Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions in this list.  I’m human!  😉

Honorary Participant Number 63:
As a little bonus, here is the youngest participant ever in Red & Black Week!  This little darling is a relative of mine who apparently really loved our theme.  Someday, I will buy her a fabulous pair of shoes to go with that dress!

Thanks for a great week, everyone!  I can’t wait for June 2013 so we can do it again.  In the meantime, stay tuned for my monthly one-day themes, which will resume July 1.

All images and text © Sophistique Noir Gothic Fashion Blog. Do not use any photos or text from this blog without providing a credit to me and a link back to the original post.


  1. That was so much fun! Thanks for setting this up, and look forward to doing this again next year.

  2. Wow, what a dolly! I would wear that dress in a heartbeat. 🙂 Thanks so much for putting this together-I think it's great that there were so many participants, I love how much our community has grown and how this kind of thing brings us together! 🙂

  3. That pic is PRECIOUS!! So glad to see them started out right. X^D This was great fun. I'm looking forward to visiting everyone's blog. Unfortunately, starting out so late, all my time was spent on my own posts, but I've already found some new blogs I'll be following regularly. It's a wonder I find time to earn a paycheck! Thanks so much, Kitty. It's a delight as always. I just find it so sad that we have to all be so scattered across the world. I'd love to meet everyone! But if not for this, we would never know each other at all. For that, thanks so very much.

  4. This was really fun! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I can't wait for next year 😀 Mr. Linky gave me a few issues but now my final post is up 🙂

  5. Thank you for this week, it's been a great event. I loved thinking up things to post about, and it's definitely helped me with ideas for future blog posts.I'm looking forward to next year and I'll definitely participate in the monthly themes!

  6. I'm sorry I couldn't participate, my blog is on a break because of family matters, moving (preparing to), etc. I just can't keep up right now so things not absolute top priority have been put on hold. I do however plan to look at as many posts as I can and I'm glad you had such great response!!

  7. Pixel Pixie, I'm so glad you were able to participate! You brought a new angle to the event that we really needed.Jamie, I know, me too! ;-D Can't wait to see how many participants we get next year. My goal is to break 100!Traicetrak, better late than never. I'm SO glad you were able to get into the event mid-week. Now, go mark your calendar for next year. Right now. 😉 And I agree, I sure wish we could have a big meet-up somehow.Twisted Princess, Sorry you were a victim of the Linky issues. I'm debating dropping them and looking for a different linking service, but then again I've had no previous issues in the year I've been using them. Very bad timing, unfortunately!Far away girl, I think it's great that this event challenged everyone's creativity. We need things like that to keep us sharp. So glad you joined in!Snowhyte, No worries at all! I totally understand; I wasn't sure I would have the time or mental energy to devote to the event this year, myself! Take care of yourself and your family, and very best wishes for everything to work out wonderfully for you!

  8. 63) xxxx little darkling xxxx, of the comments pages! 😉

  9. I hope to participate next year when my work uniform is less strict about the colors we wear. [:Also, I picked up a ton of blogs to follow from this post; hurray! XD

  10. Thank you so much for organizing this for a second year! It was excellent blogging fun!

  11. I love her dress! Here's hoping she's a future-goth-in-training. 😉 I've been away from the blogosphere and totally forgot about Red and Black Week, but I didn't really have that many more themed items than last year, so for now I'll enjoy catching up on everyone else's posts! 🙂

  12. Le Professeur Gothique

    Awwww, what a cutie pie! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event! MUAH!

  13. was such a fantastic week!! even though the storms here blew out the power for the last days 🙁 so i couldnt post the last two on time….but, better late then never i say! ;Deveryone had such fantastic posts, i cant wait till next year!! 😀 <3

  14. thank you so much for this event, cant wait for next year!

  15. Aww! She's SO adorable! That dress is so charming <3Who posted about cars? I haven't found that blog yet.

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  17. I posted on all the days… but I didn't put my little icon down for everyone to see on the posts 😛

  18. Thanks for setting this up. It was a lot of fun participating and seeing all the other great posts. 🙂

  19. Just slippin by to wish you a happy Litha. /Therese

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