Last Day at the Old Job

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I felt like going fairly colorful for the last day at my old job. I knew most of the day would consist of me going around saying goodbyes, or people dropping by my office to say goodbye. I wanted to shine, yet look professional. I also wanted something that I could easily convert into an evening look, since I knew Mr. Kitty and I would be going to my favorite club that night to celebrate my freedom from a job that had begun to drain the life out of me. I already had my club outfit in mind, which you’ll see tomorrow…

I wore my hair down because I always feel prettiest that way. Being an extreme introvert, I need a little extra boost of confidence when I’m doing something outside of my comfort zone. Talking to dozens of people in one afternoon is very exhausting to me, even if I really like all of those people and enjoy talking to them… It’s something only an introvert would understand, and if you are one, you know exactly what I mean. 😉

What do you do to give yourself extra confidence when you are facing a “big day” of some kind?

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  1. Yes, I understand you perfectly and know, what you mean. Being the center of attention scares me and encountering people is very exhausting for me too, family gatherings are my worst nightmares, for example…^^ High heels and big, backcombed or floating hair make me more confident. Heels, because they force me to have a straighter stance, and big hair simply because I feel prettier that way…:) Is that a dress, by the way? Or a skirt and a top of the same color? It's really pretty! ^^

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Even if I'm not feeling nervous, being around lots of people is still tiring.Dressing more smartly/formally is something I often do to give myself a confidence boost. If I know I look smart then that's one thing I don't have to worry about at all, plus every time I look in the mirror I get another little boost!Congratulations on finishing the old job!

  3. You look so lovely and with a inner glow in these pictures. I hope you had a nice last day at you job and a wonderful evening with Mr Kitty. The skirt is so flattering on you, it really is your colour that shade of pink. I know how it is to work at a place that drains you. I have had a hard time last year but it has turned out really nice, until last week when a person yelled very bad and mean words to me totally unprovoked. God how angry I was. Now I feel sick everytime I see this person. I do hope it was a single event. I wish you all the best at your new job and a wonderful weekend.

  4. This is a lovely outfit, I especially like the blazer. Congratulations on your new position. I recently left a job that drained me emotionally and mentally, and it felt like I started an entirely new life. Best of luck!

  5. i so hope the new job will make you feel better <3 you look great as always!!

  6. Beautiful and elegant, as always-I'm sure it left quite an impression! Wearing a corset is kind of my personal confidence-booster-I always feel ready to take on the world. They make me feel sexy and invincible at the same time. 🙂 I'm so glad you've found a new job with a better work environment, and I wish you all the best!

  7. I have a question that is a tad off topic, and I do hope you don't mind my straying.If you are very introverted, where do you draw your confidence to wear clothing that draws more attention to you?I sincerely hope I don't offend with this question; I'm just a rather curious cat. (=

  8. A perfect manicure, good hair and heels give me a boost.

  9. Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in "Frenzy" or "Midnight" and a bigass hair flower. They're like armor.I too find people very exhausting. I have to psych myself up for a phone call, even if I like the person I'm calling.

  10. Lynoire, yes to high heels! Those give me a ton of confidence, too! And the outfit is actually a top and skirt. Both are from Newport News; for a while one summer they really focused on matching-color pieces. Like Granimals for grown-ups. ;)Julianne, exactly! It's just that the interaction is tiring, not that it's distressing in any way. I couldn't agree more about dressing nicer for confidence!linnea-maria, I truly hope your bad work situation was just a one-time event! Although sadly, even one-time things can be life changing depending on how bad it was and who was involved. Hopefully it was not your boss or another authority figure! If not, maybe you can report that person? Hang in there, dear!!April, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now. It's so great to look forward to what each new day brings instead of dreading it. :)kakuidori, thank you so much! :)Jamie, corsets are a great solution!! They always give a woman such poise.Emocarebear, that's a very interesting question! I think it comes down to the difference between being introverted and being shy: while you can be both, it is also possible to be just one or the other, and they are definitely very different things. I don't find myself to be shy at all, so I don't mind people noticing me or paying attention to me – on the contrary, I feel most confident when I am being myself, even though the style that I am most "at home" in happens to be fairly attention-getting. It's the interaction that is draining. For example, I find that I don't mind if I notice people looking at me in the mall, but I can get uncomfortable if they suddenly start asking me where I got something, etc when I wasn't mentally prepared for a conversation. I feel pressure in spontaneous face-to-face communication because introverts naturally need to think their responses through (that's why we often communicate much better in writing). I've done a lot of reading on the topic; otherwise I probably wouldn't know the answer to your question myself. ;)siouxsiel, Yes, Yes and Yes! :-DTante, oooh, I am going to have to look up those colors. I know what you mean about the phone – as much as I find face-to-face conversation draining, the phone is 10 times worse. I can't handle the lack of eye contact or body language! Most people close to me know that I would much prefer to receive a text unless it's urgent, and thankfully they respect that! OTOH, I could talk to Mr. Kitty or my brother on the phone for hours. That's the level of closeness that I need in order to be okay with a phone call! 🙂

  11. I am a non-shy introvert as well :)To boost my confidence before a "big day" (which these days generally means a get-together with the family-in-law), I do my nails, pick my outfit ahead of time, and if I need to I'll re-dye my hair the night before! 🙂

  12. I am sure this is the beginning of a new and shinning age for you :)I do like the outfit, it´s professional and very appropiate for the season.I am pretty shy as well and it takes long time to me getting truly comfortable with new people. I tend to listen and observe rather than talking a lot in those situations. Normally it works.

  13. Great explanation of shy vs. introverted. And boo to phones! I don't even like listening to voice mail. :PTo boost my confidence, I pay special attention to my appearance, as several people mentioned. I also try to locate or create a cool spot in advance because I get overheated and flushed when I'm nervous.I hope you had a great Freedom from Life-Draining Job Day and a blast at the club. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the outfit.

  14. YEAH!!! Freedom! I hope you had a good time at the club last night.Great outfit. I could tell immediately by the first pic, before I even read the post, that you were "letting your hair down" a bit for your last day at work. Introverted vs shy….. wow. I think I'm actually a shy extrovert. I don't see how that can be possible but from your description, yeah, that would be me. Can't speak to someone to save my life but also completely up in their face. LOL

  15. Talking to dozens of people in one afternoon is very exhausting to me, even if I really like all of those people and enjoy talking to them… It’s something only an introvert would understand, and if you are one, you know exactly what I mean. 😉 Yes! It's pretty draining. I've had people kind of look at me a little odd for years because I tend to overdress just a tad because wearing something I really love is part of my "buffer."Personally I dig black turtlenecks when I'm feeling especially uncomfortable. The more I'm covered, the more at ease I feel. If my makeup looks nice, I feel even better–until I get home, look in the mirror and realize I'm shinier than a glass vase, anyway. 🙂

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