Dancing the Old Job Out of my System!

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As promised in yesterday’s post, we went out dancing to celebrate my last day at the old job. I had been wanting to wear an all-magenta outfit ever since I did my all-purple outfit back in January. I had my magenta (cheap Frederick’s) corset in mind but it turned out to clash quite badly with this skirt from Newport News. Different shades of magenta usually go quite well together, so I was a bit surprised. Luckily, I also had this lace-front cami from Newport News that was a perfect match. So I topped the whole thing off with my black underbust corset to dress it up properly for the club. I replaced the blazer with a magenta satin shrug I recently found on eBay. I now have this shrug in five colors!

The down side to this outfit was, while it looked fabulously fuchsia in the photos and while standing in line at the door, once we were in the club everyone complimented me on my red outfit. πŸ™ Yep, under nightclub lights everything looks either black or red. Not that an all-red outfit wouldn’t be spectacular, but it wasn’t the look I was going for. Let’s save that kind of thing for the first week in June, shall we? ;-D

Pardon my bandage! This is what happens when you try to open a bottle of nail polish with needle-nose pliers because you’re too lazy to go downstairs for regular pliers! πŸ˜‰

I’ve spent so much time exploring β€œnew job makeup” lately that I was dying to do something dramatic. You’ve seen this look before (no, I’m not all that experimental with makeup!). It features my Ben Nye Lumiere shadow in fuchsia, along with a healthy dose of black.

My lips are Morgana Cryptoria’s Diabolic Druscilla with a bit of Ulta gloss on top and a heavy black outline. I’ll be posting a tutorial of this look next week! My nails are Gelish gel polish in Starburst, topped with Orly (regular polish) in Bubbly Bombshell, which is a SUPER GLITTERY MAGENTA. Oh, true happiness! I’ve been doing my nails in gel polish lately instead of getting acrylics, and I am SO happy with the results. But that’s a topic for another post. πŸ™‚

For my hair style, I simply put my hair in a ponytail, braided it, added a fake chignon and wrapped my braid around it. The headpiece is something I made myself a long time ago with a velvet headband from random accessory store and a floral spray and bit of tulle from Michael’s. I was so delighted that it matched my skirt and cami so well!

Do you ever do a β€œquick change” to go from work to club-wear? What’s your time-saving secret when you don’t have a full two hours to get ready for the evening?

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  1. That transformation was very successful! I love this outfit, it is so well composed. The hairpiece is lovely. The only quick change I've done is to put on some more makeup before heading down town for some friday shopping.

  2. Holy hell you look amazing!

  3. You look so stunning once again. πŸ™‚ Sure that was a good way to bid farewell to one phase in your life and move onto another, so good luck with the new job! And that satin shrug is particularly beautiful, I wouldn't mind having a similar one, yet in another color. I suppose I don't have any real quick fixes for going from work to club-wear. I can always just pray I'm not having a bad hair or face day to begin with, changing clothes is rather fast after all. :>

  4. Wow you look beautiful! Nice colors, I don't even think I own anything in this color.

  5. First, you know I'm not one to typically comment on your postings because a) I doubt I'd have anything intelligent to say and/or b) well, I guess that's the only reason. Second, it's amazing how much attitude is in the makeup, especially compared to the work look. It's not a bad thing, just an interesting note.So happy that you were able to nail down the new gig. Though I'm supremely jealous of the fact you were able to leave rather quickly, it also gives me hope that something will work out for me, too.

  6. See, I think you should have worn THIS outfit to your last day at the old office, just so that Unpleasant Coworker would have to sit and bask in your fabulosity all day.

  7. WOW! Every single piece of that outfit is perfect!

  8. perfect, perfect, perfect!and i doubt i could transform in that short time *lol* and hell you look fabulous!i cant go out after work (hm, nightshift…) and on my regular days off i usually already am club-ready ^^cant wait to see your tutorial, i often do two-colored lips, too and wondering if you do it the same way!

  9. Wow, absolutely gorgeous!! :O

  10. Le Professeur Gothique

    WAHOO!!!! You look stunning my dear friend. Simply gorgeous.

  11. You look stunning, I really like that outfit!

  12. That oufit deserves a Tiara! You look AMAZING! A Gothic Queen to be sure. I am so happy that you are happy again. It shows in your pictures.

  13. You look beautiful Xxxx πŸ™‚

  14. You look amazing, the outfit is a hit and your hair is stunning! I always wanted such a big chignon, I have to get one of these fake ones too! ^^Whenever I have to do a quick change like this, I plan it, I even set up a schedule for myself…but usually it fails. ^^

  15. You look absolutely stunning!

  16. This is beautiful! I really like the lace detail on the shirt, and the shrug. It all goes together perfectly! Also, good luck at your new job!

  17. Beautiful, stunning, amazing, gorgeous, fabulous… well, darn, everyone used up all the adjectives. πŸ˜‰ I'll have to go with "ditto."

  18. …β™₯…Magestic magentaDevineblessings

  19. An absolutely beautiful outfit. I've just discovered your blog after it was mentioned here http://www.facebook.com/thegothicshop and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your previous posts. You are so inspiring and beautiful and I am so looking forward to reading it regularly πŸ™‚

  20. Simply divine! Love it! Then again, you would look elegant in anything really… Hope your new job goes well! Thinking of you.

  21. Words cannot describe how gorgeous I think this outfit is. It would be so perfect for our steampunk/neo-Victorian activities. I want!

  22. You look amazing as always! πŸ™‚ Love the color on you

  23. You are stunning in this ensemble. I think the black touches add interest. Can't imagine all magenta being any more perfect. Every item seems ideal to me.

  24. Eeee! You look absolutely stunning!Nail question: When you layer normal polish over the gel polish, are you able to remove the normal polish without disturbing the gel?

  25. Nice outfit. Looks kind of like something from the 1930s but with a few modern touches.

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