Make-Up Tutorial: Creating the Perfect Eyebrow

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I’ve had quite a few reader requests for a tutorial on how I achieve my brow look.  Tutorials take me forever, so this post has been in the works for ages.  🙂  Sorry for the delay!

Many Goths choose to shave their brows completely, which I love because the possibilities then become endless. However, it’s not something that would be practical for me, so instead I go with a somewhat dramatic plucked shape, adding intense color to suit my look.

There are two phases to how I perfected my brows: Shaping and Coloring (with make-up, not with hair dye!).


I can’t really show you a current “before” picture for the shaping phase, since mine are already shaped. To get an idea of the “before” check out this photo from my Vampire Valentine’s Day post. 🙂

Create a template:

Cut a rectangle of tracing paper or vellum (I used vellum because I had some handy in my craft room, and because it was heavier in weight). Whatever you use, it needs to be somewhat translucent so you can trace through it.

Hold the rectangle over your eyebrow and trace your existing eyebrow shape. This will show you exactly what you have to work with.

Draw in your desired eyebrow shape within the tracing of your existing brow. You probably won’t want to go outside of the existing shape, because then you’ll have to draw the missing part in every day. I created my new shape fully inside me existing brow so I could just pluck away the unwanted parts.

Take a small pair of scissors or an Xacto knife to cut out a template of the new shape.

You can also buy pre-made templates in brow kits from stores such as Sephora, but I preferred to make my own so I knew exactly the original brow shape I had to work with.

Create Your New Brows:
Hold the vellum up, lined up with your existing brow, and draw in the new shape from your template. Don’t use a Sharpie, even though that is how I did it.  😉

After you’ve drawn in the new shape, pluck away any hairs that don’t fall within that outline.  Work gradually, checking in the mirror periodically to see how you like the evolving new shape.  Don’t be in a rush, because  it’s easier to take more off later than wait for things to grow back if you take off too much at once.

I never wax my brows, as my hair is dark I can’t stand letting them grow in enough for the wax to do its job. It’s just too obvious, on my pale skin, that my brows are growing in.  Plus, no spa lady will ever be as much of a perfectionist with my brows as I am. Instead, I pluck mine daily as needed. It takes about 10 seconds a day to remove the few new hairs that appear and keep my shape perfect.


Once you have plucked your brows into your perfect new shape, you’ll probably want to bump up the impact for your makeup looks by coloring them in. As you can see, my brows are dark but they look very faint compared to a dramatic makeup look.

before blackening

I color mine using Ben Nye pressed eyeshadow in black and a soft angled brush. A firm angled eyebrow brush is also a good choice. I dampen the brush slightly and press it into the eyeshadow. I tap the brush to remove any excess so it doesn’t destroy my eyeshadow with little flecks of black. Then I carefully draw in on top of my eyebrows.

after blackening

You can do this with whatever color suits you. If you are lucky enough to have blonde eyebrows, you can have a lot of fun with purple, pinks and red! For dark brows, I’ve found I have to stick with dark colors as the hairs give brighter colors a muddy look.

How do you style and maintain your eyebrows?

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  1. Very cool! I'll make the same soon

  2. Awesome tutorial! I shave off my tails which I draw on with Mac's fluidline (in black) and blend in the brow hairs with an angled brush. I pluck my "half brows" as I personally don't have the patience for trying to draw in perfect eyebrows everyday. I'm in the process of growing some parts out as I over plucked a few months ago and it was not good. Hehehe.

  3. It's a great idea, a template makes it so much easier! ^^I love dark, dramatic eyebrows with sharp angles, but they don't suit my face. Your tutprial inspired me to try them again and I spent a fun hour in the bathroom trying make-up, but at the end, I realized how strange I look – again…it's just not my thing, I guess. ^^Anyways, I like the natural shape of my eyebrows, so the only thing I do is plucking the hairs that fall outside of the line. Sometimes I elongate the line of my eyebrows towards the outer corner of my eye, but really, that's it. I wish, I could do more…^^

  4. I think your brows are fabulous! When I was young I had my eyebrows naturally angular. But I didn't liked it then and plucked the brows on the upper side :/. I have straigt/rounded shape now. I shaved them last week with a eyebrow shaver, it was ok.

  5. I believe this is my first comment on your blog ^^ I really like your outfits, you always look great x3 I have blonde brows and I started dying them darker lately and use grey eyeshadow because the inner corners are so thin. The self made stencils are a really good idea, I used to have an eyebrow kit that came with premade ones and I've always asked myself who on earth has brows that long XD

  6. I have annoying blonde brows, and dyed them for ages … until I started getting 'permanent' makeup tattooed on – BEST thing ever!!They last about 2 years – and since they are due to be redone, I've been darkening them with eyeshadow 😉

  7. I have dark blonde eyebrows, with a bit of a natural arch/angle to them I try to accentuate slightly with regular maintenance plucking. Someone told me once that eyebrow hair is "determined," meaning that if you pull it out in the same spot often enough that it won't grow back. So far I haven't experienced that, but one can hope, right?I usually go for a very natural look when applying my make-up. For special occasions, when I want a more dramatic impact, I use a light application of waterproof mascara on the brows. This darkens and shapes them at the same time, like a brow gel would, without the "filled in" look that works so well for so many other ladies. (I tried using brow shadow once. Even in my natural shade it didn't look elegant on me it just made me look older. *dang*)To each her own, and this is what works for me.

  8. I've been waiting for this – thank you so much !

  9. I miss my crazy glam brows – I used to pluck almost the entire brow away – leaving only a small portion near my inner eye to use as a starting point for my daily creation! I got pretty good at making them even – and I used she-laq from Benefits Cosmetics to seal them on. I have to dig up some photos!I SO don't have hours to get ready before work like I did back then, or I might go back to the dramatic brow look. Thanks for sharing your routine with us! You look great with dark dramatic brows!

  10. You've done an excellent job at shaping your brows. They look great even without the powder on them!I used to pluck and wax my eyebrows but I just got tired of it and ended up shaving them off. Some days it's a bit of a pain if I'm in a hurry because inevitably those are the days they go on crooked. Otherwise, I like being able to constantly change their shape. 🙂 Great tutorial.

  11. Amazing tutorial! I think it´s going to be really handy to me. Thank you very much for sharing.

  12. This is a great tutorial! That's a good idea with the homemade template – much more personalised.

  13. Your tutorial is so easy to follow, a template is a nice idea!I also have a method, wich I can stick to, but I'll certanly add the daily checking to my routine!1.Length:-Inner corner: Connecting the side of the nostrils and the inner corner of the eye with an invisible line, and drawing on the brows with white eyepencil.-Outer corner: Connecting the side of the nostrils and the outer corner of the eye with an invisible line, and drawing on the brows with white eyepencil.2. Angle: The highest part should be a few millimeters outer than the iris.3. Fullnes: I change this regularly, (my brows grow with an insane speed), when I wear thick rimmed glasses, I prefer thin, and when no glasses a stronger one. In between my wire-rimmed round glasses cover the mess. :D(Deleted the previous comment due to a few embarrassing typo.)

  14. What an interesting turorial! I've never tried using a stencil, but I'm definately going to. Often I feel too lazy to darken my eyebrows, but I know it looks better when I do. My problem however is that the hairs are so unruly that even special gel won't make them stay in place. I always have messy brows! :S Shaving them off completely might be a solution, but it's not really my thing. Another aspect of my brows that I really don't like is that they are low set, which makes me look a bit grumpy at times. I actually really dislike my eyebrows, haha. Maybe I should get rid of the problem by growing my bangs longer, so they'll disappear from sight. 😀

  15. Betty, thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing it.Meagan Kyla, shaving the tails is brilliant. You can get the dramatic, versatile custom look without committing to being an amazing eyebrow-drawing artist every day.Lynoire, you are lucky to have lovely naturally-shaped brows. Mine would be absolutely ridiculous if I didn't do major shaping. They used to take over my whole face! (the "old" photo I linked to above was when I was already doing a lot of plucking, but hadn't really figured out the right shape).linnea-maria, rounded is great for a vintage look! I'm surprised your arch didn't grow back after plucking: some people say theirs don't grow back, but I've been plucking for ages and it never seems to stop. :)Ria, thank you so much! I've noticed the same thing about the store-bought templates. They don't even remotely resemble what I have to work with!! :)Michelle, I've heard such mixed reviews of permanent makeup. I'd like to have my brows done, but I'm scared to trust anyone to tattoo my face (even a shallow tattoo). Maybe if I find someone who comes with REALLY good recommendations…heatherphillips, I've never been so lucky as to not have the plucked hairs grow back. I've been plucking for more than two decades (and plucking in my current dramatic shape for nearly a decade) and the regrowth shows no signs of slowing down. :(Magickafoot, you're welcome! Hope it is helpful. :)GothBarbie, leaving a bit as a starting point is a great idea. I'd never be able to get symmetrical brows if I shaved/drew them on. I'd love to see some photos!!Lady Bethezda, I would love to have the flexibility to change the shape, style and color daily. You always have amazing brows!!Violette B., thanks! I hope you find the information useful.Phoenix, I'm big on DIY, so I have a hard time restricting myself to what's available in stores. Those templates never seem to be small enough for my face!Goth Mary Poppins, your method sounds very simple and accurate. Glasses do have such an effect on how brows look. I definitely go for a darker black when I have my contacts in and am going out for the evening.Corin, I have the same problem, with my brow hairs being too long and not staying in place (some of them like to grow at angles, even). I should have mentioned in the tutorial that after I pluck, I trim the remaining hairs about once a week with a short trimmer, so they are less than 1/4" long. Helps keep them from getting out of control. 😀

  16. I have had major problems with my eyebrows lately and looking for a blog post EXACTLY like this one! I would have never thought to make my own template.Thank you.

  17. Thank you for this great tutorial! My blond brows and eyelashes get tinted black monthly so for daytime I usually just wear a bit of eyeshadow. I use a dark brown brow powder for evenings out, and when it's getting time for another tinting, and I'm always frustrated that I can't find a black brow powder. Using black eyeshadow on brows never even occurred to me and I can't wait to try it!

  18. Skarlett, I hope my tips will be useful to you! Best of luck. :)AnnaMarie, I would love to get my brows tinted… I'm always scared something will get into my eyes though! Black eye shadow works well, as long as you don't put it on too thick, or bits of black will migrate onto your face. Applying it with a damp brush helps prevent this, too.

  19. lovely tutorial <3if i still had natural eyebrows i think i would try XD on hair stopping to grow, i noticed that my eyebrows came back very fast until one point, from then on i could easily wait a week! (and yes it was from one moment to the next) but i'm still hunting for hair that needs to be removed every day…

  20. VictorianKitty, maybe find a spa and try out tinting. If you just have your brows done you will not get dye in your eyes (since I get my lashes done too some usually gets into my eyes but it's made for eyes – not hair dye – so while it stings a bit it is not dangerous). I'm going to try out the black eyeshadow tonight!

  21. Liz Howard-Alexander

    This is *exactly* the kind of tutorial I was looking for! Thank you so much for posting this (even though I know it was a while back. 🙂 ) I’m just starting to get my eyebrows in order (along with the rest of my dramatic make-up), and just *love* how you do yours! <3

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