April 1 Theme: Flowers

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Floral print can be challenging in Gothic fashion. Some Goths love it, some hate it; either way, it can be difficult to make it “work” with the look. I know many of you are probably cursing at me for this theme… 😉 You are not alone, as I was cursing myself for a couple of days, too. I have very few floral print pieces in my wardrobe, the best ones being a red rose print shirt and my grey silk chiffon maxi skirt.

Gothic floral fashion

Mr. Kitty suggested that, instead of featuring something I’ve already worn on this blog, I should push the limits of my hair flower collection. I haven’t been bothering to do much with my hair lately, so I thought this idea was a timely way to get me out of a rut.  I used my favorite chignon, wrapped my own hair in a braid around it, and topped it off with three different hued purple hair flowers.  Massive ones.

Gothic flower fashion

I realized that this silk chiffon top from Bebe would be the perfect complement to this floral-themed hair style. The dramatic keyhole neckline is trimmed with matching fabric flowers edged in black and topped with black beads. I paired it with one of my Newport News fishtail skirts.

Goth fashion

My rose ring (featured in my February theme post, Rings), a pair of black flower earrings and of course my rose handbag from Pyramid Collection finished my celebration of spring!

I headed out to dinner with Mr. Kitty and my parents in this outfit, to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. In keeping with the floral theme, I gave her a potted jasmine plant. And some Lindor chocolate truffles, which don’t have anything to do with flowers but are a necessity at all times!

Last but not least, I give you to a view of our humble floral offerings. Living in the desert, we committed to using only low-water landscaping for our yard. We have not a single square inch of grass. We also don’t have a lot of time for landscape maintenance, so most of our design is done using various stone and bricks. However, we did splurge and go for a patch of ice plant. This amazingly hardy succulent ground cover is able to survive our 110-degree summer days AND our occasionally freezing winter nights, all with very minimal water. Best of all, we are treated to the most gorgeous fuchsia-hued flowers for about three months each spring. Looks like we missed quite a lot of the early blooms while we were on vacation last week, but there are many more to come. If we committed to more watering, this whole patch would be thick with flowers for the whole season… But our needs are modest, and we are content with just a smattering of this great beauty.  My delight was enhanced by the fact that our ice plant blooms happen to match tonight’s outfit so perfectly!

dark fashion

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  1. done with my linking…:DBtw, you look stunning dear..I really love the purple blouse..cute and sophisticated..

  2. I hope I linked correctly :'D Your flower outfit is very stunning 😀

  3. :-O you totally rock hair flowers! often 'one' big hair flower is too much but you look awesome with THREE!<3

  4. I love your hairdo! It looks very complicated, but I would love to try this myself. Adding the flowers makes it even more stunning. The blouse matches perfectly! The whole outfit is elegant and beautiful.Personally I'm not having much trouble wearing flowers, since I love how it makes the outfit look a bit more victorian. As long as the whole thing is combined with a lot of black, it still looks dark. 🙂 Mr.Kitty has a great style too! Lovely picture of the two of you.

  5. I was actually so happy to hear about this months theme. Finally something I can join in on! I find it amazing that you can pull off such a loudly coloured blouse in such an eloquent and very Gothy way. :3

  6. Beautiful-the blouse is such an elegant cut, but the flowers add a nice, subtle touch of whimsy to the outfit. And I love the repetition of the theme in the hair flowers-and that your blouse matches the ice blooms. 🙂

  7. Such a beautiful look!!!Hugs, Jenny

  8. Love the outfit! The color of your blouse and the roses on your purse are wonderful! Of course the flowers in your hair are great too!I like the couple photo. I recently helped my mom celebrate her 60th birthday. An important milestone!I've never heard of an ice plant but the flower it produced is amazing! I love the idea of a low-maintenence, low-water lawn.

  9. Very chic! Love what you did with your hair!

  10. You look stylish as always! I really like that top, it fits you very well and the details are very interesting. I'm surprised I can really say I like the fabric flowers around the neckline, I'm usually quite picky when it comes to such decorative flowers. Such hair accessories are usually pretty, especially if they manage to resemble real flowers, but quite often fabric flowers seem just random bundles to me.

  11. I just finished linking my first post! You are stunning as always of course and a great inspiration for making my everyday wardrobe more stylish. Yay for everyday goth!

  12. You look so stunning!!! Even if your clothes are very modern; with the beautiful hairdo, the outfit has a victorian feel. It was a clever idea to use three different colours on the flowers. I added my post at last. I've been working on this post the whole day :)Thanks for hosting this wonderful theme. I love it and it's so nice to see all the others posts. Hugs!

  13. Dead white lilies for my contribution. Other dead flowers too. I don't own anything floral, so I thought I'd post some artistic photography instead.

  14. Pink is one of my least favourite colours (along with yellow, orange and brown) but you pull it of very elegantly here, nearly enough to make me like something pink, which is quite the achievement. The beaded flowers down the front are very elegant, and the whole ensemble exudes class. I love the hair-flowers. Hair flowers can be very tacky, but you've done yours in a very, very classy sort of way. Excellent 🙂

  15. Your looks are always so beautiful and put together. Just love them. Always.Um… yeah I was cursing you a bit. 😉 I actually did come up with a good idea last night but couldn't get it together in time. I might still do it and just do two posts for this theme. :)I've only been to Southern Cali a couple of times but always the thing that strikes me there are the succulents. They are just SUCH AMAZING PLANTS. Couldn't say what it is about them but they speak to me. Can't grow them for anything though. I have a black thumb. 🙁

  16. As an outdoor science educator, I am obligated to say that iceplant is invasive, and please make sure it doesn't creep out of your yard. Okay. I've fulfilled my duties for today.YES MORE HAIR FLOWERS. There is no such thing as too many hair flowers. There is only NOT ENOUGH. The colors are so saturated. Yes. I approve.

  17. I'm always amazed at the things you find at Bebe–every time I've ever been in there, they've had nothing remotely that beautiful! This theme almost stumped me, but it was a fun challenge. I love the flowers in your yard, by the way. Desert flowers are so interesting–they're almost alien-looking.

  18. Aaw, you two look lovely as always! I really like your outfit and the hairdo is amazing!I love hair flowers!:)I was indeed in trouble finding something to feature, especially because I had to do it in a rush…but even if it's a bit late, I managed…:D

  19. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Gorgeous ensemble!

  20. your hair looks great 🙂

  21. Le Professeur Gothique

    AWESOME!!! I am going to be SUPER late with my post for this challenge. I'm having a really busy, crazy weekend: my Mom's birthday; I took my students to the MMA today; working on lectures. It's been raining like crazy around here so I haven't been able to take photos of Mom's garden Oi … I'll come up with something!

  22. VictorianKitty~ This outfit is STUNNING! Goodness, how you manage to top yourself at every turn – you amaze me! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! AND you even treated us to a nice photo of you with the Mr. – THANK YOU! What a gorgeous couple! Can you tell I loved this post?

  23. You look great as always! I love the hair flowers, I try to clip my bangs back with flowers since I don't have really any hair to speak of to put up! But I love what you do with yours and it just adds that extra special touch to your outfits. I shall be making my post for this later today!

  24. I really like your style, here, too, and I hope that stress-level at the office got lower! Again, I've planned to do outfit post, yet ended up with something really different…

  25. What a lovely looking couple 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your Mother's birthday as giving her a flower and chocolate!? How can a woman not love that 🙂 I have to agree with the ladies, you look marvelous! The hair gets two thumbs and two toes up from me, I love the hair arrangement and use of flowers.

  26. I am so happy to find your blog. You really can't imagine how much I appreciate it. I've been focusing on other things than intense fashion–child-rearing while going through intense academic programs, etc.–I've just had different priorities for about the past ten years. Recently I have been re-immersing myself in my identity and finding your blog has been such a breath of fresh air! Your sense of style is refreshingly tasteful and dignified. I am inspired!I am currently living in Kuwait, and was not able to bring a substantial wardrobe with me. I was able to post about the flowers I saw (and other things) on Sunday at the Kuwait Towers. I hope that's sufficiently on topic. GO check it out and let me know. :)Can' wait for your next post!

  27. That should have been CAN'T wait.

  28. Le Professeur Gothique

    Wahoo! Did it!

  29. Most of my home decor was inherited from my grandmother or mother-in-law, so there are a lot of shabby chic flowerse: on dishes, on upholstery, and lots of fake ones in vases. It was fun to do a picture inventory. And your hair flowers are awesome! They remind me of when I was dancing flamenco. I had a huge collection of hair clips.

  30. I love your blouse, great floral touch! And this theme was definitely a fave for me.

  31. What a gorgeous garden party!Sorry I'm late for it.

  32. This is my first time participating. I really like these themes.

  33. The flowers~! All of the flowers~! Especially the hair pieces. So magnificent~ it's as if you're hair is a dark pond for the flowers to float upon.If it were that type of day, if you had a black flowery parasol, that would be such an excellent accent~! But I love your rose purse, too.Happy birthday to Mother Kitty-san. ^_^

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