Winter Car Show

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casual Goth fashion

Here in Southern California, the car shows don’t stop just because it’s not summer! In fact, many of our favorite custom shows take place in the winter. In my opinion, the weather is often much better during these off-season shows, since I despise the sun and heat. But, even though spring is right around the corner, Mother Nature is still pretty unpredictable around here. We travel quite a distance to most of these shows, so I’ve learned to plan for who knows what kind of weather (something I failed to do for a particular show last summer, and I suffered for it)! Forget the forecasts. They are rarely accurate. Just plan for ANYTHING.

Gothic sweater

For this show, I wore a fairly heavy bouclé sweater from Victoria’s Secret and black skinny jeans. This is just one of several VS sweaters in my collection. I also brought a wool pea coat, in case it was even cooler than expected, plus gloves and a head wrap. In case of sun and unseasonable heat, I had a tank top and parasol handy. In case of wind, I pulled my hair back tight and added some fluffy false pigtails by Dancing with the Stars, as featured in one of my posts last summer.

Gothic jeans

The sweater turned out to be perfect for the day’s weather… Which was actually a bit sad, because I am wild about this coat from Arden B and really wanted to wear it. Yes, this was another “majorly on sale” outerwear purchase for me. No crazy destiny story as with the Bebe lace trench; I just saw this one on the Arden B sale site late in the winter of 2010 and made it mine immediately. Just a reminder to keep an eye out at all times, because amazing deals are out there even from quality retailers!

Have you ever tried Victoria’s Secret sweaters? Don’t you think they are the sexiest ever?


  1. Lol, I am the SAME about the custom car shows I go to here in Australia–prepare for ALL weather types! It is such a shame you couldn't sport that coat though–it totally rocks! Like a trench, but edgier with shiny trims! I should look into buying sweaters from Victoria's Secret–I find it extremely difficult to find sexy sweaters anywhere here!!

  2. Oh that coat is gorgeous! And I love how you've got your hair! Xxxx

  3. That coat is awesome! I love the shiny details on it. I think its difficult to combine high heels with jeans and make it look stylish, but you have succeeded. It's the first time I see this combination and think it looks great. Have a lovely week.

  4. I love this look, your coat and sweater are both gorgeous! I once got a Victoria's Secret sweater from my aunt, it was so confy and good looking that I wore it all the time until it wore out, which means years…:) I'm the same about preparing to anything in any kind of weather, I rather take two bags of clothes even if people keep laughing at me…:)

  5. I don't have any VS sweaters, but maybe I'll take a peak at what's on sale in the next month.

  6. Prepared! I love it! You're a smart cookie and I hope you enjoyed yourself as you looked lovely AND warm 🙂

  7. now i feel the need to go on an online research about 'high fashion' brands… that sweater does look so pretty and warm!!

  8. Excellent contingency planning! And you managed to create a hairstyle that is both fabulous and wind-proof. :)The coat is fantastic. Love the shiny details and the wide belt. I've never tried Victoria's Secret sweaters – my shoulders are too broad. ARGH!Sojealousofpeoplewhocanwearprettycoatsandnormalsweaters!! 😉

  9. Le Professeur Gothique

    What a gorgeous coat! I absolutely, hands down, love the details Are they patent leather? You look adorable! Smart thinking! Being prepared is key to any outdoors event, and darling, you were prepared!!!Victoria Secrets? No. I haven't shopped there since I was in college. My feminist ire can't get passed the awful ads and their image. I used to like them better when they were a classy British knickers shop that sold some super romantic lingerie. Yes, I do often shop in places based on my own ideology. I'm pretty politically driven that way.

  10. LOVE that COAT! And sweaters can be really sexy! Think Marilyn Monroe and the term "sweater girl". I have a feeling Mr Kitty was a BIG fan of this look!

  11. I was so confused when I was scrolling through the outfit pics. It seemed so… austere. And then I got to the coat pic and thought "Ahh, there she is."I live for fake hair. It is one of the greatest things ever invented.

  12. Che whoaaaaaa~ that coat, oh yessss~! I'd be worth going to a place like Chicago where it's winter 9 months out of the year if I had a coat like that.Also, those shoes~ and megalo cross, staple favorites, and the former go so good with your skinny jeans. Well, maybe it's just your legs in general, so slim and lovely~! ^_^I didn't even know that Victoria's Secret sold sweaters… what is this strange new development?

  13. What is considered Southern California that you can wear that gorgeous sweater? Thumbs up for the outfit!

  14. I don't know – that coat looks pretty "destined to be yours" to me! I rarely shop in VS but, honestly, your sweater is making me think twice about that.

  15. LOL, I just realized I wasn't following your blog on GFC. Derp. I saw this post and was like "how did I miss that" LOLAnyhoo…. um GORGEOUS!!! I bet all the greaser guys were drooling 🙂

  16. I do love this coat. But it's wool, and therefor a cat hair magnet, so sometimes I don't have time to lint roll it adequately and I'll just go with something else instead. NO MORE WOOL coats for me!! :)V, thank you! This is my favorite fun weekend hairstyle.linnea-maria, thanks! I think heels and jeans work when the jeans are black and close-fitting. I liked the simplicity of this combination, for a change of pace. :)Lynoire, lol! Yep, I understand. At car shows, our trunk is filled with my "just in case" kit. When we drive 1.5 hours to the event, it's not like I can just pop back home for some sunscreen or a jacket! ;-D I don't care if I look crazy with my over-preparation. At least I am comfortable!MissGracie, yes! They should have some excellent sales in the near future.Meagan Kyle, thanks! We always have fun at the shows, except those times when I am NOT prepared (how it's even possible for me to forget a parasol at this point is beyond me, but I do sometimes).Le Professeur, you do make a good point. Back when I used to watch TV (around 10 years ago), those Carl's Junior commercials with Hugh Hefner offended me so deeply I still have never eaten at Carl's since. I still wonder what the point is in discouraging monogamous relationships in order to sell fast food. I'm pretty neutral to the VS catalog imagery but I haven't seen any commercials in almost a decade, so I shudder to think the image they are probably portraying in that venue by now…kakuidori, now's the time to stock up on VS sweaters. They can be a bit expensive, but should be going on sale soon.Bane, aww! That stinks. I am always disappointed how clothing sizes are limited to the "most common" body types. If I'm not mistaken, there was a time when clothes were pretty much made to be tailored (at least, good clothes). Now, with all this off-the-rack stuff, it's challenging to get a good fit if you are shorter than average, taller than average, broad-shouldered, long in the torso, etc. I think that's a side effect of there being so darn many people in the world, and all of them being SO busy all the time. Everything has to be quick, convenient and available in mass quantities, so the personal touch is gone.GothBarbie, perfect example!! Sweaters don't just have to be baggy, shapeless lumps of warmth. 😉 And yes, he is fond I this sweater, and the pants!! ;-DTante, lol. Sometimes we all need a change of pace. And we were out late the night before this show, so my energy levels for creating fantastically complex outfits were depleted. 😉 Lucky for me, this coat is instant "fab outfit." And AMEN to fake hair!!Sir Isaak, I don't know if I would go to that extent to wear this coat… 😉 But I do enjoy it on our 4 cold days per year. 😀 Yes, oh yes, VS is big on sweaters! You have to look in the catalog (or online) because they never seem to have them in the stores.teaneko, lol! Well, we do get a handful of really cold days around my area… Boucle sweaters tend to be VERY heavy and warm, so I can't wear them to work or anything indoors. Just those few cold days when we happen to be outdoors!Ali Cat, I never shop in the VS stores because their bras are too pricey and their stockings are too tall. But I do love to buy their bras on eBay when I can find a deal. And I treat myself to some sexy clothes online from time to time. 🙂

  17. Le Professeur Gothique

    Heads up: I just nominated you for a blogging award! Go to my blog to check it out.

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