March 1 Theme: GRAY

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My outfit for this month’s theme is brought to you by Mr. Kitty. Last weekend I was standing in the closet mumbling to myself while pondering what I should wear for the gray theme. He walked in, caught me mid-mumble and immediately responded, “Do you still have that dress with all the ladies on it?” Problem solved. Today I present to you one of Mr. Kitty’s all-time favorites from my wardrobe. I wore this dress on one of our VERY early dates, and maybe only once since. Yet he remembers it vividly and even brings it up from time to time. It really made an impact! So, without further ado… The outfit!

Yes, this slinky little dress is covered in classical ladies of all shapes and sizes! When I found it about a decade ago in a little shop on Melrose Ave., I fell in love with this celebration of the female form. What is better than wrapping a shapely figure in shapely figures? 🙂

I spent considerable time debating how to approach hair, makeup and accessories to complement this dress. The shrug was a given, since it matched so perfectly (and the dress has plain black spaghetti straps that don’t really lend anything to the overall look). I tried several different necklaces, a couple of bracelets and a huge set of dangly earrings before I realized that less is really more in this case. You won’t hear me say that often, but this print and cut really doesn’t need much embellishment. I went with lightweight black sleeves because it’s still chilly out, and no jewelry other than simple sterling silver studs, ear cuffs and two rings. The belt helped break up the pattern a bit and further emphasize my waist. I added a couple of flower clips to the belt to further the overall femininity of this look.

A sleek, high ponytail seemed perfect for this sleek dress. For the makeup, I decided to go monochrome, which is another thing I don’t do often. I used a shimmery white shadow that was a birthday gift from Sephora, and my usual Ben Nye black shadow applied with a light touch to make it a soft gray. The lipstick is also Ben Nye, in Silver Ice. Silver lipstick, in my opinion, really needs a black outline.

Today’s eyeliner is the result of several tips from Lady Bethezda’s recent Winged Eyeliner Tutorial.   If you are not already a fan of her blog, Bethezda’s Preoccupations, you must check it out right now!

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  1. That dress is amazing and that shrig is so beautiful!

  2. Wow, this is quite a different look for you. I love it! It's very flattering and funky. You have got me buying boleros left and right now. They are perfect for Melbourne's weather, and I love how they can transform an outfit and cover up straps. Never had a thing for them until I saw how gorgeous they can look in all your posts!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wow, that is a simply stunning dress and outfit! I love dresses with unusual or unique prints, and that one is gorgeous; I like that the shape of the dress is simple and sleek, letting the print speak for itself. And the silver bolero is beyond perfect. Love the look!

  4. I said shrig ohmygoth what's wrong with me o_O

  5. Wow, that look is fantastic on you!

  6. You have inspired me to look for more gray. You look stunning. And I love the black warmers with the gray dress. Gorgeous.

  7. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You are right, less is more and I think you and I were sharing some brain waves with our 'loud' print choices accented with black.Your hair looks amazing in a high ponytail, it's a personal favorite look on ladies with long luscious locks 😉

  8. I don't normally wear boleros, but I think you just convinced me to look for one!

  9. OMG you are so beautiful. I love your hair pulled back like that. The shrug, the sleeves, the makeup, THAT DRESS…. just….. wow.Thanks for the shout out 😉 Your eyeliner looks perfect.Thanks again for hosting the monthly theme. It's always nice to be challenged a bit.

  10. wow <3 lovely!i doubt i will participate this time because i will spend most of the time in hospital today since my mom just got a heartattack. will check out the other entries when i have time though 🙂

  11. Beautiful dress! I thought the shrug was part of it – they go so well together. I love your hair in a high ponytail too. It suits the style of the dress and the lovely ladies printed on it.

  12. Wow, this dress is really unusual and interesting; absolutely not my style, but definitely eye-catching, especially because it looks so nice on your figure. I like the matching make-up, but pleeeease, teach us how to do such a pretty outline on the lips! :))

  13. What an amazing dress! That is such a beautiful look. I also love the black outline for the silver lipstick, I may have to try that!

  14. I like your dress!Comments for others coming tomorrow, I have very little time, sorry!

  15. What a wild dress! I love the fabric, it's freakin' amazing! I have to come back tonight after work to look at everyone's grey goodies (& post my own) — I especially love this month's theme 🙂

  16. Beautiful! The dress, the makeup- everything!I love it!

  17. Good Lord, girl! You are sizzling and sultry today!!! I LOVE your hair styled this way. Very RAWRRRR! And everything else is flawless, so I won't take up space breaking it down, except you must find occasion to wear that fabulous dress more. Only twice since meeting Mr. Kitty? What a shame! And, like Hexotica, you have me wanting to acquire shrugs and boleros more than I already did. They make a huge impact on changing the whole look of an outfit. Create such a nice, face-framing neckline, too.

  18. With a lovely original dress like that you're destined to make an impression! I love it! I also like how you always manage to match your make-up with your outfit so beautifully. Always so classy.

  19. I understand why Mr Kitty loves this figure hugging dress :). You have a lovely figure and it shows in this nice dress. Grey definitely need another colour and you have matched it well with the waistband and flowers. The shrug is also gorgeous. Thanks for hosting this theme!

  20. I did it! My first real outfit post in a looong time! :)I love gray and I think your dress is absolutely stunning. You look great in it.

  21. Your dress is just amazing! :)I'd probably redesign it if I owned it myself, but now it looks so good on you.I also love your make-up, I find it very inspirational what is just perfect because I'm starting my own dark fashion blog now:)I need to let you know that my very first post is this gray theme post! :)http://zaczop.blogspot.comxoxo Magda

  22. I love the print on that dress, it's one of those things that if I saw the fabric on the roll I probably wouldn't have been able to thing of anything to do with it, but it really works on that style of dress 🙂

  23. Absolutely fabulous dress; something that completely fits you, even if it may be unexpected of a Gothic type. The belt goes suupaa awesome with the dress. I am also especially loving the monochrome in make-up. *Takes notes on the brands.*Yay gratuitous hair shot~!Ohh, what about your kitty boys? They would match, too. ^_^

  24. Phew, sorry about the rush, I updated my post a bit.In details about the dress: my Mom always says, that if the pattern is complicated, the fabric should be simple, or if the fabric is special, than, the pattern should be simple, that's how you can be classy, unique and intresting, without looking like a tryhard.I like how you never fail to follow this rule, this dress is a great example for this!

  25. Le Professeur Gothique

    That is one hot, amazing dress! Do you realize that the fabric's pattern looks very much like an Alexander McQueen? There are quite a few pieces in his past collections that co-opt paintings from the Renaissance into order to make patterns for fabrics. Very, very chic.

  26. That is an AMAZING dress! The whole outfit is lovely, but wow. That dress.I'm very pleased that I inadvertently dressed to participate in this month's theme! 🙂

  27. I haven't looked at all the sites yet, but I think I'm the only one that didn't post about clothes, jewelry, or makeup! 🙂 lol

  28. Wow….I need more gray!By the way, your outfit is lovely. =^.^=

  29. How striking and beautiful! And I must say that I particularly love your hair like this.

  30. You're right about accessories- the dress already has so much going on that any jewelry would make it all too busy. Gorgeous ensemble!

  31. That dress is incredibly. I'm a big fan of clothing that doubles as a conversation starter, and that dress seems like it would spark oodles of thoughts! And I am deeply coveting that bolero. What a gorgeous piece!I personally love grey (it's one of my two primaries, the other being, of course, black). I wish I had the time to participate in this challenge, but since I'm still knee-deep in competition work, I haven't even worn real clothes in weeks. I'll be eagerly awaiting next month's!

  32. I am curious: where did you get your shrug? I really love it and the black one! And your outfit is gorgeous! 🙂

  33. Lovely dress, very unique! I am sorry that I have not posted for this month's theme, we have been without power for the last two days and before that I was working – so due to my lack of preparation and not taking photos well in advance…I missed the opportunity. However our power came back a couple hours ago and I'm back for next month's theme!

  34. That is such a lovely dress.

  35. You look lovely! Xxx

  36. DeathByPendulum, I got those shrugs at random little clothing stores in strip malls… 🙂 But just last week I ran across an eBay seller with the same shrugs in a bunch of colors! Check the link below.

  37. Yor are looking so cute

  38. I’ve been looking though your archives since I found your blog yesterday and I must say, you look fantastic! This dress is gorgeous. 🙂 I have recently been thinking more and more about opening a gothic clothing store that caters for more grown-up ladies of the dark side than teenie-bopper goths, and you are such an inspiration!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I love your idea for a grown-up Goth store. It’s nearly impossible to find anything tasteful and high-quality without going online, and then things tend to be so over-priced. If you decide to go through with it, best of luck to you!

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