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Today’s top is sheer black with shimmery black threads. These make the top look almost gunmetal grey with silver shimmers, so it’s a great way to get away with wearing all black without causing people to ask why I’m wearing all black.

I bought this skirt at Ross for $10. This one is very similar in style to another I have from Forever 21, but this fabric is nicer for work and it’s far more cat hair resistant! It also has four buttons sewn on the front, which you can see one of in the detail below. I thought these were a nice touch.

Today I tried a new lip gloss from Bare Minerals. The line is called Pretty Amazing. I’m not crazy about the color (it’s too soft for my taste) but it was a free gift so I wanted to try the texture and staying power. It’s not at all sticky, lasts a couple of hours, and fades evenly without getting chunky. I’m looking forward to trying it in a richer shade.

I also did eyeliner all the way around, which is more than I usually do for work. Lining the bottom lid is tricky when you are starting to develop more fine lines, as the color always wants to bleed. I only recently realized (yeah, I’m an idiot) that I could use my eyelid primer along the bottom lash line… I’d say that helped about 50%, so it would probably work for an evening out with just a bit of maintenance every couple of hours.

Ooh, and I finally tried my black crackly nail polish. This is the Ulta brand, over a sparkly magenta (something by OPI; can’t remember exactly what color). I actually bought the black crackle months ago but was saving it for the end of the year, as I can’t stand wearing black polish too close to Halloween. Now that it’s safely past Valentine’s Day, I’ll gladly rock the black nails.  😉

Have you tried the crackle polishes? How about the magnetic ones? What do you think of them?


  1. I've wanted to try that crackle-shatter effect nail polish for sometime, but I can't seem to find any in stores nearby. Then I saw a youtube tutorial that used a stenciling [that presumably came with the nail polish], so now I think I have a better idea of what to look for.Shimmery threaded things are great~! And I'm glad the sparkles don't come out in the wash. Your shirt has just the right amounts of ruffle~ so good.A question; you don't like wearing black nail polish close to Halloween–is it because of the association with the holiday [per se, it would give the co-workers something to give you flack over]? Just curious~

  2. Sir Isaak, give it time. The shatter polish should spread with time! ;)I don't like to wear black nail polish close to Halloween just because I don't like to look like I'm doing what I'm doing "because it's Halloween." I actually am the rare Goth who has absolutely no interest in the holiday, and kinda hate making myself an unintentional stereotype by looking like I'm "getting all ready for it." I'm rebellious like that. ;-D And yes, it's usually co-workers who make assumptions that I "must love Halloween." 🙂 Not that they give me flack, but like most Goths I do find certain stereotypes annoying. For me, it just happens to be the Halloween thing.

  3. love that top!! that purple polish, too!and the crackling polishes i really love them, esp. when you do 1-2 layers of chinaglaze ghoulish glow between bottom polish and crackling *WHEE*not yet tried the magnetic polishes but i'm sure it wont be long until i adopt one of them! XD

  4. I like the crackles, but I wish they came in a smaller bottle. I find that they go thick and weird REALLY quickly, and I hate having wasted a whole huge bottle of the stuff.

  5. i love the O.P.I. shatter the best, I haven't tried the magnetic polish yet, but one of our nail techs at work picked a bunch up and promised to paint my nails.sad to hear you don't like halloween, it is my favorite day, and not just because it's my birthday. it's the best holiday, i don't have to cook a large meal or hang out with fam. i don't have to buy gifts. i get to wear costumes, get candy, and watch horror flicks all day.

  6. The nails went nice with magenta under the crackle polish, I've only tried with green and purple…I stopped using eyeliner not long ago, it really is annoying when the eyliner starts to bleed without your notice :/. But I use a dark eyeshadow and a small, flat and angled brush and blend it with primer to line under the eye. That have worked very well and it's nice to use the same shade as on the eyelid. The blouse is very pretty, I think your work outfits are so inspiring. Have a lovely weekend

  7. I really like the skirt, it's a very interesting shape 🙂

  8. Pretty top! You make me laugh with the avoiding people asking you why you're wearing black. I suffer through this all the time, too, but with my big hair or my platform shoes or black lipstick or whatever it is that day. I also have to suffer through endless Gaga comparisons even though I dress nothing like her. People need to relate you to their worlds and previous experiences, I guess.I have tried both the crackle and the magnetic. I'm not into high maintenance of my nails so I like the magnetic polish better. I can get away with one thick coat and I'm good to go. The effect is really cool. I love the science of it.

  9. I use Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner, it doesn't bleed and doesn't shift at all when I go clubbing.

  10. I'm bored seeing crackle nails everywhere, but they actually look really good on you:) Good choice of colours, and they really match the outfit.Magnetic polishes seem a bit weird, I don't think I would have enough patience to try one of those out.I pretty much like matte polishes 😀

  11. Love thhe crakle nails, but not sure a big fan of the top. It looks rather flimsy and not as polished as some of your other outfits. Maybe it's because it is paired with the skirt? I dunno, something about it just doesn't seem to work.

  12. Love this. And your nails look beautiful.

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