Monthly Homework Assignment for February: I forgot I even had this!

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Le Professeur Gothiqueโ€™s Monthly Homework Assignment for February was to find something buried in our closets that we had forgotten about, and put it to use! When I saw her announcement for this theme, a certain item instantly popped into my head (okay, so it wasn’t exactly forgotten, at least not literally). I hadn’t worn it for years, yet any time I looked at it I refused to even think of getting rid of it. I initially took this as a sign it was destiny that I should put this relic back into my outfit rotation. Now, I’m not so sure… ;-D

Yes, the item in question was this velvet cape. I bought it ages ago at Hot Topic and used to wear it to the clubs religiously. Partly because I was more into the vampire-oriented fashion that was popular in the scene at the time, and partly because I just didn’t have many options in my wardrobe back then. I still think it’s lovely, but it’s just not “me” anymore. And oh, the cat hair. I removed cat hair, put the cape on, removed cat hair again, took photos, removed cat hair again, went downstairs, and was about to remove the cat hair AGAIN when I finally decided to change into a different wrap. You can expect to see this cape one more time, when I do a “cleaning out my closet” post! It would be the perfect addition to a cat-free home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My dress actually fits into this theme as well. A “vintage” piece by Shrine Hollywood (vintage meaning about 10 years old, which I would say is vintage for Shrine!), I used to wear this empire-waisted gown to every wedding where black was acceptable. At some point, I just stopped wearing it and it sat in the “very fancy” section of my closet, feeling unloved. Unlike the velvet cape, when I put this dress back on my love affair with it was instantly renewed!

I thought it would be a perfect time to showcase this dress here on the blog, in light of our recent discussion regarding the empire waistline. Some of you expressed a preference for this style when applied to long dresses, some on short dresses. Some said they love the look altogether, and some declared that it just wasn’t for them. I was glad to see such a diversity of opinion on the subject, as I had previously thought it was a “love it or hate it” kind of thing.

I wore this outfit to a club. As much as I continue to love the dress, I have to say that I realized I don’t care to wear full-length empire waists to go dancing. Something about how it hangs, while being so elegant and statuesque while standing still, felt frumpy and awkward while dancing. It didn’t move with my body the way a skirt hitting at the natural waist would. I kinda felt like I was dancing in very fancy pajamas… I’ll still be showing this dress a lot of love in the future, but I’ll save it for dinners and other more sedentary events.


  1. When I saw that first picture, I immediately thought Little Red Riding Hood [is that… is that a bad thing? Aaaaah, I'm sorry~!]. I have a fellow Gothic friend in England who wears the long capes as well [I've even seen a few peers on campus with red or green capes]. I for one, find this combination lovely~. Tis a shame about the cat hair magnetism.Beautiful little bag, and where did you get that awesome hair piece? Surely a must have~

  2. Shrine made some fabulous pieces, and that dress is no exception. Absolutely lovely. I'll admit I'm a sucker for capes (heck, my homework assignment featured one as well!) but as I get older I feel a little silly wearing them. And they do love to collect pet hair, regardless of what material they're made from.

  3. Whether or not it's still your style, you got some stunning pictures with that cloak!

  4. I have to say the cloak is awesome, and it reminded me too of Little Red Riding Hood.

  5. The dress is very Goth Jane Austen. I love it. The gloves totally make it.

  6. I agree with the previous talker. the empire waist dress is very flattering on you. Your description of wearing it at the club was very imaginative, I could clearly see how it could look to dance in this dress ๐Ÿ˜‰ but for dress on a wedding, it's perfect. I think the cape is gorgeous. Some clothes that doesn't feel me goes straight back in the closet to be stored another year. If it screams awful at me then I get rid of it right away.

  7. I ADORE your cape. I can see where it might not be your personal style though. I'll just have to make myself one like it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your dress is quite pretty too! I love the subtle print of roses on the fabric.

  8. Classic and elegant goth, how I miss those days and it is so nice to see you doing it so effortlessly. I know what you mean about feeling frumpy and awkward while dancing in certain styles. I used to wear a lot of bell sleeved items, which look gorgeous when you are standing, but dancing I always felt like I was battling yards of material while swooning on the dance floor.

  9. I think both the dress and the cape look lovely on you! Xxxx

  10. I really like your hairstyle here. The red roses are a very pretty touch with your coloring.There was a day I would have worn a cape like this every day as well! Very elegant.

  11. STUNNING!!!! Love this whole look! Vamp it up! I want that dress and while I've never owned a cape, this one is divine and I'd probably buy it if I came across it someplace! You're the PERFECT GOTH in this look!

  12. The dress looks lovely on you ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Aaaw, I love it! ^^I love capes, I always wanted one like yours, it's beautiful. ^^I traded a bit less nice one on the internet a couple of days ago, I'm definetly going to post some photo when it arrives! ^^The dress is indeed the kind of empire waist dress I was talking about, it looks lovely.

  14. Sir Isaak, Little Red Riding hood can be a good thing. Cute and creepy! ๐Ÿ™‚ The hair pieces (I used two) are by Dancing with the Stars. I bought them online, probably from Vogue Wigs. I know, it's cheesy to buy from that line (I've never even watched the show; not once!) but when they are exactly what you want, what's a girl to do? ;)Luna, hooray for pet hair collecting capes! I'm looking forward to checking yours out.Mira, thank you! It is indeed perfect for a Gothy photo session.Marasy, thanks! It does have a bit of a fairy tale feel to it… :)Cody, I was thinking the same thing! I actually plan to use it for a theme… Stay tuned!linnea-maria, thank you! You have a good policy. I tend to hold on to things FAR too long after I've stopped feeling good wearing them. ALexandriaweb, thank you!DuskRose_Dreaming, thanks! I do still love the cape; I just have other things I think I like better currently. I sure love the cloak you made!!Meagan Kyla, thanks! I miss those days, too. ๐Ÿ™ And oh, the bell sleeves… They look fabulous in certain poses, then they bunch up around your elbows when you lift your hands and you have to work a subtle arm shake into your dance to put them back in place, and it's all over. ;-DV, thanks so much!Hexotica, hairstyle compliments of Dancing with the Stars fake ponytails. I made the rose thingy with tons of hot glue and a plastic comb. Yes, hot glue melts plastic combs, but I say that just makes everything stay together better. ;)Le Professeur, please do share your cape! In fact, I feel a Monthly Theme for March comin' on… Or would that exclude too many people? Okay, I feel a poll coming on! And yeah, you're kinda a nerd… ;-D But lots of Goths are, so you fit right in. *hugs* I love long dresses on the dancefloor, too, just not this particular cut. I'm definitely keeping this dress as-is, but probably not wearing it to clubs any more.GothBarbie, aww thanks! That's just about the perfect compliment, too! :)Lynoire, can't wait to see your new cape! And I agree, this type of empire waist is the best. It makes even short little me look tall! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Such a cape could actually be quite practical in some special cases. At least when I think of any outfits which make the figure seem tall and slender, that'd be a remarkably better option than any of the jackets or coats I currently own. It looks very good on you, but I can imagine it's such a piece which easily gives the feeling of "not being me anymore".

  16. Le Professeur Gothique

    YAY! I'm not the only one with a cape in the back of my closet! WAHOO! Mine … ooo, now I have to post a picture to show you … is actually a purple wool cape that I bought at Fool's Mansion in Salem when we were living there. I bought it not for Goth nights, but rather for Pagan gatherings and Ren Faire. hehehehe … I know, I'm such a NERD! :DI love that dress! LOVE IT! You know, you can always shorten it if you want to update it. Of course, you'll have to deconstruct the waist and hem from there since the bottom has that gorgeous lace. I personally LOVE long dresses on the dance floor — especially something as gorgeous as this. That bodice is fabulous.And your hair with the red roses — SO Vamp! ;)Thanks for participating!!!

  17. I just love this combo! It's so romantic and gorgeous, like you fell out of an Austen book. And I love the necklace and earrings-they are the perfect understatedly-elegant companions to the dress.

  18. LOL, I'm just imagining you dancing in pajamas!Seriously though, both pieces need to stay in your closet. There's just those times when nothing will do but a cape, ya know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Pet hair, especially light toned cat hair, will find your velvet. You can dry clean it, use entire rolls of lint paper, leave the premises for a week, and it will still find you……but that's no reason to give it up!I remember that cape from when I worked there (not a recommended career move). I think it's much nicer than the hooded variety (has a nicer drape without one in velvet). Keep it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. wondering where my velvet cape went o.O probably i lent it to a friend and we forgot about it?! *sad face*yours looks good – as always, btw have i told you how much i love your eyes? ^_^ and that cute rose on the top of your dress *squee*!

  21. Thank you for your comment :DI love your cape, but I understand it might be hard finding the right places to wear it and velvet is absolutely not a fun material in a house with cats xD I have been watching your blog for long ๐Ÿ™‚ You have such pretty outfits!

  22. I have a cat free home! No cats anywhere near me, just sayin' ;)Love the red rose hair accessory!

  23. Aww, both the cape and dress are lovely, but I can see that the cape is much more practical! I agree about waistlines and dancing – I always prefer to wear a dress with a natural waist or a skirt with a waistband in the right place for dancing, it just feels right.

  24. Raphael, capes are great for creating a long, straight silhouette. They have a lot of simple elegance! I actually still love capes (I have another one that I will show later on), but this velvet one I don't care for as much.Jamie, thank you! Only a Goth would call that necklace "understated." ;-D But it really is, compared to other things I have…Lady Bethezda, it's a funny picture, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hmmm, maybe you are right… Not many people can pull off capes with their wardrobes, so it would be a shame to give up the opportunity… But I have a wool one, also, that might work better for me!Minakitty, lol! You are SO right. I remove the cat hair several times and work, and it still reappears even though I come into contact with NO cats in my office. And I agree – I like this better than the hooded one.kakuidori, oh no!!! I'd be doing an inventory of all the friends' closets soon!! And thank you! My eyes are my personal favorite feature, so that makes me feel good. :)Lesthi, thanks so much! I've been working on my wardrobe for decades, so I am glad you are enjoying it!MissGracie, lol! Duly noted. ;-D

  25. That cloak is really nice – not the least bit "halloween". It looks totally gorgeous and is very classy. Shame about the lint & pet hair problem. I have a velvet cloak lined in purple that collects dust, hair etc. like mad. Apart from the fact that I need to mend the lining and I want to modify it, that is one of the reasons I hardly wear it. You look really elegant in all of these pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ Your makeup is really snazzy and the dress is fabulous <3

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    The dress is very Goth Jane Austen. I love it. The gloves totally make it.

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