A Very Vampy Valentine’s Day!

Holly’s Horrorland invited us all to a Sanguinary Soiree, her blog theme for Valentine’s Day. To participate, all you have to do is post something with a vampire theme. What is easier for a Goth blogger than to do a vampire theme!? And what is better than vampire fashion?

Yes, you would think it would be easy… But I have to admit, this post was fraught with difficulty for me.  My first plan fell through due to a weekend filled with stomach flu.  Then I realized I had already planned to use my velvet cape for yesterday’s homework assignment, depriving myself of the perfect vampy piece for today.   At last I decided to take inspiration from GothBarbie‘s recent series of Old Photos of the Day.  I remembered this little gem, taken around 2000, when I had just been clubbing a couple of years.  It’s the first time I ever wore my first “real” corset, which of course is by Gallery Serpentine.  I was headed off to attend a vampire-themed club night, and I’m pretty sure I actually was wearing fangs.

Yes, friends, these photos pre-date my photo studio setup, and my digital camera ownership. They pre-date my living in a place where I was actually allowed to paint the walls.  They even pre-date my eyebrow perfecting techniques.  🙂  And I love them just the same.

And yes, those are some cassette tapes you see in the lower left.  I held onto those babies for the longest time… Lest anyone think the cassette tapes don’t fit into the vampire theme, rest assured! There most definitely was a copy of Bauhaus 1979-83 Volume 1 complete with Bela Lugosi’s Dead in there. 🙂

What do you think of the old photos? Entertaining and more should be shared, or horrifying and please don’t ever do it again?

Now head over to Holly’s Horrorland and enjoy the rest of the Vampire’s Day Soiree!


  1. You are so cute in these photos! I love seeing everyones old Goth photos :)I still own my Bowie tapes from when I was a kid

  2. This is so awesome! I'm definitely on the more photo's side!

  3. I know theme was tough, I am usually playing a zombie… your images/photos are great. even the cassettes, I miss the hours spent making mixed tapes it made it much more personal.Part of the Vampire's Day Soiree!Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]Visit The Madness:IZOMBIE

  4. Oh I could never get rid of my mixed casettes. I was so very young and never had money to buy lp's (have a few though) so I recorded my late boyfriends huge lp collection. It's so nice to see old pictures of you, would love to see more.It's interesting to see how the style change over the years. I've been thinking of posting old pictures as well. Wishing you a lovely Valentines day!

  5. Lovely pictures, I agree, you have to post more! :)I love your hair! ^^Actually, I still have some casette tapes too. When I was small, I even used to record my own radios show, with songs I recorded from the normal radio…pretty emberrassing, but my mom put her hands on the tapes and she still has them hidden somewhere…x)

  6. Share more old photos please. Its quite a different feel to them than your usual photo setup, and I rather like it. Seems more natural in some ways, and less perfect, which is appealing in its own way (I love your more professional photos, but let's face it- your readership are mostly younger women used to taking bad photos for Facebook and the like.)

  7. sooo pretty, I like it ^^

  8. I would love to see more photos! Yeah, you rock those cassette tapes! Nothing wrong with that, I still do. Happy Vampy Fangy Day! ~Anniehttp://annie-walls-author.blogspot.com/

  9. I love the older photos darling, you look lovely! I personally love old photos, though some may be "embarrassing" I love them all the same 😉 Gods know I have a lot of "what the heck was I wearing" photos.;)Happy Vampy Valentine's Day!

  10. Share more, share more! I loved these. 😀 I only wish I connected with my gothic/vampy self more when I was younger (I did, but there was no photo proof! Sad!) I'm participating today too!!! Woohoo!!!

  11. Can you teach us how to do the eyebrow technique? It looks so good on you, it look so gothic! I tried to look gothic before but was not successful enough. I failed with the make-up step and I need a helping hand with it.I was used to copying Kpop fashion before I tried gothic.

  12. Oh wow. These are great. Yes! Please share more old photos. 😉

  13. Have a Happy Vampy Valentines Day! And I like the old photos. Way to rock the cassettes xD. I just recently (Way to slowly) realized that the new car my family is getting won't have a tape player. Fancy that.

  14. You look lovely in these :)Were you feeling a bit like Lily Munster?I love the corset, it's a lovely colour 🙂

  15. cute 😀 and yes please post more of these!

  16. Wow – unanimous votes for more old photos! 😀 Then it shall be done. Thank you, ladies, for all the sweet comments despite my lack of make-up skills back in 2000. ;)Edina, I would be happy to do an eyebrow tutorial. I hope to work on some makeup-related posts this weekend that have been requested by readers, so I will add that to my list!Phells, welcome to the 21st Century. ;-D I'm impressed that you held out this long!!

  17. You look so beautiful. Happy V-Day! 🙂

  18. That's a beautiful outfit! By all means, keep sharing!!Happy Valentine's/Vampire's Day!

  19. I love the style in these photos!

  20. YES, SHARE MORE! Although you still look pretty in these, it's so nice to see how you've grown and matured. Nice example to set for all the young'uns. 😉

  21. I love the old photos! I like now better, but it is fun seeing what you looked like. I don't think you look like you then:) I can't wait to read your makeup tutorials. 🙂

  22. I agree with Edina – I would love to see an eyebrow tutorial!Your old pics are so very cool …and it's amazing to see how you've changed.

  23. Le Professeur Gothique

    Awwwww! You are TOO CUTE! I love looking at everyone's old photos … they make me all warm and fuzzy and spooky inside! I'll post some if you post more! 😉 Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mr. Kitty!!! Hope you two had a wonderful day!

  24. Aahhhh nothing like a little nostalgia to make you appreciate the nicer things. ^_^ Your veil and hair piece make it look like you have a midnight black butterfly on your head~ yet also close to cat ears. Thus, very cute~ [somehow it also does not detract from the vampire style].

  25. Hey…I have that choker! (Maybe this reply belongs on the Homework Assignment post!)I should track down the oldest photo I have from when I was 17. I wouldn't really say it's a babybat photo, since I didn't even know what goth was, but it could pass for one (though I'm not sure how my now grown niece whom I was holding would feel about her baby photo online). 🙂

  26. YAY LOVE the old photo! You look great and that is QUITE a serious corset! Do you still have it? It would be neat to see an outfit with that corset in the present day!I think you should post MORE old photos! I have to scan some of my pre-digital camera pictures – I know there is one somewhere of one of my very first club outfits from when I was 17 or 18…so many years ago!

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