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Sometimes I think I’m going to run out of interesting outfits to post, you guys will get bored and then no one will read my blog any more. Seriously, when you wear all black, it gets difficult to come up with unique ideas regularly. When choosing my latest club outfit, I was having a rough time because I wanted to do something I’d never done before. So I wore all purple.

I paired one of my silk blouses from Bebe that I’ve shown you before with the purple version of my Speigle Daytime Satin skirt, and topped it off with a stunning purple panel corset from Timeless Trends (also seen on this blog before). I think I successfully demonstrated how the same pieces can be remixed to create drastically different looks. This corset is quickly becoming one of my favorites, as it is incredibly comfortable and so well made!

And I sure stood out at the club. Unfortunately, thanks to all the red lights, no one could tell that I was wearing all purple. But they definitely could tell “it wasn’t black.”

Do you ever wear mostly non-black outfits to Goth events? If so, is it an attempt to stand out amongst the crowd or just to satisfy a personal need for variety?


  1. Nice way to recycle previously "modelled" clothes. That outfit is definitely one of the most creative I have seen recently. Love the purple tinted makeup as well!

  2. Gorgeous as always! Each piece compliments others very nicely. And the blouse looks like a different piece altogether when worn underneath a corset. And the color purple suits you very well!

  3. Actually I thought it was a dress matched with corset when I viewed the pictures at first. The blouse and skirt matches perfectly in colour! Beautiful outfit! It seems that you never run out of ideas with your lovely wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes myself but since I gained so much weight during the last two years it is now limited what I can wear. That's one of the reasons I joined Bat fit. I'm going to be the healthy old me again 🙂

  4. I thought it was a dress as well. This look is amazing and great inspiration. I will pair black with a red shirt or something but to do a whole monochrome color will be a challenge. I love love love this outfit. It is kinda funny however, that we spend all this time getting ready to go to the club and then once you're there nobody can see what you're wearing. 😉

  5. I love this outfit! I also love the color purple i'll be a purple goth once i get my wardrobe more organized.

  6. It's not often we see you in an outfit the has NO black in it, and that's never a bad thing, but you're stunning in this purple jewl tone number. It really brings out the paleness of your skin and the deep midnight of your hair ^_^

  7. Great outfit! You wear purple well. In my opinion, as long as the shades coordinate, there's no such thing as too much purple. ;)I haven't worn a non-black outfit, but only because my wardrobe can't support it yet. It's still being colorized after several years of all-black existence.

  8. Le Professeur Gothique

    I absolutely LOVE the way that blouse and corset work together. Visually the plunge in the neckline accents the upward sweep of the corset, forcing the eye to move along the chest and right down through the length of your torso. Very nice!I've been on a purple and wine kick lately, but I haven't been wearing much to clubs because we haven't been out in a very long time. A PhD can kill club nights. I definitely want to change this … soon.

  9. Fantastic my dear! I wear animal prints to the club and I may glow in the black light, but oh well 😉

  10. That is one gorgeous outfit! I'm often afraid to go monochrome because I'm one of those people who feels like every colour is *just* off enough to look mis-matched. You managed to do it just right–love it!I wear a lot of grey, but when I'm not in black or grey, I do slip in touches of blue or violet or red. I don't own enough to make a whole outfit, though. Black is a requirement at most jobs, so I try not to buy anything else, no matter how pretty it is.

  11. I really love this outfit! I'm a fan of just wearing black but I remember wearing all white for halloween (I was a ghost).I figured that everyone else would be wearing black, so I make a white tattered dress and sprayed my hair white. It worked really well 🙂 no one else wore white

  12. This. Is. Amazing!I honestly cannot express how refreshing and gorgeous this outfit is while still being dark and mysterious. Well – I guess I just did…Anyway – your outfit – FANTASTIC! 1000000000000000/10 🙂

  13. Oh, I agree with Dalestair Kidd, this is really refreshing out fit. I'd love to see more of that kind of posts. Lovely. I love to combine red with black (more red less black) But I never tried to go out in one color wearing just different shades of it. I guess I don't have a second color I would like as much as black, so I have only a few peaces in red, one in electric green… and that's all!!! Damn, I need to get more colors 😀

  14. You look stunning! Now I'm pretty sure purple is your color. :)It's nice how the pieces match each other, the blouse and the corset are perfect together and I also love your hair this way! :)We don't have any decent goth clubs around here and even less events, so I often overdress to a simple concert too and then yes, I like to wear non-black, but gothy things. I used to like medieval clothing and I wore a lot of white and green, for example. 🙂

  15. I've never worn mostly colours or all white to Goth event, not out of fear of standing out, but simply because I don't really have the clothes, unless I wore some Chinese clothes. I wore an all white Moon Goddess costume to a fancy dress occasion at a goth club once (Creatures of The Night, Intrusion @ The Cellar, 2011) but that's the closest I've come. I do wear colours with my black, but only as accents, for example in stripy black + tights or arm-warmers, or in brocades or if I'm being cyber, in my neon accents.

  16. o_O you said you ar 38?! that was a joke, right?that purple clothing AND makeup is so beautiful on you, makes your eyes stand out very pretty!about the non-black… i only have three white blouses, 1 grey hoodie and a white latex rubber dress, everything else i would call black ^^ so no chance to stand out amongst the crowd.

  17. BAH! Loose interest?? Are you kidding? Every other outfit you post literally takes my breath away! You just keep them coming! I love this outfit–it's very refreshing to see all purple, my favorite color. Even though many of your outfits are black, you still have a lot of color or textures that make each stand out beautifully. I love seeing your amazing accessories collection too. If you want to spice things up here, do a post on your wardrobe–I LOVE seeing how people store their clothing and I just KNOW yours will be stunning like the rest of your home. That was a great post. Style extends to the home too!

  18. Your outfits are always so amazing! Their such a perfect combination of goth and just pure elegance. And your accessories! I am gobsmacked (and a wee bit jealous).

  19. I spy absolutely nothing wrong with this equation, therein, PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE, AAAAAAH excuse me while I clap feverishly out of sheer excitement. [I don't have the energy for this kind of thing… wait, I'm not one of those old so-and-so's…? No, I really am…]It's the knowing it wasn't black that counts, ne. Taking pieces to mix-and-match in new ways is the essence of my current wardrobe, since it's limited as it is. I'm all for comfort in the equation of going anywhere. Lucky for us we've got variety on our side~Purple~ yaaaaaaay~ ^_^

  20. Ohhh, and lovely gratuitous hair shot, yaaaaaay~ ^_^

  21. I agree with everyone above. This is a great outfit. It isn't easy to pull off the monochromatic purple outfit but this totally works.

  22. Le Professeur, I can imagine a PhD is all-consuming for a while, but so totally worth it! Some things are just more important than club nights, without a doubt. 🙂 I think it's awesome, especially since you're representing our subculture!!Unlacing, thanks!! I did go crazy with the purple theme, but it was so fun!Caroline, lol! Thank you. :)Raphael, I'm so glad this outfit made the blouse look like a different piece. Sometimes that's tough with something that has so much character.linnea-maria, I know – I was delighted when I realized the blouse and skirt were so similar in color. Just the texture is different, which I think is a nice touch. Best wishes for your BatFit journey! It's so frustrating when beloved clothing no longer fits. Shallow as it might sound, my wardrobe is part of what helps keep me eating healthy! ;)Lady Bethezda, non-black monochrome is a challenge indeed… Perhaps it should be a Theme of the Month sometime! 😀 Yes, it's sad that other club-goers really can't see all the effort we go to with wardrobe and makeup… Except maybe on the smoking patio, but since we don't smoke we are never out there!Cali, that's such a great idea! Purple Goth would be very refreshing (of course, I would totally be a fan!). :)AngelShinigami, thank you! It's fun (and challenging) to step outside our comfort zones sometimes. I'll be trying things like this again in the future, for sure!Bane, lol! Yeah, I think we all have phases where we refuse to buy anything that's not black – I go through that every few years ("eek – too much color in my closet – must shift the balance!") and then eventually the pretty, deep jewel tones catch my eye again… ;-DBathory Doll, thanks!Meagan Kyla, that's so awesome!Luna, this was just a very lucky match-up on the colors. The corset is a bit off, but I guess it might have looked strange if *all* the pieces were identical in color. My red pieces, on the other hand, are a totally different story. Not only do NONE of them seem to be the same shade, most of them aren't even compatible! Blue is a color I definitely need to explore more. And it's funny how even greys can be hard to match: some have a greenish tint and others have a reddish tint. So frustrating!!Natalie, white for Halloween is brilliant! 😀 That does sound like a lovely ghosty ensemble.Dalestair, aww, thanks! That's a very lovely comment. 🙂 Audronasha, I love to hear Goths saying they need more colors. I adore black above all else, but variety makes us all more interesting! I can envision you in lots of red. It would suit you wonderfully!

  23. Hey there! I recently discovered your blog, and I love it! I think all your outfits are stunning. Xxx

  24. Purple is a great color on you! You look great, as always. 🙂

  25. P.S. Wearing your hair down is a perfect look with this outfit. 🙂

  26. Lynoire, thanks! I used to do my hair this way quite a lot, but hadn't bothered in a while. Forgot how much I like it up off my neck. 🙂 Medieval and Goth can be a great combo. You don't see a lot of green in Goth fashion, but I can imagine it would work great with a medieval flair!HouseCat, I've seen some stunning Asian-inspired club outfits in the Goth scene. Some of the clubs even have an annual Asian theme night. I'm falling in love with all white Goth outfits. A moon goddess outfit would no doubt be lovely!kakuidori, lol! No joke. I've taken exceptional care of my skin, lived a healthy lifestyle (very little alcohol and lots of healthy food) and most importantly, stayed out of the sun. I think those things do a lot to slow the physical signs of age. I do have some fine lines, but thankfully my flattering studio lighting is also very forgiving. ;)Hexotica, you just totally made my day. I am happy for your input. I did shoot photos of my closet once… I'll have to get around to actually doing that post. I've been wanting to do a feature on the Sleeping Chamber ever since I did the living room post, but the carpet was so gross… Thankfully, we tore all the carpet out this weekend and are about half-way done putting down cherry laminate flooring. SO EXCITED. You'll definitely be seeing more of our home style soon!KatE, thank you so much. Those are the qualities that I always hope to reflect in my style. Gobsmacked is such a great word! It made me smile. :)Sir Isaak, lol! Yes, the mixing and matching is challenging, yet crucial. Variety and creativity are essential. When you start fashion blogging, you really realize how easy it is to get into a rut of wearing the same pieces in the same ways over and over… This blog has been great for helping me keep my fashion choices fresh!!siouxsiel, thanks! You are so right: I don't expect to be able to do the monochrome thing too often, but it'll be a fun challenge to keep an eye out for different ways to achieve it.V, that's so nice of you to say. Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it.Jennifer, thanks!! Hair down was a must, since I wasn't wearing black. ;-D Although it would have been kinda cooler yet if I still had my dark eggplant hair…

  27. Ohhh, I didn't even think of that!!

  28. Purple looks great on you! I also thought this was a dress, the colors match so well. I enjoy your outfits, and am not bored at all. You are a fashion inspiration to me!

  29. I LOVE this outfit, but then, I sometimes describe myself as a purplegoth to non-goth people, saying "imagine a Goth. Now replace all the black with purple, and that's me."So I would love to wear this, and am more than a little jealous of your ensemble.

  30. First, prepare for beaucoup de commenting. 🙂 Second, holy crap, love this. Third, love the super dramatic brows. Fourth, one of my favorite things on the planet is goths wearing non-black ensembles. I rarely dress goth because I like to just integrate my goth inspiration right into my everyday outfits but, when I do, I still love a little color to sneak in.

  31. I never get bored of your blog!! Your outfits are amazing and I believe you look stunning in purple! <3 That corset is so beautiful 🙂

  32. Gorgeous outfit! I'm rather colourful when I go out dancing as my style leans heavily toward the cyber-goth aesthetic. I enjoy your blog as it is nice to see some sophisticated/traditional gothic style as I run around clubs looking like a cyber-goth drag queen most of the time.

  33. Ms. Lou, thanks! I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog, and thank you for your kind words!Julianne, PurpleGoth is awesome! And your description is perfect. :)Ali Cat, hello there! 😀 lol. Color really does keep the Goth look fresh. I love how your style has a distinct, alternative flair without screaming, "Look, there's a Goth!"Ellone, thank you!! Timeless Trends corsets are really excellent quality at a great price. I can't wait to own more!! :)Vulcan_Butterfly, lol! Cyber-Goth Drag Queen… Amy should do a post on that style. 😉 I happen to love girls as drag queens, for the irony. I went as one for Halloween once (I normally don't do costumes, but one was required for an event I had to attend a few years ago). I just checked out your blog and I love your makeup styles!

  34. STUNNING look! You are a super deluxe model of a goth! and GORGEOUS at 38!!Also,your blog will NEVER bore ME! I promise! I'm sure even the same "outfit" will be different b/c of hair, makeup and accessories – and every time it will be STUNNING!I'm super excited to see the SLEEP CHAMBER and your closet! If I ever clean my dressing room I'll attempt to photograph my wardrobe again (the first set of photos came out pretty crappy).

  35. This is beyond gorgeous-I love the idea of an all-purple outfit, and you coordinated your purples exquisitely! I like to wear color, but I rarely wear it without pairing it with black…maybe I need to mix things up a bit more!

  36. I just ran across your blog. I've spent the last 10 years in an office environment and I've slowly lost my sense of self. Recently a friend and I have been venturing to a Friday night goth night, and I haven't dared break out anything but tshirt and jeans, but I'm feeling a lot more like my old self again. Thank you for saying that last bit about not feeling too old. Having just turned 30, I needed to hear this! Awesome blog. The purple is truly divine. Thanks!

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