Monthly Homework Assignment for January: Ice, Frost and Snow

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Le Professeur’s Monthly Homework Assignment for January was to create a post inspired by ice, frost and/or snow. Several ideas rushed into my head for frosty outfits, but in the end I chose to go with ice. We don’t get a lot of snow or frost in Southern California, but there was once a time when Hollywood loved to sparkle like ice. As you have probably noticed, I love to pay tribute to that era whenever I can.

This whole outfit is built around the fabulous necklace, a Christmas gift from my friend Jennifer. The dangling rhinestone reminded me of icicles. Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me a timely piece of inspiration!

Of course, once I had my heart set on wearing rhinestones, I went all out. I haven’t glued things to my forehead in years, and I found I kinda missed it. 🙂 I even swapped out my usual hoop earrings for something much fancier. My eyeshadow is a shimmery white from Ben Nye’s Lumiere luxe powder collection (plus my usual Ben Nye black pressed shadow in the crease).

The metallic mesh purse is from a random mall store. It was the perfect companion for all of my icy sparkle, and a little frosty in its own right.


  1. You are so stunningly beautiful! I love that lace top. Rhine stones is always right. I have a little collection myself

  2. This outfit looks gorgeous on you! I think that it fits the theme very well. 🙂

  3. How gorgeous you are! Especially the first pic is so elegant! The white lacy bolero-thingy is extremely pretty too. Did you actually wear this outfit to some event?

  4. Now there's an outfit I LOVE, I so want that bolero x3 You look quite regal, but in a softer way than usual.

  5. You look absolutely fantastic, this outfit is simply perfect.

  6. WOW! That outfit is phenomenal!

  7. Wow, you look amazing and the photos are wonderful! I love everything about your look, but the rhinestone on your forehead is what makes it special to me!

  8. It's lovely to see you wearing white, it really suits you!The jewelry is just stunning–I love how you have matched all three earrings together. Such a striking photo set!!

  9. oh my! gorgeous and so timeless classy! love the jewelry and the bindi! more exclamation points!!

  10. Beautiful! I love the way you pulled this all together 🙂 it looks so elegant and that first photo most definitely channels old Hollywood!

  11. Such a beautiful, romantic look! That first pic is mesmerizing. I want to, like, use it as my desktop, such a beautiful image. I love old Hollywood glamour, too, you know. The "icy" touches are perfect, but I'm envying the little purse most of all. Girl, you definitely did your homework! LOL

  12. Wow. I am so jealous. I want an outfit just like that now. It is just so Victorian and elegant and gorgeous!

  13. Holy Moly Mamacita! I think this is my favorite look you've done so far. Elegant and vampy. I love the bindi… give it a nice playful touch. Cheers!

  14. linnea-maria, thank you so much! Every girl should have a supply of diamantes. Affordable but still glamorous, and you don't have to worry about losing them! :)Lolitadewdrop, thanks! It was a fun theme to work with. I love what everyone has done so far!Raphael, aww, thank you! Yes, I wore this outfit out for a nice dinner with Mr. Kitty. It was a "just because" dinner rather than a special occasion, which is my favorite kind.Desdemona, thanks! The shrug/bolero came from a random mall store. I was shocked to find it! It came in black, too, so of course I got both.Catacombkitten, thank you!Le Professeur, I agree – more earrings!! I sometimes want to get another set in my cartilage but they are such a pain there… Can't wait to see the next theme. "Dying"… Is that a hint? ;)Nosnin, thank you! What a great compliment!Lynoire, thanks! The bindi was a last-minute final touch – glad I thought of it.Hexotica, thank you. I've been slowly adding more white to my wardrobe. And Mr. Kitty helped lots with this photo shoot, particularly the close-ups. He's a great art director!liz z, lol! I love exclamation points!! 😉 Thank you for your sweet comment.Snowhyte, thanks! "Pulled it together" is more accurate than you know – I cycled through several combinations before I finally achieved what I was looking for. I find that to be a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, but hate cleaning up the closet afterwards. :)Traicetrak, I take that as a very high compliment. I'd be honored to be a desktop picture! 🙂 I found this purse, and a black one very similar to it, at mall shoe stores. Amazing, isn't it?Unlacing, thanks! Newport News really invented the perfect skirt with this one, and I loved how it looked with the shrug. I'm glad you like it!Lady Bethezda, lol! Thank you so much. That's a lovely compliment!

  15. You totally made my day with this post. 🙂 You look gorgeous!!! *HUGS*P.S. Zha Zha who?? 😉

  16. Le Professeur Gothique

    WOWZA! You look FABULOUS! So very old Hollywood! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that necklace and those earrings. That is one of the reasons why I like having multiple holes: more gorgeous earrings. 🙂 So pretty.hehehe … what can I say, dear friend. Great minds think alike. 😀 I think you're going to really like next month's homework. 😀 I'm DYING to see what you come up with. hehehehe ….

  17. Le Professeur Gothique

    PS: Thanks for participating. 😀

  18. Wow, you really look absolutely beautiful 🙂

  19. hello dear. i really love your blog and all of your outfits are freakin awesome and lovely.and thank you so much for giving me ideas what to wear something goth but still look sweet and decent. since my university have this tight rule ''you no wear goth'', so i have this problem to wear most of my outfits (too goth i think), but with your ideas it really helps me a LOT. thanx so much <3 <3

  20. Lovely! The skirt is darling and very flattering on you. Your sense of aesthetics is never failing! 🙂

  21. You look incredible! I am IN LOVE with this outfit!! 😀 x

  22. i have had this site open for two days now and i really dont know what else i could say than '*sigh* beautiful!' but then again, that's what i could say to all of your pics… anyways, no idea what i could say other than that XD (you made me speechless! :-P)

  23. Wow, love the white shrug! I have been trying to figure out how to do a winter theme for weeks now, I just may have to steal some ideas from you!

  24. Such a gorgeous look! That skirt is absolutely amazing. I love how you even tied your nails into the winter theme!

  25. Jennifer, *HUGS!*Sacred Keep, thank you! :)pinsandpatience, aww! Thanks!Lady of Gothica, that makes me so happy to hear! It's sad that there are places with "No Goth" dress codes – that's so vague and general and judgmental! I hope you are able to develop a style that allows you to express yourself while still following the rules of the school. Maybe eventually they will see that Goth people can be respectful and they will loosen up the dress code.Boots, thank you! This skirt is another Shape FX masterpiece that I was so lucky to find.Irish Phantom Cat, thanks! I'm glad it got such a good response!kakuidori, that is such an awesome comment. Thank you so much! You just made me blush a little. ;)BlacKat, steal away! ;-D We're all here to share inspiration.Luna, thanks! I would wear this skirt daily if I could. The nails were just a coincidence – the theme had slipped my mind when I bought this color, but it must have been in my subconscious… 😉

  26. Oh wow! You look amazing! How did I miss out on the existence of this post?? That clutch is very nice, but the best, most lovely thing is that incredible shrug… I would battle demons for a shrug like that. Gwah, you have such nice things.

  27. Well, I certainly don't mean this in a bad way, but for a moment there, even though I knew it had to be you, I thought you had taken a picture of someone else. Perhaps it is the styling of your hair, the up and back way. It is a lovely different take~!All that glitters, how exquisite~! I am indeed reminded of a snow/ice queen, so sophisticated but not cold in personality, ahaha. ^_^

  28. Love those falsies. (Super drama in the makeup is already starting to be a theme!) You look great in white. Do people ever tell you this? People tell me every time I wear any and yet it's a color I'm seldom drawn toward.

  29. So stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful!!!Haven't checked your blog in a while, because my style is more 80s-orientated anyway and therefore I'm not that big a fan of flowy dresses… but this is just SO wonderful! :)Love especially the rhinestones and earrings!

  30. Guh, I love this post. The lace, the silhouette, the hair, everything.
    You know, with the gems on the forehead and those great earrings, I wonder what a somewhat toned-down black and silver Arabic eye makeup (there’s tutorials all over YouTube and I must try them one day) would look like with this outfit.

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