Another Purple Silk Bebe Blouse

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This is the third in my collection of four silk blouses from Bebe. You’ve seen my black one and my bright purple one. This one is in a soft, dark wine purple with fabulous ruffle down the front. This is the one I mentioned before that is NO fun to iron. Those ruffles just won’t behave, and I usually end up ironing more wrinkles into them before I finally get them all ironed out.

These silk blouses were all from the sale rack about two years ago. I think they were 60% off, and they had dozens of them on the racks! For some strange reason, the average trendy Bebe shopper just didn’t go for them, so Bebe had to unload them on me cheap. Lucky for me!

Check out the feather hair sticks from Claire’s (years ago) that are a perfect color match for this top!

The fourth and final blouse from this haul is a sheer magenta chiffon, so I’ll be saving that one for next spring. 🙂

What is your absolute best sale or thrift deal ever (that you can recall)?


  1. I love that color! I like the black brooch you've added above the ruffles. My best thrift shop find was a long black faux fur coat I picked up in Chicago for $6. It had a very 1940's cut to it. I had to leave it in Japan years ago unfortunately. 🙁

  2. I think this blouse nails down the favorite shade of my favorite color; dark, wine-purple you called it. Good description. I just made black and "dark, wine purple" arm warmers from the sleeves of a repurposed dress that I'm dying for an excuse to wear. The blouse is beautiful, but better you than me on the ironing. I loathe ruffley blouses that require ironing. Ruffles and ironing — So rude! Haha. I'm in fully envy over those hair sticks, though. 😉

  3. that plum/wine is an amazing color! and i love that you had random [and actually classy!] claire's accessories that matched

  4. Hello , I`m from Spain, I descovered your blog a shot time ago and i love them. Your look is so wonderful, I like it very muchMadame Noir

  5. ^ Oo la, I like 'Madame Noir' You should go by that all the time ^_^You look stupendous!More than half my wardrobe is secondhand, so I can't really choose one best item, maybe my long sleeve velvet top. I wear that shirt quite often.

  6. Ooo, that one is very nice! I personally would wear that blouse as part of Victoriana inspired Romantic Goth/EGA outfits at weekends too. You manage to find lots of snazzy things from mainstream stores – it's amazing what gothic treasures turn up in the least gothic places.

  7. My best thrift deal ever is my mid-calf length black leather trench-coat. It is my larger coat for winter wear and I bought it on eBay for £4.50 That's… about $7 I think. It's genuine leather, and I know how much a leather coat like that costs new, so I'm quite happy mine wasn't new. Yep, missing a button, but I can repair things like that easily enough.

  8. Very elegant outfit, I love how you combined it with the long skirt…I'm going to try it someday! :)I love sales and thrift deals, I think, every girl does…;)I can't come up with a favorite, but I'm pretty happy with my most recent one which is a cute, star printed skirt I picked up at C&A for $2…^^

  9. Le Professeur Gothique

    What a gorgeous color! Holy smokes, the feathers match perfectly! You look fabulous, my dear. As for ironing ruffles, I steam mine. Since it's silk you'll have to be careful not to scorch the fabric, but steaming is MUCH easier. 60% … AH! I love sales; they truly can make my day.

  10. Your blouse is lovely! I like the combination of the puff sleeves and the front ruffles. You always succed to combine the outfit colours. Very inspirational outfit.

  11. That color + those ruffles = MUST. GET. THAT. SHIRT. Does it come in a long sleeve variety [that you might know of]? Also, the black rose piece at the collar is a part of it, too, yes?Hmmm… best thrift deal… probably the leather pants for $10 [at the catch of being a little long, and a little tight]. Would it count to say two long coats that I got for free from a friend who got them from a thrift store? Haha. ^_^

  12. The best thrift find of all was a pair of pointy, black patent shoes with a short Louis heel, and very large silver buckles on the front. I wore them so much that one of the heels cracked, but I still have them. I found them the first week I moved on out my own. The price? $2! 🙂

  13. Such a pretty blouse! One of my favorite colors, in fact. My best find on a clearance rack was a beautiful red blouse at the limited. I think it was about $10. I am trying to shop the clearance racks AND make sure to only buy things that i would also consider buying at full price–not just because it is marked down.

  14. The ruffles match your right IV-spot tattoo very nicely.

  15. Hexotica, what a shame! It sounds like it was beautiful, and a great deal indeed. Traicetrak, your arm warmers sound cool. Can't wait to see them on your blog!Liz, it was pure luck. :)Anon, thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you are enjoying my blog.MissGracie, I know! I wish I had thought of "Madame Noir." 🙂 How awesome that you are able to get so many secondhand pieces. I have such trouble finding Goth-friendly stuff in my size at thrift stores. :(HouseCat, yes! This blouse would be great for that. And wow! A long leather coat for $7?!? Great find. Yay for being handy and doing repairs yourself – you really can save so much money!Le Professeur, brilliant! I have a little hand-held steamer that I bought for our drapes… It didn't work on the drapes (they are very heavy, plus they were super-crushed from being packaged when new). I never thought to try it on clothes. I totally will next time.Lynoire, thanks! Yes, I try to shop almost only for sale items, but if something is too lovely to risk losing out on it, I'll pay full price! Looking forward to seeing your new skirt. It sounds divine!linnea-maria, thanks! Puffy sleeves are always the best. :)Snowhyte, thank you!Sir Isaak, I don't think it came in long sleeve. 🙁 Also, I got all of these blouses about two falls ago, so they don't have them just now… But it's a good reminder to keep an eye out in unexpected places for great deals on Goth-friendly pieces! Love the sound of those leather pants. And yes, free from a friend who found thrift deals counts! 🙂 Even better, in fact!MinaKitty, oh, those sound amazing!! Have you consulted with a cobbler to see if the heel could be repaired or replaced? What a shame to not be able to wear them any more! :(Rachel, thanks! I remember that blouse from Red & Black week (same one?). That's an excellent policy – I've bought things JUST because they were on sale, and then never wear them. Not very smart!! :)High Arka, thanks! Good eye.

  16. What a drool-worthy blouse! That dark wine color definitely looks terrific on you.Best thrift deal? Actually a $3 newsboy hat from Aeropostale- mostly because I was 16 at the time and very broke. I wore that hat everywhere for the next three years… until I lost it on campus in my freshman year of college. I loved that hat so much I looked for days for it, finally giving up when every person associated with lost n founds and the campus police got sick of my calls. I loved that hat…

  17. Ooh, your combo there is so elegant-pretty, as always. I would love to wear lovely solid-colored silk blouses like that, but as I sweat like a horse rather than glowing like a lady, they are sadly not really an option for me. I enjoy seeing them on others, though! Undoubtedly the best clothing bargain I ever found came from an error on the Punk69 corset website-a newsprint corset I quite fancied had been listed as out of stock for some time, but when I e-mailed them to inquire, they said it was back in stock, to just put it in the cart and they would figure it all out. Well, I was only charged $4 for the busk and zipper used, and after I got the order I checked and yup, still only $4. I e-mailed the company about the error, but they said as the order had already been completed, there was nothing they could really do about it and to just keep the corset, no additional charge. (I guess since they are a wholesaler, it was easier to eat the difference that to re-bill me or something.) So I got a steel-boned corset that I have seen sold on other sites for as much as $100 for $4! Definitely my favorite bargain!

  18. oooooh, I'm loving those hair feathers. They almost make it look like you have colored panels in your hair. Neat!I am a "picker", I buy at thrift/antique/estate/garage sales and sell in my ebay store. Because I'm always on the hunt, I pick up loads of clothes and accessories for uber-cheap. It's kinda made me hate paying retail!Love this outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  19. ¡Gorgeous! One of my favourites looks ever!Happy new year, by the way :).

  20. Unlacing, what a sad story! I hate having to part with a beloved item, whether it's due to loss or damage. So sad that you never found it!Jamie, what a lucky deal!!! How awesome that you tried to get the company to correct it and they just let the $4 stand. I bet you'll be ordering from them again! ;)Lady Bethezda, it sounds like you have a talent for thrifting. I never seem to have any luck in that area! Great idea to turn your finds into an eBay store!Madame Macabre, thank you! And happy new year to you. 😀

  21. Excellent blouse. Super va va voom.

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