December 1 Theme: Outerwear

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I’ve mentioned before that I rarely buy anything from Bebe that is not majorly on sale, and this lace trench coat was no exception. I first spotted it a couple of years ago while wandering around the Bebe at Hollywood and Highland, but upon seeing the $285 price tag I just laughed (and cried a little) and walked away. It never really left my head, so I fatefully decided to check the Bebe Web site a good two months later and found it on sale. More than 50% off! Plus I had accumulated a bunch of points that I always forgot to use, so I saved a bundle on this baby. Most surprising of all was the fact that they actually had my size in stock. Normally when online sales occur, there is not an XS to be found anywhere.

The main reason this jacket isn’t worth $285 is the fact that you can’t wear it when it’s warm, and you can’t wear it when it’s cold. It’s completely unlined, so it must be paired with just the right long-sleeve top or sweater underneath. It also can’t be worn with anything too interesting underneath, or the shapes compete through the lace. So that leaves this plain black jersey knit mock turtleneck: nothing else in my wardrobe really works. It seems there are only a few days a year when the temperature is just right for this combination. I suppose I could add a cardigan over the turtleneck for colder days, but then I would have to be sure I never had to remove the jacket at any point.

As it turned out, the weather was manic the day I wore this for errands and shopping, so I froze half the time and was roasting the other half. I think I was only “just right” for about an hour. But I looked amazing, so I didn’t care.

Although this jacket doesn’t work with too many different tops, it looks great with a variety of skirts as well as pants.

My favorite skirt pairing for this jacket is a fishtail style from Newport News, featured on my blog last spring. A pencil skirt looks great with the jacket, too.

I also picked up my new glasses the day I wore this outfit. My vision hasn’t changed in over 15 years but I still get new frames every couple of years just for entertainment. This time, I went with the silver and black tiger stripes because they reminded me of Perseus and Prometheus.

Not sure if I like the shape of the new glasses, as these are bigger and bolder than my old pair, but Mr. Kitty loves them and compliments them endlessly, so I know they will grow on me when I get used to them.

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  1. A beautiful jacket! Somehow I really like its cut on the back side. The fabric is very elegant too.

  2. That is such a lovely jacket!

  3. Beautiful, it fits you! ;)I love the lace pattern and the back, very elegant. ^^The skirt…It had the most perfect fishtail cut I've ever seen, really! I own two fishtail skirts, but they're just not that nice…I'm still looking for one like yours, it's gorgeous! ^^I can't find the website of Newport News though, it reports a 404 error…:/

  4. What a lovely trench. It really is something extra! To bad it doesn't fit your weather as much as you would like.

  5. Gorgeous jacket! Although here in the NE we'd call that a fall jacket for a relatively cool but sunny day… Unfortunately I will not be participating in this contest because all of my "winter coats" are just that- big, puffy mushroom things. Grrrrr…

  6. Ooh, that is sooo pretty. I love the lacy pattern on the fabric and the elegant cut! And combined with the flared chiffon skirt, it makes a very dramatic look. I like it!

  7. Lovely jacket. The lace pattern is very pretty and the wide satin trim is a nice detail. Great choice to pair it with the mock turtleneck and slim pants. I like the new glasses! 🙂

  8. I like the new frames – the shape looks nice on you. I think you just need to get used to them.

  9. Oh, how I love your jacket!And I think your new glasses are extremely pretty.

  10. That is a lovely jacket! I also love the glasses, it is so cute that they match your kitties.

  11. That is an amazing jacket. I agree, though, I have a had time paying Bebe prices for anything Bebe quality–in fact, the sales don't even make it easier on me. But that jacket was definitely too fabulous to pass up!Also, I totally missed your original post about that fishtail skirt but it is absolutely stunning.

  12. Love love love the jacket. Such a great find.

  13. That is beautiful! You have such excellent taste 🙂 I have to post my photos soon, I have a couple yet to take but I plan to post!

  14. I have the opposite sort of jacket- great when it's warm, great when it's freezing. And its… oh, what's the word…. oh yeah. HIDEOUS. I wish it wasn't so damned useful. I wish form and function would hang out more frequently.

  15. Le Professeur Gothique

    What a gorgeous jacket! I really love the detailing on it! So, I've posted … I'm a little late, but here. 🙂

  16. Exquisite as always!

  17. I just love the lzce… That pattern!

  18. Thanks for adding me late. I appreciate it. 🙂

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