Tutorial: Black Tulle Veil (and a GIVEAWAY)

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As promised in my Lace Theme Post, I present a tutorial on how to make a simple, inexpensive black veil.  Nope, you don’t have to be getting married (or going to a funeral) to wear this.  A veil lends an extreme degree of dark romanticism to a club outfit, or whatever special occasion you desire.  I wear mine whenever I please, and I did so even when I was single.  🙂

I have a little surprise for you: I am GIVING AWAY the veil I made for this tutorial.  Be sure and look at the end of this post for instructions on how to enter!

You will need:

  • Black tulle – approx. 1.5 – 2 yards (available at your local fabric store, sold by the yard, usually for less than $1/ yard).
  • 3” wide blank hair comb or barrette (available from most craft stores)
  • Black thread
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape of some kind (a long piece of string works in a pinch)
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Black roses or other embellishment (optional)

Measure from the top of your head to where you want the end of the longest layer of the veil. Measure again from the same point on your head to where you want the shorter layer to end.  I chose 36″ for the bottom layer and 18″ for the top.

Add those two numbers together (my total was 54″, or 1.5 yards). Cut a length of tulle that is the total length of both layers. Do not cut the width. Keep it the width that it was when you bought it at the fabric store (usually either 45” or 60”; either will work).

Fold the tulle at the point between the two layers so each comes out to the desired length.

Using a needle and long piece of thread (doubled), run a stitch loosely through both layers about 1” in from the fold. Stitches should be about 1/2” apart. Pull this tight to bunch up the tulle to the width of your barrette or hair comb.

Wrap the thread around each edge of the tulle tightly, because just a regular knot will pull through the tulle and the whole thing will unravel.

Prometheus is on-site providing Quality Control.

Use the needle and thread to wrap stitches through the tulle and around the barrette or comb. For added durability, you can add a small line of hot glue* before stitching the tulle to the comb or barrette, but this isn’t crucial if you don’t have a hot glue gun.

Finally, attach some black roses, beads, bows or other decorative element along the top edge of the veil, if desired. This makes it a bit more fancy. You can attach them using hot glue* or the needle and thread.

I used a glob of hot glue plus a couple of stitches in each rose for added strength.

You could also sew narrow trim around all the edges of the tulle if you want. I opted for raw edges to give it a more airy, ethereal look.

If cleaning is ever needed, gently swish the tulle in cold water with a tiny bit of Woolite without submerging the roses or barrette.

* Use caution when using hot glue on tulle. The glue can easily go through the mesh of the fabric and burn you unexpectedly.

Thank you to Mr. Kitty for photographing this project!

Want to win this veil? Here are the rules.

  • You must follow my blog using Google Friend Connect or on Facebook. And please don’t just “unfollow” after the drawing, because that’s not in the spirit of the thing. 🙂
  • You must leave a comment describing what outfit you would pair this veil with if you win it.  There are no right or wrong answers: this is just a fun way to express your interest in entering the contest. 
  • For one extra entry, post a link to this contest on your own blog or Facebook page. Be sure to leave a separate comment here with a link to your blog post so I can be sure to enter you twice.
  • Winner will be chosen ON Tuesday, NOV 29 via a random number generator (random.org). I will then contact the reader to get their e-mail address so we can arrange shipping.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not have a blog with a clear way for me to contact you, please be sure to let me know how to find you.

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere. 🙂


  1. That is a lovely veil :3 I would pair it with my salvaged crushed velvet skirt, long black velvet coat I found at a thrift store, and my Demonia torment boots (just for something unexpected) and probably waaaay too many shiny silver and pewter rings.

  2. Great tutorial. I especially loved Prometheus. :3I would pair this with a high waisted bell shaped skirt, white high collared blouse and very teased hair. :3

  3. PS: Nail art in this post was inspired by Kamyria Magdalena Mourn of From the Other Side. BRILLIANT use of silver crackle polish!

  4. Ooooh do want! <3I follow you both on Fb & here on google. And I posted it to on my own page (http://www.facebook.com/candyophobia).I would wear this veil with my planned ghost goth outfit. I wanted some black dramatic details & this one would be just to great <3

  5. I probably shouldn't be entering this as I'm going to make my own one of these (and post my progress on my blog with LOTS of links to your original tutorial) because I had no idea that making a veil would be that simple. I thought it would require more shaping over the head, more complexity etc. But… I'm a sucker for competitions. Anyway, I'd wear it with my black and silver stripy corset, a frilly black blouse, my modified-to-hell-remains-of-a-Viyella-jacket that now has rather ornate silver buttons and corseting at the back, and the lace trim floor-length skirt I found in a charity shop that is ubergothy but is unmodified Marks & Spencers… O.o

  6. Oh my, I couldn't have believed making a veil would be so simple! 😮 It seems like something even I could do and I'm totally handless when it comes to handicraft, yet I've made a mini top hat by myself and that seems way easier… Thanks for the lovely tutorial!Recently, I've kind of rediscovered some of my old clothes which would go well for an elegant, romantic goth outfit. I haven't worn anything like that in the last few (uh-oh, many) years, yet I've thought of putting together such an outfit with some long skirt, maybe a corset or an elegant top… And maybe this mesh bolero: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/B2nF6StdkMhI/cIU5WM-CBRvM/With a veil like that, the outfit would indeed turn out gothic and elegant. :3

  7. That's so simple but gorgeous! I'd pair a veil with a gothic lolita look. It'd look elegant with lace details, ruffly bust, and some gloves. I'm thinking about velvet or suede shoes, possibly wedges.

  8. What a massive work you put on this lovely veil. If I won I would wear it with the lovely asian/victorian style velvet jacket I bought in a second hand store this summer, and a long skirt. I put my facebook profile link here (don't know if its possible for you to see something but I posted your link on my fb-page)http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000080775603

  9. How stunningly wonderful! I would love to be in for the contest, please:) I have a blog but since I did not write in that for ages, I don't think it would do for this.I am sure what to read this with. My black wedding dress! It was mafde by my best friend for the occasion, and I love it so…she has put so many effort in that, i am sure it would go perfectly together:)

  10. The veil is gorgeous. 🙂 Hmm… I would wear it with my black layered skirt, black and white checkered tights, black flats, simple black shirt and of course curly hair. And lots of makeup! ;D

  11. Wow that veil is so pretty!I would wear it with my star flocky jsk, black tights, platform mary janes, and some lovely black jewelry. Heres the page for the jsk in black of course.http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/jsk/item/53/

  12. Its beautiful!!! I would probably wear with my long black skirt, victorian lace up boots, my red lace top with flowy dramatic sleeves and a simple choker. About to write a post on my blog.

  13. I never realized how easy may be doing a veil. Normally they are pretty expensive in goth brands, even being poorly made. I never bought one because of that but I am sure I´ll try more DIY. Thank you very much for this tutorial :)If I am the lucky one I´ll probably wear it with one of my handmade satin gowns. I think they all follow the veil´s glamourous spirit!

  14. I follow on GFC AND bloglovin' because I can't for the life of me figure out how to read on google. I think I'd have to pair this with my Lauging Vampire trained skirt and white-and-black lace Heavy Red corset. I don't break them out often, but I think they'd need to make a special appearance for this.

  15. Great tutorial! Hmm… what would I wear with such a lovely veil? A black blouse with ruffled front, purple brocade corset, black lace gloves, and knowing me, I'd probably pull a skirt from my "it's got potential" pile and alter it specifically to coordinate with the veil.

  16. Nyah, thank you for posting this tutorial! Now I will try to buy the tulle and make my so wanted veil 😛

  17. I obviously can't follow directions and posted my outfit description on your FB wall: I'd wear your creation with a calf length mermaid velvet skirt, my stripey corset, long sleeved lace top (with cami!), maybe my red/black stripey tights to match the corset and the boots on my pic. I'd accessorize with a chocker and/or a long beaded necklace. That or I'd go with a more Victorian look. HeheThis is my first time entering a contest and it's such a pretty prize. 🙂 -Hopeful-

  18. I finally updated my blog and posted a linkadink to your tutorial there… Somehow on Sunday I clicked "Save" instead of "Publish". Oops.

  19. That's so simple but gorgeous! I'd pair a veil with a gothic lolita look. It'd look elegant with lace details, ruffly bust, and some gloves. I'm thinking about velvet or suede shoes, possibly wedges.

  20. I would love to have this to wear to memorial services we hold honoring Veterans, when we place a new headstone we wear period clothing of the Civil War period. I could really use this for that. It would be used as a mourning veil. ktledford@windstream.net

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