Black and White Party!

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Let me preface this post by saying that in real life, I can be quite a poor sport.  🙂 Usually when I attend a club or party with a theme, I ignore the theme completely. Themes are fun on Goth blogs, but in real life they usually enter the realm of Disco Attire and such silliness, and I just don’t drink enough to make things like that okay. 😉 When we were invited to a friend’s birthday party and told of the Black and White theme, I knew I could live with that one. In fact, I was quite excited to wear my newest Stop Staring dress.

Upon selecting my outfit for the party, I immediately jumped on the Greatlookz Web site and ordered some white crocheted gloves to match my white scarf. Wow; who knew that whites would be even more difficult to match than blacks?!? I had three different shades of white in the end. I still was delighted with the overall end result.

I made the giant hair flower from a stem I picked up at Michael’s. It wasn’t the prettiest flower they had, but those stems can go up to more than $15!!! This one was $6, which I thought was pushing it for a DIY thing.

Nude fishnets and ankle-strap platform shoes were the finishing touches to this forties-inspired outfit. Oh, and glasses. I normally love to wear my glasses (that’s why I never got Lasik) but I don’t like them when I am trying to go glamorous. However, the morning before the party, Perseus happened to do Happy Feet right on my eyeball, and I happened to already have an eye doctor appointment scheduled for that day, so there was no hiding the “corneal abrasion.” No contacts for a full week: doctor’s orders! 🙁   Mr. Kitty made me feel better by calling me a “Sexy Gothic Librarian Vintage Movie Star.” I can live with that.

This dress is a prime example of why it sometimes better to save up for a few quality pieces than to blow your whole clothing budget on a lot of little, cheap items here and there.  A dress like this never fails to make me feel amazing and self-confident to a degree far beyond what I feel wearing a top from Forever 21.  Of course, I like the variety (obviously) that can be achieved by mixing these fabulous, quality items with a fair amount of more affordable things.  It’s all about the balance, and right now I’m focusing on shifting the balance a bit more toward quality over quantity.


  1. It's a beautiful outfit! Well done 🙂

  2. Such a classy dress! I love the one Stop Staring dress I have too, entirely worth the price.

  3. gorgeous! and i like the glasses. they add to the demure look that the gloves and scarf lend

  4. You look great in this outfit, I love the accents that the white pieces add, just serves to draw more attention to that awesome dress! Very nice 🙂

  5. Good tips!Yeah, I hardly attend themed parties, but it never hurts to play along every now and then. Especially when these are the results – nice!

  6. Mr. Kitty nailed it with "Sexy Gothic Librarian Vintage Movie Star" and was no doubt proud to have the hottest date at the party. You look gorgeous.

  7. Le Professeur Gothique

    Oh, Ms. Kitty! You look absolutely amazing in this dress. I love the whole look from the little wrist gloves to the trailing scarf! SO perfect. You really do look like you stepped right out of the early 50s, reminding me of that movie Mona Lisa Smile! Yup, perfect. Absolutely.

  8. Definetely one of my favorite outfits on your blog so far! This looks stunning on you.You should do a "Black & White Blog Party", too! 😉

  9. One of the best outfits I've seen so far in this blog 🙂 Also I own a similar pair of white gloves so I will definitely take inspiration from this look to use them :)Thank you!♥PS. I think the lipstick would have been better either all black or all red for this look. 🙂

  10. You look so elegant! Stunning!

  11. So beautiful outfit! I totally agree with you about putting more money on less items and quality instead of buying lots of cheap pieces. I boght a tunic for 10$and it was ruined after 2 careful washes, bad fabric. You succeded to match the white pieces with your lovely black dress and I agree on Mr Kittys description. 🙂

  12. Dear Sexy Gothic Librarian Vintage Movie Star, You are amazing.The end.

  13. This is a timeless outfit. You look beautiful.

  14. How pretty! This is a great look! Flawless!

  15. Dalestair, thank you!Le Professeur, you are too sweet. Good comparison, too. Good little 50s girl with black lip liner. ;)Trystan, their stuff is simply amazing. :)Aristocratic Elegance, thanks! I'm loving white accessories right now!liz, I ended up liking the look with the glasses when I saw the photos. It does work out pretty well, after all!Snowhyte, that is good to hear. I was hoping the white wouldn't pop so much that the dress was ignored!Tenebris, agreed. 🙂 I work with the theme whenever I can within my own comfort zone.Bane, thank you, sweetie! :)Sal, sounds like a plan! Consider it one of our future monthly themes!BallerinaDark, I never thought I would crave white crochet gloves but now I LOVE them. And I agree; I thought the black lip liner would add a touch of Goth that this outfit was lacking, but it didn't work so well with the red. I prefer the black liner with a deep plum. All-black lipstick would have been fun with this outfit, though!Julianne, thanks!linnea-maria, I've had the same trouble with cheap clothes. It turns out to be just a big waste of money in the end.BettyZade, well thank you! :-DSunduri Das, I consider "timeless" a huge compliment. Thank you!GothBarbie, wow! Thanks for that. 🙂

  16. Such a classy dress! I love the one Stop Staring dress I have too, entirely worth the price.

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