October 1 Theme: Lace

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For today’s theme, I wanted to present my absolute favorite lace item from my wardrobe. The clear choice was a lace ballgown skirt from Drac in a Box. This amazing skirt is made with high-quality lace (no cheap stretch stuff here!) and has two layers of taffeta underneath to give it shape. Each layer has a mesh ruffle along the bottom, gathered up every foot or so and topped with a tiny rosette. This skirt would look stunning with a petticoat underneath, but I prefer it a bit less puffy since my frame is so petite.

This purple brocade underbust corset from Corset Story is making its debut tonight. While checking out their Web site for the first time, the designs were so lovely and the prices so reasonable I promptly began drooling over this one (not so) subtly. The drooling continued for weeks. My birthday happened to take place just before I got sick, and Mr. Kitty used to opportunity to prove he is the perfect husband by ordering it for me! I am absolutely delighted with the quality construction and beauty of this piece. The purple is subtle, but when the light catches it just right it’s simply breathtaking. It’s comfortable, sturdy and creates the perfect shape.

Wanting to make this outfit just a bit more grand, I broke out the old handmade tulle veil. This was a really simple project I did about 10 years ago, but I haven’t worn it in years. Now that I remember how regal it makes me feel, it will most definitely be put back into service. I also plan to do a tutorial on it sometime soon.

Tonight’s makeup is extra exciting for me, as it incorporates three products I won in a giveaway over at Metamorphosis! Two eye colors and a blush from the “Colours of Decay” line by Detrivore Cosmetics.

Plague is the greenish-black sparkle eyeshadow I’m wearing in my crease. Harlot is a lovely soft pink shimmer shadow, seen just below my brow. Vulgar is a delicate lilac blush. All of these colors are intense and intriguing, although the green-black shadow lost a lot of its green (and its shimmer) as I was blending it. Application was a treat because these go on so smoothly! And they wear very well. I actually forgot to apply my eyelid primer tonight (I know, how did that happen?!?) but these shadows served me well all evening without creasing. I imagine the Plague shadow would remain more true to the color in the pot if applied over a primer. Thank you so much to Luna for this fun package!!

I always look forward to the variety of interpretations you guys contribute to these monthly themes. Now, bring on the lace!

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  1. Beautiful! To me, you look like a Gothic Bride. Perfect with corset and veil (looking forward to the veil tutorial!).Also: a late "Happy Birthday" to you! What a fantastic present you got from Mr. Kitty!Unfortunately, I don't have any beautiful lace pieces so I did a simple pettern round-up.

  2. Oh my god. You look absolutely stunning. Veil tutorial yes!

  3. That's so pretty!!And the veil really goes nicely with the dress. 🙂

  4. *jaw drops* You look gorgeous!!!The purple corset is so beautiful!Heck, the entire ensemble is amazing! :DLove your "lace" themed post this time! 😀 <3

  5. Here is a far-fetched joke, I have dedicated one of my "lace" themed pictures to you! 🙂 Because of the veil and the goth bridal look! *sheepish grin*

  6. That skirt is one of the most beautiful lace skirts I've seen. I've frothed at it on Drac in a Box's website many times.

  7. Good god you look stunning! I clicked on your page and just went WOW! :)Dayuuum. Beautiful outfit full of gorgeous textures. Your make-up is fabulous, it really finishes the look nicely 🙂

  8. I seriously don't know how you will top this. This is amazing. I absolutely love the satin bolero. And your makeup is stunning. I would love to hear how you did your lips.

  9. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit. So regal and almost unearthly, especially in that first photo!I need to get me a corset and skirt like those… 🙂

  10. so much want. the skirt is so gorgeous!<3 🙂

  11. This outfit is breathtaking! Especially in the first photo.

  12. Oh my Goth, that outfit is AMAZING! I want a veil for me… =/

  13. Sal, ironically I didn't wear a veil at all when I was a bride. 😀 And I thought your post was perfect. I can't wait to learn new skills so I can make some nice WARM lacy stuff!linnea-maria, thank you! I will do one, I promise.Cherish, thanks!clockworkgirl, lol! I'm so glad you enjoyed the outfit.Kiwi, I got it! 😀 Loved it.Nanna, be sure to check out my veil tutorial when it comes along, as I am planning a special surprise in that post… *hint* ;)SaryWalrus, they have lots of wonderful things, but this one I could *not* resist!Irish Phantom Cat, awww! Thank you so much. PS: I keep trying to comment on your blog but something seems to be broken with the Comment link. I've tried from two different computers. 🙁 Anyway, I really enjoyed your post and will try to comment on it again later!siouxsiel, I will be doing a write-up on this lip look soon. The purple is Morgana Cryptoria's lib balm. I just got these in several colors and will be doing a review once I've tried them all!Unlacing the Victorians, thank you for the kind words!Le Professeur, you are too sweet. 🙂 And yes, husbands of that variety can be tricky to find but are worth the effort! ;-D

  14. Wow, the whole outfit is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I love the flounces at the hem of the skirt.I am also really glad to hear your review of Corset Story as I ordered from them a bit ago and have been somewhat trepidatiously awaiting the arrival of it. Their prices are just so amazing it seems like there must be some problem.

  15. My God! You're breath-taking my dear! The amazing thing though, is never does anything you wear overpower you, it just works perfectly with for you. Gorgeous!

  16. That outfit is like ridiculously gorgeous!!! I LOVE it! The skirt is so beautiful and elegant. The underbust corset has such bretty colour and style. The veil adds just enough… extra to the outfit. 🙂 I am sooo wanting this outfit. Perfect. Simply perfect.

  17. I only have three letters – WOW.It's like lace exploded. Everywhere. But in a fancy way .. o_o ^^

  18. Absolutely beautiful! I love your make up, and the whole outfit is amazing. I keep meaning to do your monthly themes (they always look fun), but I keep getting busy and forgetting. I'm not sure what I have for lace at the moment, hmm . . .

  19. I love your outfit! You look so stunning in it. The makeup is also amazing. Thanks for the monthly theme. I was getting worried I wouldn't have enough time to do mine, but I finally got it up. I love lace and I can't wait to see what everyone has! 🙂

  20. Ohh waow~ oh waow~! Simply stunning should actually be more of, elegantly stunning~! I am now drooling over that lovely favorite color corset as well, and your blouse as well.Beautiful lace skirt is beautiful. It becomes you, as it were. I know an amazing piece like that can't show up often, but it certainly steals the show when it does~ ^_^[in the first picture, it's almost as if your feet disappeared…]

  21. Your outfit is absolutely beautiful! I wish that I had your style, so awesome. 😀 And so inspirational too!

  22. That is very uber-goth. Amazing!

  23. Le Professeur Gothique

    HOLY SMOKES! You are so stunning in this outfit! Breathtaking. Utterly gorgeous! Perfect. I love the combination of black and deep purple. That corset is divine … and Happy Belated Birthday! And HUZZAH for very awesome and cool husbands — Mr. KItty you rock!

  24. This is stunning! Makes me miss having occasions for this level of finery. I am a lace fanatic and wear it every chance I get (that ubiquitous black lace Starina dress? I have THREE). I do not have a blog so I will just enjoy everyone's posts. Thank you for posting. 🙂

  25. Man, I am coveting that skirt so fiercely-it is so beautiful, and you look amazing! What a great outfit, and a belated happy birthday. Your skirt is definitely miles above my $20 one from Forever21-I think I'll have to save up for one, I love Drac-in-A-Box! The corset is great too-purple and black lace? Yes please!

  26. You take my breath away! This outfit is SUPER DIVINE!!!! Ultra Gothic Grand Glamour!!!! Thanks for the fun monthly theme – you gave me the perfect excuse to peruse my wedding photos and repost some of my favorites! Lace Corsets are a MUST HAVE for every Gothic Lady.

  27. I was looking forward to the lace theme and you have totally lived up to my expectations and beyond them – this is ethereally beautiful. Stunning. The make-up too. And the veil was the perfect finishing touch.In the words of Duckie from Pretty in Pink – May I admire you again today? 🙂

  28. I'm so sad I missed this again–I've been so hung up with work and school lately that I haven't had time to dress up. :c HOWEVER. This is a truly stunning outfit. I'm blown away–absolutely gorgeous. I'm also really glad you like the Detrivore colours! I get the best results with colours like Plague (where the colour is sparkle over a matte base) by loading up my brush and patting it instead of moving the brush back and forth. But I also always use primer, so that might be the answer! And Vulgar looks GORGEOUS on you!

  29. welp pretty sure you're floating in the first picture… the lace detail shot is amazing and i am awaiting a veil tutorial!i linked a post about 2 skirts i made. i swear they were finished on the 1st, but we have been having internet problems since our utility pole was struck by lightning last week.. go figure.

  30. Wow! I'm speechless. Gorgeous skirt and the corset is perfection. What a great husband you have. 🙂

  31. Hey VictorianKitty thank you so much for letting me know about my comments! I switched it to a pop-up window after googling the problem! I'm really glad that you enjoyed my post! 🙂

  32. Going back to this post to fill in my link, I feel compelled to say that my favourite thing about this outfit is how happy you look to be wearing it!

  33. My, my, my, Miss Kitty! Is this the most dramatic I've seen you? I think so! You've blown my mind with this ensemble. So dreamy and delightful! I'll be returning to this post often for inspiration.

  34. That dress. So. Pretty.I'm glad that you like your Corset-Story corset! I just bought one from them, too.

  35. Damn, missed another theme day! Just too busy to keep up these days, argh!You always make the most beautiful photos for your themes! This was just draw-droppingly stunning. Keep up the great work!

  36. Hi Kitty, I love this one and I'm soooo sorry I missed posting that day.I am a master handmade lace maker.I would have had fun doing it.You look lovely. Thank you for the fun.Hugs, Euphoria

  37. I keep coming back to look at these pictures…

  38. This is the most wonderful outfit of all. I just adore that Gothic romantic widow style. A true noble Gothic lady, I would say… 🙂 The skirt, the corset, the veil…Oh, amazing!!!

  39. You look simply amazing!! I'm in love with this outfit! 🙂

  40. I'm a little late to the party because I just found this post over here: http://melancholyromantic.com/2011/10/sophistique-noir-black-lace/#more-29This is absolutely incredible!!!! You look PERFECT. <3

  41. So many wonderful comments on this post! I lost track and failed to keep up with my responses on this one. 🙁 Promise to do better on the next Monthly Theme post!! I really do appreciate each and every comment: this kind of feedback is what keeps me blogging! 🙂

  42. Amy, thank you for your nice comment AND thanks for that link! What a sweet article. It made my whole week! 😀

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