Make-Up Post: Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms and a New Necklace

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I don’t plan to do a lot of make-up reviews, as this is a fashion blog and not a beauty blog. But to keep things interesting, I thought I would occasionally share things that I think really need to be shared.

Living in the hot, dry desert as I do, lipstick becomes tricky business. Lipsticks usually dry out on my lips within an hour and are a chunky mess within two. I love to use L’Oreal’s HiP (High Intensity Pigment) lip gloss, as it never dries out or bleeds and the pigment is adequate, but their line of colors is extremely limited and not really Goth-friendly. Based on reviews from Little Miss Metamoroph and Metamorphosis (the name similarities being coincidence!), I ordered five shades of Morgana Cryptoria’s Lip Balms. These sounded like the perfect combination of EXTREMELY high pigmentation and moisture: just what I need.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this product. While not as moist as a regular lip balm, these are worlds better than regular lipsticks. The colors are all just gorgeous. Some of the shades worked out better than others, so I’ll give you an overview of each.  I am wearing Eggplant (a medium-dark, low-chroma purple) in today’s photos.  This shade is just perfect for work: slightly abnormal but not shockingly so.  Eggplant fades a bit but is easily touched up without needing to start from scratch.

Diabolical Druscilla, a bright shimmery pink with a hint of purple iridescence (just a tiny hint), was the brightest shade I ordered. This one was the best to wear. It lasted a few hours before needing retouched, and never got chunky.

Conversely, Hathor is a dark, intense purple. The color is stunning, but it was difficult to apply smoothly and was much drier than Diabolical. It felt chunky after just a couple of hours and I had to reapply frequently.  Out of the five shades I ordered, this one required the most maintenance.  However, I think the amazing color is worth the effort, and despite this shade being drier while wearing, it did not leave my lips feeling chapped afterwards as regular lipstick does.

Merlot (a dark wine shade with lots of sparkle!) was the most moist of them all, yet I never saw a hint of bleeding into my fine lines.  Merlot lasted for hours with little maintenance. 

Countess Bathory is a lovely crisp red.  It wore very well, but on me it was a bit on the orange side.  I might try mixing it with the Diabolical Druscilla and see what happens!

I will be linking to photos of the other colors as I wear them for future outfit posts.  Or you can check them out on the Morgana Cryptoria Web site.

After several wearings of each shade, I have found that a bit of my regular Burt’s Bees balm applied before these colors helps them all wear better without chunks or fading. I will definitely be ordering more colors of these fun lip balms!!

My fabulous eye shadows in these photos are all Bare Essentuals. But that’s a topic for another post. 🙂

Now, to bring this post back on-topic… 😉 I recently debuted a new necklace that was a birthday gift from dear friends. I love the Art Deco feel, and the striking contrast between the black and the crystal and silver tones. I paired it with a tiered ruffle top from Macy’s, because this top reminds me of the Art Deco days as well.


  1. Love Hathor, but not so sure the high maintenance would be worth it. I am constantly forgetting to reapply makeup throughout the day, especially lipstick or lip gloss.My mother and sister swear by Bare Essentuals. Looking forward to reading your post on that topic.

  2. You shouldn't use L'Oreal. They're animal tested. 8cI am SO looking forward to the Morgana order I made. I got a bunch of lipsticks, some lipbalm, gloss and some foundation. I was just telling the owner the other day that I have literally never seen a review of her things where she wasn't touted as Our Lord and Saviour in cosmetics. She is some kind of Goth Lipstick Jesus, and her website is adorable.

  3. L'Oreal is animal tested? :OO I will not use more their products! >_<I like that necklace, it's perfect with that dress ^^

  4. I love Morgana's lip balms! I have been meaning to post about the ones I ordered.

  5. If you haven't tried her regular lipsticks, you simply have to: the balms are amazing, but the lipsticks are also fabulously long-wearing and feel great on. I'm plotting a pretty massive order for when she reopens. So glad you like them! I don't have Hathor myself, but I need to order it. It looks fabulous on everyone I've seen wear it.

  6. It looks amazing on you! Cheers- Tenebris

  7. Well the eggplant is a lovely color on you. i will have to try them sometime. I have been disappointed in recent attempts to get a good dark purple lip color. Have you tried OCC Lip Tars? I have read they are supposed to have a similar effect of long lasting high-pigmented color and moisture.

  8. Le Professeur Gothique

    I'm in the middle of grading hell *UGH* but I wanted to make a quick comment:I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!!! Gorgeous!

  9. Unlacing, I have found Hathor to be more reliable with a coat of Burt's Bees balm on top, but still requiring some maintenance. The other Morgana colors would probably be better for you!Kitty, my only complaint is that she shuts her site down a lot. I guess good things come to those who wait!Nanna, thank you! :)Electrobat, looking forward to your post on Morgana's products!Luna, I plan to try one of her lipsticks and a couple of the glosses, when she reopens. :-DTenebris, thanks!Le Professeur, thanks! lol. Best of luck on the grading!!Sabayon, thanks for the tip about OCC Lip Tars! I've been trying Pout Paints and they sound like similar products. I'm adding them to my makeup wish list! 😉

  10. You tease! The site is down, but she;s coming back with a sale on Friday, so i'll definitely buy some.. I eagerly await the BE post too, I've been looking at 'heart' eyeshadow, and it looks like the crease colour you have on. Well, whatever you have on, it's the one I want, so i'll wait for that : ). Beautiful necklace too xxxx

  11. Natasha, sorry about that! That's the one thing I don't like; her site seems to be offline half the time. 🙁 I can't remember the name of that crease color off the top of my head, but I will be posting about it soon!

  12. Thought you might enjoy this blog – I love the drawings – just wish I could read the text!

  13. Love this look! I have some Morgana Cryptoria glosses coming in the mail right now, can't wait to get them!

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