Lucky Find on Venus

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Flipping through the latest Venus junk mail, and not expecting to find anything worth freaking out about, I saw this wrap skirt with side buckles. And ordered it the next morning. Mr. Kitty loved this skirt, citing its amazing figure-flattering cut despite not being snug as his reason. I agree; that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment for any article of clothing.

Of course, I tried the skirt on twice before wearing it out of the house, but failed to try sitting in the skirt. My first attempt at such was getting into my car to head to work, which is when I discovered that this thing falls open indecently when sitting!! I was already pushing it to get in to the office on time, so I had to go with it. Before its next wearing, this skirt will require some alterations to persuade it to remain closed at all times!

I thought I would branch out and try this grey animal-print top from New York & Co (as seen in one of my Rule-Breaking Monday posts) tucked in. I’m not a tucker by nature, but otherwise no one would see the fabulous buckles on the skirt, and the high waist. I really like how this look worked out, although I wish I had added a grey hair flower.

I have Mr. Kitty to thank for the gorgeous pendant and bracelet!


  1. I agree, it's a fabulous cut! It's a gorgeous piece and I love the top you've put with it. Very figure-flattering! Hehe I hate when that happens, I've worn stuff I thought was modest only to look down and see that either my top has moved down or my skirt is on its way up!

  2. The skirt is so classic but unusual at the same time. It's a shame about its failure to cover all the relevant body features that a skirt should cover though!

  3. A lucky find indeed! I love the buckles. Tucking in is definitely the way to go with this skirt.

  4. You know I love buckles! … or maybe not, … but I do! The silhouette is classic…almost like a pencil skirt, but not… and with interesting details. Win, win! I'm sure you can resolve the decency issue, but that is disappointing. Nothing like having to be on guard against revealing too much all day, eh? I agree; a gray flower would have topped off this ensemble superbly, but it's not as if it's missing anything as is.

  5. Oh my it's so gorgeous! So lucky you found it. I'm sure you will find a clever way to make the skirt not open when you sit down. Its so nice with the gatherings on both sides and of course the buckles!

  6. That skirt is beautiful and very flattering on you, love that buckle detail!

  7. I've had a few wrap skirts do this to me. Usually the best solution is just to wear a half slip made out of matching non-lingerie-ish fabric underneath. Adding fasteners or such to the skirt to make it stay closed tends to make it pull in funny ways or make it impossible to move in.It's a really interesting yet professional skirt so I hope you find a method that works in any case!

  8. Phantom Cat, lol! I guess it happens to everyone from time to time. The price we pay for cute fashion… ;)Julianne, I know! I'll wear it anyway, but I'll have to either be creative or extremely careful! :)Bane, thanks! It's good tucking practice for me!Traicetrak, no I didn't know that! 😉 But I am glad. Yes, that was kinda a long day being so careful how I was sitting all day… But now I know to be on my guard!linnea-maria, thank you! I love those features as well. I shall prevail in keeping the skirt closed next time I wear it!Snowhyte, thank you! :)Sabayon, that's a good point and I hadn't thought about that… I have another skirt in similar fabric that is short and fairly close-fitting; that might do the trick underneath this one! I appreciate your suggestion!!

  9. Wow, I love that skirt-it is too fabulous for words! I bet a couple of strategically placed snaps and you will be fine as far as the gapping. I also really like that top, despite not generally being a huge fan of animal prints-overall, a great outfit. 🙂

  10. Le Professeur Gothique

    That skirt is a super win! I love the way it's fitted at the top and then swooshes into that gorgeous drape. Very nice. And you know, it looks like it can hold up to a nice, tall leather boot for the winter/holidays. BUCKLES! Yes, that little detail makes it! hehehehe … TUCKING?!? I think with that buckle you need to tuck to show it off.As for it falling open, perhaps a nice snap (snaps)?

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