Blog Round-Up for October

There were so many great posts throughout October, I could hardly keep track of them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Juliet’s Lace gives us some good reminders about cemetery photography etiquette in response to the banning of photography in nearby cemeteries at Whitby Gothic Weekend (as reported on The Ultimate Goth Guide). There is a fine line between tasteful, respectful appreciation of the dark beauty of cemeteries, and selfish attention-getting attempts to adhere to cliches.  Juliet’s Lace helps us stay on the dignified side of that line!
  • The Dark Victorian wrote a comprehensive overview of historical fashion spanning the 1700s and1800s, complete with many gorgeous sample images to drool over and be inspired by!
  • Jean of All Trades sums up my feelings on aging, body perception and fashion “rules” beautifully in the post she wrote for “Love Your Body” day.  Jean encourages us to wear what makes us feel good regardless of age, and forget the silly rules about what is “acceptable” just because of the number of years we’ve been alive.
  • The Ultimate Goth Guide reviewed an article on the sociology of adults who never “grew out of” being Goth.  I love that this article casts such a (well-deserved) positive light on our subculture.  And it’s written by a grown-up Goth – a very successful one, no less!
  • My Spot in the Spectrum expressed some thoughts worth contemplating regarding what truly defines the heart and soul of the Goth subculture.  I love her take on the matter, and must say I echo her sentiments in many ways!

Gothic Blog Award
A very special thank you goes out to Bane of GIY: Goth it Yourself and Mary of Le Professeur Gothic for passing on to me the Gothic Blog Award.  For my work to be recognized by two ladies who run blogs I enjoy much is an honor.  Thank you, Bane and Mary!!  I pass this award right back at you (do you get bonus points for receiving it more than once?).  😉

    My Favorite Outfit for October
    And now on to a new feature I’d like to add to my monthly round-ups: my personal favorite of my outfits for the month.  My favorite outfit out of everything I wore in October was:

    I’d like to also start including my favorite of YOUR outfits each month, as soon as I can figure out a good way to keep track throughout the month. 😉


    1. Thanks for mentioning my post, I am thankful that it has been thought provoking! 🙂 Also if I may say, the skirt that you wore in your favorite outfit was also one of your pieces I liked the most from the month, such a lovely item!

    2. Thanks for listing me in your blog round-up! It means a lot to me and I appreciate it. I'm off to read all the others that you listed.

    3. Le Professeur Gothique

      😀 Thanks sweetie … bonus batty points? hehehehe …

    4. You could bookmark every outfit in a folder and then pick one at the end? That's what I do when writing Monday Amusements posts.

    5. Thanks, Julianne! That's an excellent suggestion. Now I just have to make my brain get in the habit. 🙂

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