September One-Day Theme: Boots!

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This look doesn’t entirely suit me at this point in my life, but there was a time when I would have died for an outfit like this. After I finished suiting up for this photo shoot, Mr. Kitty pronounced me a “Gothic Ninja Video Game Character.” Sweet! Neither of us play video games, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to look cool like video game characters. Not sure I could really do any ninja kicks in 10-pound New Rocks, though… I did end up enjoying this outfit enough that I wore it all day, and over to visit my parents that evening, but generally speaking I much prefer a more delicate look.

Speaking of New Rocks, I really only bought these for my trip to Ireland with my dad (nearly 10 years ago). I was already fully engrossed in my love of high heels at that time, but I knew I would need something comfortable if I were to spend three weeks just walking around. I’d heard of the legendary, cushiony comfort of these boots, and it sure turned out to be true. I haven’t worn them much since returning from the trip, although they do come in handy for construction work and the like. Yeah, I do construction work in $300 boots. And now you are wondering why a Web designer with a Gothic fashion blog does construction work… That’s a story for another day. ;-D

Many thanks go to Mr. Kitty for his art direction on this shoot. Okay, he mostly just suggested putting the camera on the floor and aiming it up, which is how we got the two cool shots above.

Perseus was more than a little annoyed that this is our third monthly theme and we still haven’t done one centered around cats. In protest, he planted himself on my backdrop and refused to move. I ended up working around him (read: slid him over until he was just outside the frame) and he was still crashed out there an hour after I had finished. Someday I will do a cat theme, Perseus: I promise!

Hook-front shirt: Lip Service
Fishnet Shirt & Studded Belt: Hot Topic
Rhinestone Collar/Cuffs: Melrose Ave.
Arm Warmers: Handmade by Me
Maine Coon: Maine (lol)

Now it’s your turn! You know what to do (or if you don’t, check out the full details). 🙂

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  1. Woot, I'm the first! Going to upload some more when I'm on my own computer in an hour or two ^^

  2. WOW!Those boots look amazing! How much did they weigh? O.oMy selection of images seems so absurdly chirpy in comparison to yours and Obscurialist! :PLove the meme theme! 😀

  3. Oh I envy your boots!!! They're awesome! Your photos are so cool! Since I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera I only showing boots.

  4. Wow, you look amazing! You definitely rock this look. I've yet to get a photo of my gold thigh high boots, things got busy for my photographer and we have't had a chance yet! I hope I can make it before the linky closes…

  5. I love your pictures! You look amazing and the boots are epic! I did my boots post, thanks for the great idea! I <3 boots!

  6. I love how you photographed your BOOT outfit! You have skills AND style! First time participating for me – not sure if I did the linky right – my thumbnail doesn't seem to appear…oh well! It was FUN!

  7. I love, love, love your shoes.

  8. That is a great outfit and some killer boots!

  9. Just updated mine with more shots, now I'm on my computer again where I have my photoos.And GOD, GIVE ME YOUR SHOES! I've been in love with those for ages O_O

  10. Those are some very cool boots.I used to wear Doc Martens just about every single day. That look got me through a few years, but now I pretty much only wear them in winter snow and such. I've found I want to wear a more feminine shoe most of the time. I don't do well with heels though, so I still struggle to find shoes that are comfortable, affordable and express my style and personality…I do always enjoy your cat(s) by the way.

  11. Yay for theme posts! I missed last month but just might post my fascinator collection anyway.I love the first two shots and your kitty is gorgeous!

  12. This is the best theme ever! Although looking at everyone else's posts are making me covet more shoes…

  13. There are not words for how much I covet those boots. Also, how many lint rollers do you own? Our cats aren't even longhairs like yours, and I'm constantly finding that my black clothes have turned orange and furry with cat hair.

  14. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes the Don&Donna boots are in suede, and the best thing is that there is no zipper on the inside so they look good in every angle.

  15. What the cool boots! I want a pair of them for me… where did I find one for me? Ah, detail: I live in Brazil! T.T' It difficults!

  16. Love, love, love your boots! They're gorgeous and Mr.Kitty sounds like a laugh riot ^.^ I can't wait to read and see everyone else's posts and, like other said above, covet more boots 🙂 -Kelli

  17. I love the angle on your pictures. Boo, I wanted to participate this time, but it's 90 degrees in Chicago – no good for boots.

  18. I love the last two photos! Yes, I agree with Perseus … you should do a cat theme! My Moo would love it. ;)What a change of look for you, but wonderful! You look like you could be stomping along in the center of the dance floor to an Industrial set! And yet you've managed to make everything look elegant. Beautiful, as always.

  19. WOw this outfit is fantastic! I can't imagine showing up at my parents house in that outfit though XD oh that would be fun. Mr. kitty had a great idea, the photos look great

  20. Your boots are so cool! And I love the pictures! I'll have to check out everyone else's posts later, can't do it right now. Oh, well.

  21. This was so much fun!! My first time participating and I already can't wait for the next one! I adore your gorgeous photos and thanks for such a great theme!

  22. I wish I had your photo mojo!As it was, I had a hard time picking out boots for this theme — too many boots, not enough time 😉

  23. Ha! I'm not the only one who does construction in New Rocks. You look far more elegant, of course. 🙂 Great pics as always.

  24. VictorianKitty STOMP!! (Like, "Animal, SMASH!!" from The Muppets.) Get it? Hahaha! You may say this outfit doesn't suit you, but I think it's one of my favorites you've posted. And the perspective is fabulous. Very complimentary to this theme.

  25. You look BADASS in that first picture! Awesome boots! Looove this post 🙂

  26. I love this outfit on you. I disagree — it suits you perfectly. Your boots looks amazing. And congrats such a great event. I just got my power back after a week without and I'm looking forward to relaxing in front of a working computer and looking through everyone's posts.

  27. AHHH, you almost made me get out my New Rocks and take a pic! lol. (Mine are bigger than yours! neener, neener, nee-ner!) You're right, they ARE comfy. I remember many a club night that I was thankful for wearing New Rocks instead of heels. You make construction stylish!

  28. I always think of New Rocks as being like space boots. Goth astronaut?

  29. Your photos are, as usual, amazing! I love that I have such a creative daughter! Those have got to be my favorite boots ever. I once owned a pair of short, denim cowboy boots (for motorcycle riding). Icky!!Congrats on such a successful theme. Sounds like lots of people enjoyed it. What's next?

  30. At first, I have to apologise: I didn't manage to launch a post on boots. I'm really sorry, I so wanted to be part of this! :(Second, I do love your outfit!

  31. I received your e-mail comment on my post, and thank you for commenting! I checked my comments options and hopefully fixed it, idk why it wasn't working but hopefully it is now. Thanks again! 🙂

  32. Thanks so much for adding me late to the link up. :)And I love love love your boots! They are delightful.

  33. Raven has big chunky New Rocks like that, and I've seen him run through random Tae Kwon Do kicks while wearing them (mostly because I made some similar quip, and he wanted to prove me wrong :P). It is entirely possible to do "ninja kicks" in stompy boots, and I wouldn't want to be clobbered with high velocity New Rocks!

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