Look: I Match My Cats!

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Upon dressing in this outfit, it was immediately obvious that the color scheme was heavily inspired by Perseus and Prometheus. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to not only include one of them in a post (again) but also to demonstrate just how large Maine Coon cats are.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?!

Usually, when I just tell people “Prometheus weighs 22 pounds” I get responses like “Yeah, my cat is really fat, too.” They are shocked when they see him and realize it’s not fat; it’s just CAT. Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed, with the males weighing an average of 20 pounds. Persey and Promey’s dad was a very lean 26-pound show cat. They can reach a length of up to 3 ½ feet, including tail. Prometheus is a bit over 3 feet long (kinda hard to measure). They are also quite stocky (as opposed to a lithe breed such as the Siamese) which adds to their muscular mass. Maine Coons continue to mature physically for up to FIVE years, so at 1 ¾ years old this guy might not even be full-size yet!

Note my firm stance in the above photo. There’s no point in trying to do ladylike poses when holding a cat that weighs 1/5 your own body weight. And that smile you see on my face? It’s more a grimace of agony. But it’s worth it to tote that big sweetheart around from time to time. Maine Coons are also just about the most affectionate breed, and this one insists on having lap time daily.

Not to leave Perseus out, but he’s the runt of the litter at a wimpy 18 pounds. ;-D I’ll photograph him in my arms for comparison as soon as my back recovers from holding Promey. Lol!

Oh, about the outfit… The grey top came from Forever 21, on sale for $5! I had to alter it because it was very long and had a tight band around the bottom, so I didn’t like the way it hung. The pencil skirt is from Target. You’ve seen it before. The belt was $3 from Ross, so I guess now I’ve been converted into a confirmed Ross shopper, despite my protests to the contrary. 🙂


  1. I have a thing for giant cats. There was a giant, cantankerous ginger cat in the shelter I used to volunteer at and every week I considered how I might smuggle him out and hide him from my landlords…but the plan always failed when I realized he was a 26 lb Maine Coon-based mutt. Your giant kitty sure is a gorgeous one. It is also very clever to match your outfit to your long-haired cat.

  2. That is a lovely outfit choice also seeing that you do match your cats fur colours. I find it kind of funny that we consider grey (and white) a colour but considering the amount of black those of us in the Goth subculture wear, it is a colour in a sense. I love seeing when one of your cats creep into the pictures. They seem like gentle giants :). Also, they have such lovely, luminous eyes that give them such character. 🙂

  3. Ohhhh. I am in love with your outfit!!! So gorgeous. And your kitty! What a big sweetheart. I love Maine Coon kitties. <3

  4. Over on icanhascheezburger.com (where I spend way too much time), they've posted a Guinness World Record video of the new longest cat, a Maine Coon over four feet long! It's a good thing they're as sweet as they are big.My husband insists that even if his clothing is the same shade as the cat's fur, he can still see it!

  5. This outfit is so classy. I love the way you accessorized it and pulled it all together. Your tailoring of the top made it perfect for you. And not only a great outfit, but a low budget outfit too!I used to not consider gray much but I find myself more and more drawn to it lately and I particularly enjoyed seeing an outfit that included multiple shades of gray. (Maybe gray can be a future monthly theme?)I'll be honest and say your cat kinda scares me! He's huge!

  6. That is a lot of cat! Wow! Your outfit is fantastic, I love grey, it looks so smart. I used to hate it, thinking it of it only as a school uniform colour, but I guess I've been out of school long enough to forgive that now!

  7. Your cat is twice the pet my dog is. 😉 With that long fur, he must be very cuddly. Does his purr match his size? I picture him purring in a basso profundo James Earl Jones kind of tone. :-)As for the outfit, I love the sparkly black jewelry with the heather grey. It makes a nice contrast.

  8. Le Professeur Gothique

    HOLY SMOKES!!!! That is one big ball of cat! When he's on the floor around your feet you just can't tell how huge he is! And that face! Good grief, what dolls. I love the little tuffs of fur on the paws, so cute. My Moo says hi to your boys.Now for the outfit — so pretty and classy. I really like those puffed sleeves. hehehehe … you do match your cats!

  9. *sigh* I've ALWAYS wanted a Maine Coon kitty, and your post has definitely reawakened the urge. Fortunately for me, they're pretty much unavailable in Korea – not to mention that my ten-pound kitty causes enough havoc as it is. 🙂

  10. My 15 pound Maine Coon/Gutter Cat mix is positively delicate compared to yours. Of course, he's old, and skinny. He used to be a solid 20… those were the days.

  11. I hung out with a giant Maine Coon kitty last night! He was huge like your cat!My cat Gizmo is tiny–she was the runt of her litter. When she curls up in a ball she looks adorable.Very sophisticated outfit!

  12. I love being able to match Sebastian; he's a tuxedo boy [both fat and big], so when we match, I always know I'm looking sharp.Obligatory compliment about handsome cats~! I love your boys~!Target does it again. Another very agreeable casual outfit.I missed your September theme [which would've been very doable], so bent on October, I now have to wonder if I even own a lace article of clothing in any way shape or form. Dah.

  13. This is so perfect for the office. My goodness, that kitty of your is HUGE! (really gorgeous though :))

  14. Such gorgeous cats! I love the outfit :). It's very easy for me to match my cat because she's plain black (cliche I know…:P)

  15. Le Professeur, those tufts are indeed adorable, and they cause all kinds of traction issues on the wood floors. Very entertaining! 😀 Moo is a very cute name for a cat!!Sabayon, ginger Maine Coons are so gorgeous! It's sad that some landlords won't allow cats. I had to go to bat for mine a couple of times with reluctant landlords, but they always gave in with a little extra security deposit. It's worth a shot, if you ever feel the urge again!lirit-arnauld, thanks! Sometimes gray is more than enough color, I think. 😉 Maine Coons are indeed gentle giants!Angie, thank you!!Minakitty, I heard about that Guinness cat. I just checked out the video – I love him!! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Yeah, I can definitely still see the fur on grey clothes but at least it is much less obvious. ;)RubyAlison, thanks for the suggestion! I have put grey down as a future theme idea and I'll give you credit when I use it. Lol about the cat. Understandable, but trust me, he's just a huge sweet pile of love.Julianne, that's a good point but yes, now is the time to embrace grey! :-DBane, lol! He does have a massive purr, but surprisingly his meow is rarely more than a little squeak. It's pretty ridiculous to hear that tiny sound coming out of a gigantic creature!Becky, boo to no Maine Coons in Korea! 10 pounds of kitty is plenty, though. Sometimes we really have our hands full with 40 pounds worth of Maine Coon PLUS two old, normal-sized cats.Tante, 15 pounds is a respectable size for an older Maine Coon. I hope your guy has lots of loving years left in him!Hexotica, awesome! I love tiny cats, too. I want to find the world's smallest breed to keep my giants company. I think the contrast would be entertaining. :)Sir Isaak, welcome back! 🙂 Ah yes, your Sebastian is a well-dressed kitty, for sure. Well, if you can't make it for the lace theme, there's always November! Stay tuned… :)Sunduri, thanks. 🙂 Sometimes even I forget how big he really is, so pictures like these really put it into perspective.AislingChild, lol! Cliche, but necessary. 🙂 We have the obligatory black cat, too. At least the hair doesn't show as badly. ;-D

  16. My kitty isn't a Maine Coon (or at least, he's not a full-breed Maine Coon. All the vets we've been to comment on his size and say that he might have some Maine Coon in him, but officially, he's just a jumbo sized American short-haired), but everybody who visits my house comments on how he's a fracking tiger. But having huge cats is awesome, because they make good pillows and they're fun to pick up. The only downside is when they do that annoying kneading thing on you, which when done by a big cat, is the equivalent of CPR. I only have six grey tops in my wardrobe, but I do enjoy wearing them since they're very neutral and bland. B)

  17. I'm not a cat person, and, as such, had never heard of a Maine Coon before. Only yesterday I watched an interview with Amy Lee (yes, of Evanescence) where she spoke of owning a Maine Coon, and I thought, "I know what that is!" all because of you. LOL

  18. Wow! Prometheus is huge! I have a runt of a cat (a whopping 5 pounds) so even "normal" cats look enormous to me now. I've heard great things about Maine Coons. Yours is gorgeous.As for the outfit, I love it. The shades of gray with black is so soft and inviting.

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