Blog Round-Up for September

I present to you some of my favorite posts from September!

  • Goth it Yourself has been keeping me constantly awed by her skills and ingenuity!  Check how she transformed an Ikea wardrobe into an elegant custom TV cabinet.
  • Aristocratic Elegance got married!  You have to see the gorgeous Victorian-inspired gown she wore.  Proof that even the darkly-inclined can get married in white and look great doing so!
  • Metamorphosis posted a Fall Book List with some very intriguing reading suggestions.
  • Juliet’s Lace inspires us to use good judgement by toning down the Gothiness for special occasions without sacrificing our sense of dark style.
  • Mental Pirate posted reviews of the two best albums (IMO) to be released in a very long time: VNV Nation’s Automatic and Peter Murphy’s Ninth

I also wanted to take a moment to express my sadness at unexpected passing of CookingChinchillas.  I didn’t know her personally, but she was an amazing, inspiring nail artist and a fun participant in our little community.  And her furry guys never failed to cheer me up on even the worst day.  Her chinchilla family must miss her terribly, as does the blog world!


    1. I had been following CookingChinchilla's blog and wondered why it hadn't been updated lately. I had no idea. That is so very sad.

    2. I still feel a bit sore about Chinchilla's death. It also itches at me, the whole "how did she die?" and also wondering how her sweetheart and pets are dealing with it. But none the less, I suppose she lived her life productively and to the fullest, no? I can't wait to listen to Peter Murphy's Ninth album. It's gotta be good, no?

    3. Eeek! I'm really honored to be up there. <3Also, wow. I had no idea that she had died. That's terribly sad, both for her family, her community, and her pets.

    4. Le Professeur Gothique

      This is just so very sad. She was so warm and welcoming to me when I first started fashion blogging! 🙁 She will be missed.

    5. How sad. I didn't known.

    6. Thank you for mentioning me! ^_^ These links look really good, I will check them out.

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