Venetian Lace Choker

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Today I am wearing a choker featuring purple Venetian lace and a purple tiger eye stone. This, along with the one I wore for one of my Red & Black posts, came from eBay several years ago. I just searched though my Saved Sellers and found that these came from Midnighte Moon. I’ve also made a third one myself with a piece of Venetian lace trim that I found online. It’s cheaper that way, if you can find the time. You’ll see that one in a future post.

I didn’t wear any additional jewelry with this outfit, as I just wanted to let the choker shine. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of wearing red nail polish with a pink top and purple necklace, but I didn’t have time to change the nail color. It seems like as soon as I paint my nails red, I am just dying to wear pink and purple!

The bell-sleeve shrug is from Arden B. It’s made from a shiny sweater knit, so it’s perfect for my chilly office days. And it perfectly hides the fact that I wore spaghetti straps to work. 🙂

The pink cami has some record-breaking ruching and three fun vertical ruffles.

The skirt is tiered mesh, and came from Macy’s. I’ve been wearing this one and my tiered lace one from Spiegel a LOT lately. Hope you don’t get bored, but I adore the versatility of these Goth staples right now.

What is the one staple item you wear the most?


  1. Cute photos!The choker is absolutely adorable.

  2. I love the choker! I have a few staple items. My black skirts, that come to just above the knee, are probably my most worn. They go with so many of my tops and work for so many different occasions.

  3. I have to tell you – I love you with a lighter lip color like this! Don't know why since I LOVE the dramatic – but you look super sweet with this shade of lipstick!

  4. OMG! That cami is to DIE FOR!!! I love the pink and the layers of ruching! It looks absolutely fabulous with the sweater. Nice textural effect! I really like the last photo — very sassy! 😉

  5. I always think of red nail polish as a neutral that can be worn with anything, but that is probably somewhat illegitimate.Also, that choker is gorgeous, and I love the first photo at is looks ever so slightly as if you are wielding a very pretty spear.

  6. My staple items this summer have been my tiered knee length skirt, but during the winter my most worn item is my long black skirt.

  7. Mary, all the ruching does make me sassy. ;-DSal, thank you!Julianne, I love skirts that hit just above the knee. They are truly versatile, and more comfortable than shorter lengths, I think. And they don't get stuck under the office chair wheels like maxi skirts. ;)GothBarbie, thanks! This is one of my typical colors to wear to work. I'm very glad to know it "works" on me! :)Sabayon, I think you are right about the red polish. Especially paired with a matching lip color. It's just that once I get an idea in my head, I sometimes can't get past it and it becomes a quirk! :-DKitty, the artisan is Midnighte Moon, but I see that they currently have nothing available on eBay. 🙁 You could try making one. Do a Google for "Venetian Lace Applique" and you should find the lace parts pretty cheap. Then just sew on some pretties and add a clasp in back!MissGracie, good choices! Tiered skirts are such a Goth classic, and knee-length is not only perfect for summer but allows the fishnets, boots or other Gothiness to show! 🙂

  8. Your bell-sleeve shrug is wonderful. The choker is lovely too 🙂

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