Skin Care, the VictorianKitty Way

The other day, a reader asked me about my skin care routine. Since I have had years of practice caring for sensitive skin, I thought I would share my routine with everyone.

First off: about my skin. I battled bad breakouts until I was around 30. Now that I have fewer (and much less severe) breakouts I only cleanse my face once per day, in the evening. I live in the desert so my skin stays quite dry, eliminating the need to wash my face when I wake up in the morning. Also, since it is such a dry climate, I re-moisturize in the middle of the day most days. If you have blemish-prone skin or live in a humid climate, you’ll want to cleanse more often than I do. All of the products I have listed are excellent for blemish-prone skin, as they are light and fragrance free. They are also great for extremely dry skin and aging skin, which are currently my main concerns.

I’m providing links to each of the products I use, but be aware that I did not look around for the best prices on each of these (I buy most of them locally, not online). You might want to shop around if you consider purchasing any of these items.

Daily Morning Routine

Daily Mid-Day Routine

Daily Evening Routine

Special Treatments

  • When my face is very dry, I steam it for 5-8 minutes using Conair Facial Sauna  once a day for a couple of days.  Be careful any time you use steam in your beauty regimen!
  • Apply a 35% Glycolic Acid Peel monthly, and occasionally weekly for a month (no one under 30 needs this). Please see my comments about chemical peels below! **
  • Sleep with Frownies on 2-3 times per week to help miminize the lines between my eyebrows.
  • Apply Neutrogena SPF 100 Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block on face, neck, shoulders, arms, and back when I will be out in the sun for any length of time. If temperature is not too insanely high, I will wear a lightweight long-sleeve shrug or just sleeves or long gloves to protect my arms and the back of my hands from age spots.

* Coconut oil not only removes makeup better than any commercial makeup remover I have used, it also is all-natural and moisturizes the skin. I also use coconut oil as a shaving oil for my legs.

** 35% Glycolic Acid is considered an entry-level professional peel. If you purchase it for home use, please exercise caution until you are certain how your skin will react. Do a small spot test, following the instructions on the product carefully, and then wait 24 hours before applying to your entire face. I leave mine on for 10 minutes and experience a mild tingling and have no redness at all after the fact, but your results may vary!!! Peels like this do not result in any visible “peeling” so you will not have any healing time (everything that is peeled off is microscopic) but you should avoid sun for 24 hours after each treatment.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different and there is no guarantee that what works for me will work for you… But I have used all of these products for a long time, and I quite delighted with the current state of my skin.

Do you have any special skin care tips you’d like to share?


  1. Over the last couple of years my skin has gone into extreme dry/sensitive/complicated territory, despite living in a highly humid climate. You brought up several things I've never tried, nor would have thought of trying. Thanks! I'm glad I hadn't made it by the drugstore yet. =)

  2. I have the most schizophrenic skin known to man. One week it's dry and broken out, the next week it's perfectly normal without any issues whatsoever, the next week it's an oil slick…I'm going to go ahead and blame our equally-confused weather. I will say, though, that wearing powdered foundation is one of the best things I had ever done for my skin. I used to wear Bare Escentuals, but the colour match was bad–Fair is a bit too "pink" for me. Meow Cosmetics makes a perfect match for me, and they don't have bismuth oxichloride, which also irritates my skin.Another great move by me was the Clarisonic brush. I remove my makeup each night (I use jojoba oil since it's so near to human sebum) and yet I STILL find oodles of makeup on the brush after I'm done washing. Pretty amazing.

  3. Thanks for the tip about the FROWNIES! I wake up with deep lines every morning – i must scowl in my sleep! These are probably the perfect item to ward off a future permanent scowl!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'll be 32 in October and starting to pay more attention to the quality of my skin. My skin has never been a major issue, but when I was younger oiliness and breakouts were my main concerns. Now some of the products I used to use are becoming too harsh. I'm also noticing the beginnings of a few fine lines and a difference in tone and texture. I'll be trying out some of these products soon.

  5. Traicetrak, skin is complicated because it keeps changing over the years! Seems like just when we get the hang of how to take care of us it decides to change the rules. I hope some of my products will help you achieve the results you are looking for. It's such a shot in the dark, since everyone is different!Luna, your skin sounds particularly challenging! For what it's worth, your face always looks amazing on your blog. I agree that the powdered foundation is the way to go! I couldn't stand to wear foundation before finding that stuff. Sometime I need to try other brands. I've only used Bare Escentuals so far. Thanks for the tip on the Clarisonic brush! I think I have to try that, next time I am ready to treat myself to something.BettyZade, I do believe I've heard you bragging about your perfect skin before… ;-D Cetaphil is the best. And excellent point about a good diet! I didn't think to add that to my article, but no doubt my healthy eating habit has a very positive effect on my skin.gothBarbie, I really love Frownies. They are not an miracle solution, but definitely make a noticeable difference with regular use. Thankfully, my husband doesn't laugh too much at me for wearing them to bed… But sometimes I have dreams that I go all day at work not realizing I still have one on. lol!je9601, for me doing regular exfoliation has been the biggest help in terms of texture. if you don't want to buy ground pumice, I've read that baking soda works well too. I haven't tried it though. PS: Thanks so much for your inquiry that inspired me to write this post. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this. As someone with sensitive, acne prone skin this is very helpful. I have the lovely luck of having the kind of acne that pretty much nothing works on. It's always nice to see what other people are doing. I also appreciate your kind words today. You are right, I am fortunate to have a fashion forward hubby :).

  7. I feel a bit like a punk commenting on this. My facial routine involves washing morning and night with Cetaphil. I moisturize with a matte day moisturizer, and then Apres Peel before bed. That's it! My skin was never too much of a problem. But I AM noticing fine lines and wrinkles taking a foothold around my eyes. Maybe time for special treatment there? And ladies, be aware that your diet will affect what your skin is doing. Eat a sensible balanced diet with a fair amount of roughage, and you will do your waistline and skin a favor!

  8. Good choice on the Neutrogena SPF 100! One of my favorites as well. I get a tan on my arms, but my face only burns/breaks out, so it is an awesome way to keep my skin in the best condition possible.I really enjoy Bare Escentuals, too; however, I do find the need to wear a primer prior to the powder or the powder gathers in my pores–not so flattering of a look.

  9. Thank you so much for your tip! I jumped over to amazon and read that they ship abroad :)/Therese

  10. Wow, this is one mother of a skin routine! I never heard of Frownies or a home acid peel, but will look into it for sure.I also have sensitive skin and basically try to use only natural products like witch hazel, tea-tree oil, rose-hip oil and face washes purchased strictly at health food shops, and completely stay away from anything in a drugstore; they almost always mess up my skin.

  11. I'm so glad you mentioned Frownies. I've heard of them (apparently they're not new; Holywood stars of yesteryear used them) but I was skeptical. I'm off to try them now. Thanks!

  12. I've used and still use coconut oil for my makeup removal magic. It also does a great job for a hair mask, I leave it on the tips of my locks for 30 minutes then wash out in my normal hair care routine and BAM! Awesome shiny, soft hair.

  13. Didn't really have a problem with raging zits when I was a teenager in the '70s, but now that I have entered another …delicate… age, I have developed pre-rosacea. My skin reacts VIOLENTLY to a lot of the synthetic artificial ingredients, so the only moisturizer I use is pure extra-virgin olive oil. I am in Tennessee (heat, humidity, ozone) and my skin goes crazy when the ozone/pollution/heat goes up. Thank you for the coconut oil tip.

  14. Marian, I hear you about the "delicate" age!! My skin has been changing a lot lately… Drier, because of age and living in the desert. :/ I might give the olive oil a try, as sometimes my coconut oil doesn't seem to do the trick in the evenings after spending all day in a VERY dry office environment (unless I slather it on until I'm dripping, which is fairly impractical).

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