Yes, More Grey

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This grey top was on sale at Forever 21 for like $6. Awesome deal! I thought I would love it more with these pants…  I like the combo, but I think next time I’ll pair it with a black pencil skirt. And it would help if I didn’t let the edge of the belt flap around loose.  🙂  I had some Fashion Tape holding it down, but it gave out throughout the day. That’s what happens when I take my photographs after 11 hours at work, instead of before heading out in the morning!

I absolutely love this necklace from New York & Company, even though the beads are plastic. It’s a fine line with plastic beads; sometimes the work (usually they don’t) and I think they work here. I do plan to shorten the necklace a bit, as it is ridiculously long on my little 5′ 3″ body.

What kind of accessories do you prefer: petite and delicate, or chunky “statement” pieces?


  1. Hey! I love that top you're wearing. Though i have to admit, I love turtlenecks and turtleneck-like tops especially with little puffed, bell sleeves 😉 And I really like your necklace too, even more so with that pretty flower-like accent.I have to say that I prefer necklaces with skinny chains and large, "chunky" pieces on them, but usually more dainty pieces for around my neck while I prefer chunkier pieces for my wrists. I also prefer more delicate rings or only 1 chunky ring. I can't really say I would only prefer one though. It always depends on the outfit as a whole in my opinion. I always pick my jewelry last. :)-Kelli <3

  2. Great outfit! And definetely something I could wear at work, too. Would you mind me copying???It really depends on my mood (and my state of haste in the morning) which accessories I choose.Most important to me is which watch matches which outfit. I've many different watches to pick from.

  3. I have two turtlenecks: one black and one grey.I have to say that grey is definitely one of your more flattering colors! :-D@GlumPlum: I also choose my jewelry last. I'm not a huge fan of gems (fake or real), but I love silver/metallic rings. Serpentine rings, coiled rings, spider rings, skull rings, spikey rings ..

  4. I love the puffed sleeves. I agree with you on the necklace. This one really pares well with grey. I wish I could pull off this color. You look lovely as usual.

  5. You look very professional.I never mind if beads are glass or plastic so long as I like the design!

  6. You look so good in grey. I know what you mean about plastic beads, they can look cheap very easily, but can also look fantastic. I generally prefer chunky jewellery as it's just more visible but I do have some daintier pieces which are better for wearing to work.

  7. I love the way this turtleneck is gathered in the sleeves and neck, creating a more feminine and soft look. And the longer length really compliments the looser leg pant. Very, very beautiful and, I bet, extremely comfortable.Gorgeous necklace! Big, bold pieces are the way to go for me. For me, wearing black and dark colors are like donning a blank canvas that needs to be painted on with gorgeous, chunky statement pieces. Sure, there are times that the cut of the clothing or the embellishments like lace are the main focal point. But a nice soft grey top like yours just screams for a statement piece.

  8. I love grey, and I think the top looks really nice with that combination. I like the bracelet detail n_n. Sometimes we can find good items in plastic :D.

  9. I love everything about this outfit!I just purchased a long beaded necklace that is so heavy it hurts my neck. Wish the beads were a lightweight plastic of some kind!

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