Monthly Blog Round-Up for July

Continuing my new monthly Blogger Appreciation posts, here are some of my favorites from July (in no particular order).

  • Hexotica has been totally wowing us lately with her newest creations; especially her breathtaking Bridal Tiaras.  If you see Gothy wedding bells in your near future, you absolutely have to have one of these.  If not, how about her equally gorgeous Victorian Spats?
  • Check out this incredibly cute DIY project by Gothically Yours: A Moss Terrarium
  • Flummoxed shared an excerpt from this article regarding some interesting Myths About Introverts (originally by Carl King).  I am one, and I can attest that these myths are definitely just that, and the truths revealed in the article are pretty much spot-on!  I highly recommend the book that inspired this article: The Introvert Advantage.
  • Siouxsie Law shared the Facebook page for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. I second her sentiments; you simply must check out their page and “like” it to show support for this wonderful organization. She also provides a link for more information if you are not already familiar with Sophie’s story and the mission of the foundation. 
  • Neverending Playlist of a Psycho composed a very well thought-out article on blog marketing, including some excellent tips on adding value to your comments. 
  • Last but not least, Kitty Lovett of Bloggery of a Gothcat has announced her plan to dress in Victorian fashion every day throughout 2012!  While I wouldn’t be able to commit to join her in such an undertaking, I am hoping many of you will so I can watch from the sidelines.  I plan to do several Victorian themed posts in tribute to Kitty’s dedication through the year.


  1. I read the whole list about introverts and everything was describing me. Maybe I should show this list to my partner who sometimes have problem with the way I am. One of the problem is that I usually don't answer on a question if I read or is busy with something. My youngest son is even worse 🙂 /Therese

  2. Hello there, I couldn't really find any posts that were relevant to my questions, so I hope it's okay I'm posting it here.^^I'm in the process of doing a post about Goths' relationships with siblings, and I was wondering if you had any? If so, I would love to interview you via email if you're interested. Thanks!Sincerely, Boots.

  3. Hi, Boots! Yes, I qualify and I would love to participate. I sent you an e-mail. Hope you got it!

  4. linnea-maria, I felt the same way. Everything on the list fit me! The book has an excellent section on relationships and dealing with people who think there is something "wrong" with introverts. You might want to check it out – The Introvert Advantage.

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