Ivory and Black Lace

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I’ve been trying not to buy much clothing lately, but I had an Amazon reward card and there really wasn’t anything I was dying to use it on… Then I found that Spiegel was offering this tiered lace skirt on Amazon, so this was the perfect use for my card! I’m a bit disappointed in the quality of the lace. It’s a very lightweight stretch lace, which means the little elastic threads in it will start to fray in no time… Good thing I got this skirt practically for free! It will be a lovely and romantic (albeit short-term) part of my wardrobe while it lasts.

I adore this top, but can’t remember where I got it. Usually I have a pretty photographic memory for such things, but sometimes I forget. And I have to cut the tags out of almost everything I buy, as they usually irritate my skin. Anyway, wherever it came from, I think this top pairs beautifully with the skirt to create a perfect Romanti-Corp-Goth look for work.


  1. Beautiful! ^^I like this outfit and I love the mixed black and white ^^

  2. What a pretty top! As I've probably mentioned before, I love the romantic quality to so many of your outfits.I remove tags too… 🙂

  3. That is quite an amazing look!

  4. What a pretty top. I agree, it is perfect for the office. I'm happy you are inspired by my attempt at growing something. I'm do not consider myself to especially inspiring, so it is nice to know that I did something that someone else finds helpful :).

  5. That's a great outfit! I love mixing the combo of ivory and black. That is a lovely skirt, but how weird to make a skirt out of thin stretch lace. I thought that was usually reserved for lingerie. You could probably preserve it by hand-washing or at least line drying it, since i think it is the heat from dryers that is supposed to make elastic give out. Of course, it may not be worth the trouble to you 🙂

  6. Gorgeous outfit. I love your taste in tops!

  7. I love the skirt and how it looks so well with the ivory top. The cameo is the perfect detail!

  8. Bathory Doll, isn't it such an elegant combination? I ignored white for far too long… :)Tenebris, lol!Joy, there are a bunch of "sub-styles" of Goth that have been labeled over the years, and I have always fallen more into the "Romanti-Goth" than any other. Although I do find the labels and sub-labels a bit silly after a point, they sometimes do say it all. :)CookingChinchillas, thanks!Sunduri Das, I think the most satisfying aspect of blogging is sharing inspiration!Sabayon, good suggestions. I do line-dry just about everything I own (except socks, lol!). I think you are right; this skirt calls for hand-washing as well!!Hexotica, thanks! I have dozens of tops, and some are better than others. I'm just obsessed with buying cute tops!Madame Macabre, I thought the cameo with the ivory top was a nice combination, too. Classic and classic. 🙂

  9. Love everything! Very pretty!XO CarrieWww.carriefabulos.com

  10. Eee, you look fabulous here. The lace tie on the ivory top is absolutely gorgeous. Is the black flower a fabric corsage pin or intrinsic?nLovely outfit 🙂

  11. xxcellocatxx, the fabric flower is a hair clip/pin. Ooh,"iIntrinsic" is a cool word that I never think to use (sorry, I am a vocabulary nut sometimes!). ;-D

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