Red & Black Week: Velvet!

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Here’s a fabric I don’t wear too often, thanks to the presence of four hairy felines in my household. Velvet! Okay, this is just inexpensive crushed stretch velvet, but to me that’s the most comfortable kind. I’m not a fan of heavy fabrics, although I do have a couple of “nice” velvet pieces that you’ll see eventually.

In my opinion, this dress embodies the term that Jamie used recently, “Insta-Goth.” No creativity involved; just pull it out of the “How to Be Goth” Catalog and you’re done. 😉 As you might have gathered from yesterday’s post, it’s not one of my favorite dresses for that reason… Still, it’s perfect for those days when I’m just not feeling creative but want something prettier than just a t-shirt. It’s cute, comfortable, and did I mention, Velvet! 🙂 I’ve had this dress for at least 15 years, but hadn’t worn it in quite a while. I decided that it would be a wonderful outfit for hanging out around the house. Now I am determined to commit myself to getting more use out of it!

Sitting on the floor, because Comfy Dress calls for it!

I made the matching gloves myself, as one of my very first sewing projects shortly after buying the dress. At that time, I felt that the gloves simply had to match the outfit perfectly. These days, I think I would prefer this dress with plain black gloves, or maybe none at all. But it was nice to pull out one of my old homemade pieces to enjoy again.

What is the oldest piece of Goth clothing in your wardrobe?

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  1. Lovely dress! I am not a huge fan of velvet,because it makes me feel itchy.But this dress looks stunning on you my dear!

  2. You look stunning! The photos are fabulous. I love your hair and eyes especially – the color of the dress really is becoming on you. So pretty.

  3. If you're bringing out the velvet in this post, I'm dying to see what you're going to do for Friday!

  4. What a lovely dress. It looks really good on you. I do like the gloves, too – tutorial??? ;)The oldest piece of Goth Clothing I still own? An original chapeau claque (top-hat) which is probably around 100 yrs old.

  5. oooh..velvet! ♥ i love that dress!

  6. Wow, I'm starting to feel embarrased for not owning a top hat! 🙂 You both have truly vintage pieces, no less. How cool!CookingChinchillas, I know how you feel, as I can't wear wool for the same reason. :(Joy, thank you! I think the white backdrop really adds some magic to these photos!Tenebris, tomorrow's post is a club outfit, and I'm quite delighted for how it turned out. Wait and see!! 😀 I'm looking forward to you grand finale, too.BallerinaDark, velvet is the best! I jyst wish it didn't collect so much cat hair. 🙁

  7. My oldest piece of "Goth" clothing is a plain black tank top I had in 7th grade when I first started dressing differently. I just wear it to sleep in now, because it is very unflattering as regular clothing, lol.

  8. My oldest piece? A vintage dress that my mum bought when she was in her 20s. ^^

  9. @Someone: Help the German! Why is a top-hat a jinx? Or jinxed? I don't get the deeper meaning – unless you just mean what you say. *lol*(my English is a little rusty… I might not understand metaphors and the like^^)

  10. MissGracie, it's awesome that you are still getting use out of it! And the memories are always still there. I still wear my first Bauhaus t-shirt to bed sometimes!Ultimate Goth Guide, that is so cool! I hope we'll get to see that dress on your blog sometime.Sal, "Jinx" is a US thing that we say when two people say the same thing at the same time. When I was a teen, it was "You owe me a Coke." I don't know why… 😀 My husband and I are always saying the same thing at the same time and he had never heard either version, being from Canada. Sometimes he still says "Huh?" when I tell him he owes me a Coke. lol!

  11. I adore your velvet dress and gauntlets! I love the dark fantasy look of medieval-looking pieces.Oldest piece of goth clothing? I'm not sure, but I've had my laceup fingerless mesh gloves for years and I still love them. They're from Hot Topic, no less.

  12. I'm not a particular fan of this kind of velvet, but I must say you really pull it off! I should try to make myself some gloves too, as soon as I have time! Definately an inspiration!

  13. What a lovely dress! It suits you perfectly. I could really not say wich piece that is the oldest one in my wardrobe, being goth since I was 13 and now Im 37 and never throw clothes away, well usually not. I have a black 40's dress with pencil skirt that is nice, that one is old. Otherwise I have my bolero jackets one purple and one black I sew when I was 14. Whishing you a nice weekend /Therese

  14. Lovely dress! Alas, it's getting too warm for velvet where I live.Not sure what my oldest gothy item is… I have some vintage jewelry & clothing, but the thing I've personally owned the longest is probably a Cure T-shirt from a concert I saw in the '80s 🙂

  15. Oh, I love the crushed velvet of this dress! It's so beautiful and it looks amazing on you 🙂 I wish I could say I have some ancient, Goth relic but alas, I'm still young and have not accumulated some extraordinary pieces. Though I do have a necklaces with silver skeleton hands and a silver cross that dangles from them that has a purple jewel on it. It's about 4 years old now and I love it.-Kelli <3

  16. I love the dress. But, I especially love the gloves. Velvet seems like a difficult fabric to work with; I would love to hear how you made them. The cameo/choker might be my favorite part of this outfit though. Stunning. Excited to see your club outfit.

  17. The oldest piece of gothy-wear I own is probably my genuine Victorian beaver-hair top hat. It was already about 100 years old when I bought it, and well, I bought it in 1980 or 1981…I no longer have the Victorian-style blouses and skirts I used to wear it with, which at that time I would get at a boutique specializing in items from India. My favorite outfits from there were all-black or all-white.

  18. @Sal Kaye: jinx! LOL!

  19. OMG YOU QUOTED ME! I feel so honored! *blushes gratefully* I loooove this dress-it's gorgeous, "Insta-Goth" or not, and you pull it off so well. I know a lot of people trash stretch velvet, but I love it-it's super comfy and, used in elegant and classic styles like this dress, it can be sooo pretty!

  20. DuskRose, I could see you in a dress like this, too! And fingerless mesh gloves are timeless, even if they are from Hot Topic. ;)Corin, gloves and shrugs are my sewing specialties. Anything that requires more than three passes through the sewing machine blows my mind a little. ;-Dlinnea-maria, we're the same age and have been Goth for almost the same amount of years. 🙂 I *love* 40s style dresses. So classy, sleek and feminine! If I wasn't Goth, my *whole* wardrobe would be Stop Staring!Trystan, that's officially the fourth reference to The Cure this week. Red & Black Week loves Robert Smith!! :)GlumPlum, thank you. 🙂 And you will accumulate tons of great stuff over the years. That necklace sounds lovely. Feature it in a blog post soon, maybe?SiouxsieL, I neglected to talk about the necklace in my post because I felt bad that I can't remember what seller I bought it from on eBay!! It was too long ago to go back and find it in my purchase history. But it was from eBay. 🙂 The seller had lots of stunning designs in the same vein.BettyZade, I know… I am a bad, bad fashion blogger!! I don't know what came over me!Jamie, but of course! I think you coined that phrase like the day before I wrote this post, so it was too perfect. 🙂

  21. @Sal Kaye:Miss 'Kitty has explained it – you and I were simply posting at the same time. I hadn't realized you were German, which I know now…so entschuldigen Sie mir bitte! 🙂

  22. I love this dress, the colours are awesome. Very lovely 🙂

  23. LOVE top-hats. They're incredibly sexy on men or women. You made one glaring error today, Victorian Kitty: No close-up of that amazing necklace! Otherwise, perfect as usual. The dress reminded me of a similar buy at Hot Topic many years ago. "Insta-Goth", but beautiful and comfortable, to boot!

  24. Ignore the vast amount of cat in my post. I have a cold, so there's a black-and-red theme going on on my face right now (seriously. I have a bright red nose. Wtf?) and decided not to put you all through that horror of the red leakiness.

  25. This dress looks beautiful on you! It may be insta-Goth, but it's good insta-Goth.I'm another vintage hat owner – I've got a grey and black 1950s hat that will be appearing in my (one and only – I don't have much red stuff!) red and black week post.Oldest yet gothiest item I own would probably be this green and black lacy top I got when I was 17. It's still in quite good condition, but then I don't think I've worn it for about four years!

  26. I love that dress! It can be so hard to wear really recognizably goth pieces without looking costume-y, but you pull it off beautifully.

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