Red & Black Week: The Grand Finale

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I’ve truly been enjoying Red & Black Week. I really appreciate all of the wonderful contributions that have been made by my readers! I want you to know that I have read each and every post and will be sure to comment on them all. I haven’t had time to reply to all of your nice comments on my posts, but I do deeply appreciate them. Thank you all for making this a fabulous week!!

As my grand finale for the week, I present to you a club outfit featuring my very favorite necklace. Think you’ve seen it here before? Not quite. 🙂 I actually have a black one that is identical, whereas this one is deep crimson. Both are incredibly well made from glass beads, and both were purchased at Necromance on Melrose Blvd several years ago.

You might also recognize this corset. This is a Frederick’s piece. I have to say; I don’t even consider Frederick’s corsets to be worthy of the term “corset” since they all have plastic boning. They absolutely cannot be used for waist reduction at all. When cinched, plastic boning will just bend, bulge and warp, getting worse and worse the longer it is worn. The only way I achieved this lovely silhouette was by wearing a Gallery Serpentine underbust corset beneath the Frederick’s corset.

So why do I own it if it’s not good quality? I have purchased this particular style in three colors because it is a VERY inexpensive way to add variety to one’s wardrobe. I can only buy so many high-quality steel-boned corsets at $200 apiece! Plus there are certain colors that I don’t wear often enough to warrant such an investment, but would like to have available when the urge strikes. And the lovely lace trim along the top edge is just too pretty to resist! Rest assured I wouldn’t be caught dead (although that would be SO Goth) wearing these “corsets” without a good steel corset underneath to give it structure.

The long pencil skirt is from Newport News. It has a cute v-shaped yoke in the front, but I found the rest of the skirt to be a bit boring. So I added a sheer drapey piece down the front, some embroidered trim along the yoke and a satin rose in the center. Now it makes me feel pretty.

Did everyone enjoy Red & Black Week? Now show me you grand finales!

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  1. Absolutely smoldering, darling. I'll hopefully be able to post a belated one on Sunday, or maybe tomorrow, if I end up doing something. As much as I love red, I can't seem to find much. Except for my ridiculous red shoes (they're huge, chunky red platforms with bows on. so ridiculous. so amazing). My docs are technically cherry red, i suppose. :PDo more of these! 😀

  2. Also: would you be so kind as to tell me which GS corset you are wearing? I'm considering a new one.

  3. Goodness, I wish I had money for a corset! I've tried making one — two attempts — but it's tough. I might need to actually look for patterns to use rather than winging it.

  4. Well, you're right. Some plastic boned corsets are really nice to look at and just have. But I like your way of giving it better shape. I'll remember that.

  5. Kitty, I do have other theme ideas that I will be announcing once the Red & Black Week euphoria has subsided! 😀 Oh, and I answered your corset question over on your blog.Tenebris, good corsets are a quality investment. Save up a little here and there and wait for the exchange rates to be in your favor, and you'll get one eventually! I've never attempted making one, but there are lots of patterns out there.Maeam, yes, the price and beauty are hard to resist sometimes!! ;-D

  6. That necklace is indeed very fabulous. I also adore the swag-thing on your skirt. I am currently saving up for a real proper corset, but the odd cheap bustier is nice, with proper foundations, for simulating the look in the meanwhile.

  7. This is just an absolutely lovely outfit! You look wicked 😉 I love that orset on you as the colour is just so flattering for you and that skirt is just making me boil over with envy 😉 I love it!I, as well as everyone else it seems, am also saving up for a nice corset. I hope to find one that flatters my figure as well as your's flatters your figure :)I loved this event and can't wait to hear about any other ideas you have. I'm game for another one of these events 😉 This was a lovely week!!-Kelli <3

  8. What a brilliant idea, doubling up on the corsets! I have a plastic boned fake corset I got in a department store, it's a little too big for me though though so I couldn't wear a proper steel boned one underneath, if I had one.One and only red and black week post coming up now I feel like I've properly delurked by reading all the posts!

  9. @ Tenebris In Lux – if I may suggest Corsets Boulevard on eBay? I've bought two high-quality corsets from them for £30 each, both steel-boned velvet. @ VictorianKitty – thanks so much for running red and black week, can't wait to see what happens next! Also – WOW! LOVE your outfit!! <3

  10. You look really beautiful 🙂 And not only outfit but the make up too.

  11. This is truly a worthy final of the Red&Black Week! You look amazing! Your make-up is really classy and mysterious. How do you make those lovely updos? They never work out this well on me. A couple of days ago I ordered a red make-up pallete of Manic Panic. I hope it will make me able to achieve a really nice red/black look. I think the end result should be somewhat comparable to the make-up you're wearing today, so I'm even more excited now. 🙂

  12. Oh, I love this! I so feel about the plastic boned corsets-unfortunately, early this year, before I knew much about corsets, I ended up kind of overpaying for some plastic-boned corsets (fortunately not by much, but still…)-and now I only wear them over my steel boned ones, because they still look pretty, but bow and warp something awful if you wear 'em on their own. This outfit is so gorgeous-especially the necklace! And I love the dramatic "pop" of the red corset against the black sleeves and skirt-tres chic! And thanks so much for doing this event-I've discovered so many amazing bloggers through it, and seen so much great creativity. 🙂

  13. I really like the drama of this look! Once again, your makeup looks especially fab – stunning outfit!

  14. This is amazing. I love the black shirt under the corset. And the last photograph is stunning. Your photography is incredible. I always find getting one's makeup to show up in photos to be so challenging. But in these you can see all the details — even in the lipstick. I love whatever shade that is. Bravo! And thanks for hosting this event, it was a lot of fun.

  15. Stunning! This is my favorite red and black post so far!

  16. Such a fitting ending! It makes me wish that Red&Black week was every week.

  17. Looks delightful!! I enjoyed red and black week. You should have it again sometime!

  18. Oh my goodness, this outfit is absolutely drool worthy. I must get a tissue! What a nice way to end the week (:

  19. I pretty much have to agree with everyone else that although plastic bone corsets aren't made for the quality, they're still really nice to have. I've always wanted a Frederick's corset, as I love the fabric and I think they still look really nice even if they don't give the traditional corset look. I really want a black one. I meant to ask for one for my birthday recently, but I instead asked for a ton of other clothing. Oh well. X-mas? ^_^;This was an interesting observation week. It really made me think about the color red and how much I really don't like wearing it. 🙂 I know, it demeans the whole point (especially since my ma thinks I look good in red), but the thing is is that I like seeing OTHER people wear red, so it pays off. :DDo a green and black week next!

  20. Don't Gallery Serpentine use polypropylene boning unless you state you want steel boning on the website? I got mine from the store in Sydney and I think it's polypropylene. Gorgeous outfit, once again 🙂

  21. TERRIFIC! Just wonderful, the red tone is beautiful, and the red choker looks so good with the corset and the black skirt. I love everything from the look!

  22. You really are the living incarnation of Morticia Addams. I'm jealous. 😉 Congrats on the success of Red and Black week!

  23. Thank you, everyone, for your nice comments! This was my favorite out of my six outfits for the week. :)Phoenix, you are correct. I always select steel boning for my Gallery Serpentine corsets, but I had forgotten that by default they use plastic. Kinda disappointing, since they are such nice quality otherwise. But I think it's only an extra $15 for the steel.SiouxieL, the trick to my photography is a semi-pro lighting setup. It's rather low-end as studio lighting goes, but much better than "found" lighting. 🙂 My lipstick in this one is just black eyeliner blended with L'Oreal HiP gloss in red.Corin, my updos are all hairpieces, like this: 😀 I am no good at styling, so I buy false chignons and then just stick them on top of a bun. These work well for me because my hair is relatively thin, so it's not very bulky when I wrap it into a bun. The chignon is dome-shaped underneath to house the natural hair.

  24. Waowaowowowow~ the showstopper, amazing amazing~! Truly no more splendid a way to round out your wonderful themed week.I must say, all the combinations of the week have all had a very majestic feel to your overall appearance. Will this become an annual thing~? Maybe semi-annual? I'll look forward to it again if so~

  25. Sir Isaak, yes it appears that this will be an annual event! I'll keep doing it each June as long as it gets a decent response. 🙂

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