Tutorial – Black Star Sparkle Nails

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To my great delight, I have gone back to acrylic nails. I love long, nicely painted nails and just can’t achieve this naturally. I also like to have a little fun with polish combinations, rhinestones and other nail art.

Recently I played around with these cool plastic stars (as seen in one of my Club outfit posts), which I bought ages ago but decided not to bother with on my natural nails.

Here are the products I used:

  • China Glaze Polish in “Avalanche” (a purple-grey shimmery color)
  • Orly Nail Lacquer in “Tiara” (silver glitter in clear polish)
  • Nail Art black holographic stars (purchased from Sally Beauty Supply)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat

First, I applied two coats of the China Glaze “Avalanche.”

Next, I used a thin coat of the Orly “Tiara.” I didn’t want too much glitter, because I was hoping to let some of the purple-grey underneath show through.

The End Result

Now you have to act fast. I applied the stars while the silver glitter polish was still wet. I painted one nail at a time, and then applied the stars to that nail before moving on to paint the next. Star application definitely requires the use of tweezers. I do hope you have more steady hands than I do!!

Finally comes the Top Coat. I applied a thick layer (this stuff dries fast, even if you use a heavy hand). The stars are plastic and quite stiff, so they don’t conform to the curve of the nail very well. I found that the corners of some of the stars were still not totally encased in clear after the first coat, so I applied rather thick globs on top of each batch of stars, rather than re-coating the whole nail. This polish flows nicely, so once it dried the big glob blended it fairly well… Next time, I would do it the other way around (big glob first, then thick coat over whole nail) to get a smoother end result.


  1. Love the nails. I almost asked about them based on your last photos. They look super metallic.

  2. Synchronicity! Been trying to find someone to do my nails at all the different salons today. Good thing Prom is tomorrow, and they were all booked. I was squeamish at the prices. (I'm such a tightwad) Might as well stay home and do it the Victorian Kitty way! Looks great.snarkandire.blogspot.com

  3. I adore this! Thanks so much <3

  4. SiouxieL, thanks! :)BettyZade, I get my acrylics applied at the salon but tell them to leave them bare so I can have fun with the artsy part. It always confuses them, and they always try to change my mind. And they don't give me a discount, sadly. :(UltimateGothGuide, awesome! 🙂

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