Retro Industrial Dance; Take Two

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Firstly, a big thank you for more award nominations! Il Ruinante Sir Isaak of Visual Aristokei Core and Duskrose Dreaming of The Midnight Ballroom have also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. And Sada of Dressology HQ awarded me the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks so much, Sada, Sir Isaak and Duskrose Dreaming!

And now, on to the Gothy fashion!

We decided not to hold a grudge against the Retro Industrial Dance club that failed us so miserably on April Fool’s night, as described in my previous post, Good Outfit, Bad DJs.  We had attended this club once before that shameful night and quite enjoyed it, so we considered this trip the tie-breaker.  To our great delight, they actually played Retro Industrial Dance music.  And so we danced.

I tried to do my eye make-up a little bit differently this time, so my readers don’t get bored. I used a shimmery magenta by Ben Nye in the crease, and black on the entire lower lid. I also finally perfected the application of some fabulous false lashes, but I forgot to add mascara until after I finished the photos. So you can hardly tell I have lashes at all, except in the second photo below.

I also got a bit fancy with my nails, since I finally went back to acrylics.  I can never get polish to stick to my natural nails for more than two hours (I’ve tried every trick and outrageously expensive product in the book!)…  But thanks to Perseus’ several surgeries as discussed in this post, I gave up acrylics about a year ago to save some money.  I am SO glad to have them back!  Now the creativity can begin.

Anyone want a tutorial on this nail design? 😉


  1. Oh wow, that's a stunning outfit. I have lace-up boots myself, I call them my hooker boots. I love your little treasure chest handbag purse thing.And the answer to every question is "kittens". I swear.

  2. Very lovely eye makeup – I think red eyeshadows are so gorgeous when properly applied. I'm afraid a nail tutorial would be wasted on me – I keep mine quite short – but it would still be an interesting read. 🙂

  3. Forgetting to put on mascara is the worst, good thing you noticed it. One time I was driven to work (cause I still don't have my American license…) and before getting out of the car I looked in the mirror to check my make up. Something looked off.. it wasn't until my first break where I noticed I forgot to apply mascara. I have really light lashes so it looked really weird, too. Haha.I love that little bag, too, by the way. I think I mentioned it before, but it's adorable!

  4. Ohhhh, oh oh~! Oh wow~! It's so lovely~! As I was looking at the first picture, besides the eyelet amazingness of your boots and corset combo top [aah?! impromptu naming?!], because of your upper arm warmers, this outfit to me feels a little cyber too. That may or may not have been intentional, but alls to say, it looks great.Ahhh, I'm sorry you have to go with acrylic nails. I've only worn them once or twice myself, but they were such horrors to remove I am skeptical to don them again. Fortunately I have a steady hand to paint, and nails that are good to me in length. Yours turned out stunning all the same, a tutorial would be great as far as the design~

  5. The outfit is stunning my dear.The nails look great too.But the make up is the best part of this look.

  6. Love the outfit. And I have the same purse!

  7. That top is really cute with that skirt! I love your nails, you should definitely do a tutorial.

  8. The utterly gorgeous model helps everything look better.

  9. Thanks, Kitty! Glad you like it. 🙂 Regarding the boots, isn't it awesome that us Gothy girls have an opportunity to debunk the cultural misconception that truly sexy things are only for immoral women! :)Becky, Ben Nye makes the best colors for eye makeup. I stuck to just black and white until I discovered their irresistible palette!Katie, I've done that with various makeup elements. I finally started carrying tiny containers of just about everything in my purse (at least for long work days). And I have a desk drawer jamb-packed with personal items (deodorant, toothpaste…) because you just never know! If I ever die suddenly and someone has to clean out my desk, they will truly think I was insane. ;)Sir Isaak, good eye on the "cyber" two-piece arm warmers. I initially made them like that to reveal my forearm tattoo, but wearing them to the Industrial club was indeed an intentional effort to de-Victorianize my look. I always try to put a spin on my attire to suit the venue/music of each club.CookingChinchillas, thanks! Maybe I should bring out the magenta shadow more often.Ms. Lou, that's too cool! My husband bought me that little purse while we were shopping together on our one-day honeymoon, so it's full of wonderful memories (and lipstick).Zellain, consider it done. ;)High Arka, thank you! You are making me blush, but I love it! ;-D Welcome to my blog.

  10. AMAZING outfit, you look fantastic!

  11. Absolutely cool! new to Your blog but considered to be an eldergoth also, I am going to be a frequent reader:)

  12. I am also fond of acrylics for exactly the same reason. My manicures would last three weeks and only have to be refreshed because my nail grew. It got too expensive for me to keep up with, too, so I did my own at home for a while. But then it was just a time and energy issue. I miss them. I like the pinkier tones your makeup is pulling out. Perfect for evening/clubbing.

  13. Phoenix, thank you!Dirgesinger, welcome to my blog! I love your name. :)alicatstrut, I admire people who have the skills to do their own acrylics! I tried it twice but it took me over two hours (lots of "fixing" to do after I finally got them on!). All I can handle is fixing a broken one, at most.

  14. Loving your nails, makeup, handbag (I want it) and of course your outfit..Love it all.Come visit my blog I have a surprise for you.XoXo

  15. you look amazing! Makeup/hair/nails! Id love to dress like this and hit the clubs… we dont really have any clubs like that where i live!

  16. Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle, thanks for the award! I added all of my awards (with links to the blogger who gave them to me) in the right column of my blog. :)Jessica, no Goth clubs? And I thought Ireland was perfect!! 😉

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