Rule-Breaking Monday: Animal Print at Work

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I normally am not into animal print. But when I saw several pieces at New York & Co. in black, white and gray, I felt pretty fuzzy inside because they reminded me of my two favorite kitties, Perseus and Prometheus. I really like that this print is a bit abstract, so I don’t feel so much like I’m trying to imitate any one particular animal. It has a bit of leopard and a bit of tiger and maybe even a bit of duck-billed platypus… Okay, forgive the bad humor: it’s Monday, and it’s early!!

I would like to say that I wore minimal accessories today for some profound reason, such as to let the print shine… But truthfully I was just running late and didn’t want to mix up my priorities again so soon (as I did in this post). So I opted for just these simple bracelets and for getting to work on time.

A Close-Up of Today’s Shoes

Between the animalesque print, the super-flattering fit of this top and the strappy (and tall) heels, I feel a bit on the sexy side for work. But I guess that’s what rule breaking is all about!

What is your favorite color/style of animal print? Or do you not dig it at all?

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  1. I LOVE animal prints! Big kitties: leopard and tiger, giraffe, zebra, snake! Even pony hair print! Wearing it is a declaration of my love for all animals, they are exquisite creatures for sure! We are lucky to live among them! I love that top, I may need to be a copy cat and hit up NYCO! You look hot!

  2. I like animal print in bright neon colors, but not on me 😛 You always look so lovely.

  3. I love giraffe print, especially in decor. (And I did just wear that weird cow print-ish dress, haha.) But otherwise I don't have any affinity to a particular animal print. What I do specifically look for is interestingness of the print. If the print looks too repeating, too uniformly spaced, too contrived, I'm not into it. I could wear almost any animal print on silk but I feel like crazy-colored animal print on synthetic fabric is best left to people younger than me. Yours looks great and (in my opinion) tasteful enough for work while pushing the envelope just a bit.

  4. I own one pink t-shirt with a dark-blue zebra on it & a black t-shirt with zoo animals in neon colors (gift from Mr. K.)… That's about it! 😉 Does dog hair on my shirt count?^^Your shirt looks great. 🙂

  5. I'm not into animal print at all, I'm afraid. But it looks nice on you. 🙂 I also frequently mix up my priorities, though for me it's generally makeup and hair that keep me from getting to work – or anywhere else – on time.

  6. Annimal House, go for it! This top is too lovely to pass up, and they are currently having a Buy One Get One 50% Off sale on select tops!Miss Gracie, thank you. *blush* I love bright prints too, but definitely not so much for myself. :)alicatstrut, I loved your cow dress. It was nice to see an animal print outside of the usual leopard/zebra/snake norms. 😉 And you are so right; animal print has to be done in a classy way once you reach a certain level of maturity!Sal, lol! Yes, dog hair counts. I only say that because I am covered in cat hair 90% of the time.BettyZade, aww! They love you, too. ;)Becky, I totally understand! I used to go to work with no makeup (had to apply it on my morning break) until I started the blog. I'm having a tough time adjusting to the extra time needed in the mornings!

  7. Those shoes stole my heart.

  8. I love animal print! Especially leopard print. I want your shoes, they're so pretty!

  9. WooHoo…break the rules lady..looking so sexy love your skirt and the blouse is too die for.XoXo

  10. I'm a HUGE animal print fan and this is soooo sexy. I love the classic B&W and your shoes…..WOW!!!

  11. I'm not a big fan of tiger or zebra, but I love anything and everything leopard/cheetah. Shoes, tops, skirts… even pants! It's hard for me to resist once I lay eye on something with leo print.

  12. Loving that outfit on you, you make look effortless and expensive : )

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