A Resurrection

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The club confusion in Los Angeles continues, but last night we got lucky.  For the past couple of years there has been an awesome Old School Goth night once a month.  Recently it was announced that this wonderful night would come to an end in order to accommodate another club that was displaced due to a venue closing.  As it turns out, the displaced club didn’t do so well in the new venue, so the night was returned to the Goths.

My beautiful husband is a bit too tall for my current studio setup.  🙂

You get lots of pictures today, because I managed to finish getting ready early last night!

This particular club also features Death Rock, Old-School Industrial and Punk, so there was quite an interesting crowd in attendance.  I’m hoping all of the support will ensure that the club remains in existence for a good long time!

Here’s a detail of the makeup.  Pardon my funny expression; it’ll take me a bit to get used to the close-ups!  I love to use a bit of purple or magenta on the inside corner of my eyes to add some interest amongst the darkness.  Usually my eye makeup doesn’t vary much.  I have the “going out” look and the “work” look and those hardly change.  I’ll try to mix it up a bit so the blog stays interesting.

Lips tend to change more often.  Sometimes I just go with a deep eggplant, sometimes true red, sometimes just a dark gloss, but most often this burgundy with black outline.  This is my favorite club look for lips.

The fabulous fishtail skirt was a fortuitous find from Newport News.  The corset is Gallery Serpentine, of course.  Everything else is from random mall stores, except the sequin choker which was made by me.


  1. I like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Expectacular, guapisima y tu chico igual.Me encanta tu estilo. eres unicaBesossss Isabel

  3. This outfit is AMAZING. You look stunning. Gallery Serpentine corsets are great, I have one myself! Your makeup looks really great too, I love the darker outline on your lips. That's fantastic that they've reinstalled the monthly Goth night! This year here in Auckland (NZ) they've recently started up a monthly Old School Goth night as well, which is great because the scene can be pretty dead without something to get everyone together!

  4. You and your man–exceptionally sophisto hot. I'll leave it at that.I love your tear drop mini purse/clutch again~ and the corset. Oh, but what shoes did you wear? [why do I ask about the one thing you can't see? pfft.]

  5. I love your lips and skirt in this, a lot!

  6. Betty, thanks!! :)Isabel, Gracias por las amables palabras!Phoenix, Gallery Serpentine will always be my first choice in corsetry. I sure would like to check out the Goth scene in other countries. Sometimes I hear it's off the hook, other times I hear it's kinda dead, but it sure would be fun to do a kind of Goth Club Tour of the World! :)Sir Isaak, the shoes were these: Pleaser Dolly with Ankle Strap. They are the most comfortable for dancing, and tall enough to keep this skirt just off the ground. :)SaryWalrus, thank you! It's one of my very favorite skirts, although it's so form-fitting down to the knee that it takes some practice to dance in it!

  7. This is fantastic. I love what you did with your hair.

  8. I want your little cardigan! And you should do a hair tutorial…..and take some photos of the cardi so I can try to copy it.

  9. I nearly bought that same skirt and didn't. Seeing it on you, I'm regretful! It pairs wonderfully with the corset.

  10. I'm with Kitty Lovett here: Please, o please – a hair tutorial would be sooo great!Awesome outfit! Really love it!

  11. Zellain, thanks! I cheated with the hair… See my other comments below. :)Kitty Lovett, I will post a tutorial on the hair style soon. Hint – it's not real hair… ;-Dalicatstrut, you missed out. 😉 I love Newport News, but I was still shocked to see something like that skirt in their catalog!Sal, see my comment to Kitty above – hair tutorial coming soon. 🙂

  12. It's not real? That's just not fair on us poor people. XD

  13. You are a very beautiful couple :)I love your husband hair. It's amazing :)And you look so stunning. A real madmuazel ;)The last picture is so aristocratic.

  14. Kitty, lol! Sorry. 😉 You could create a similar look with real hair with teasing and lots of hair spray, but since I'm going for extreme length (and my hair breaks easily) I am not willing to torture my hair like that.Audronasha, thank you! We had fun with that photo shoot. 🙂

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