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A couple of readers asked me to do a tutorial on my hair style in a recent Club Outfit post.  I actually created this look using a couple of very inexpensive hairpieces called Magic, made by EasiHair.

Magic Hairpiece by EasiHair

Magic hairpieces come on a plastic comb and have two wires covered in bits of hair, as shown in the photo to the right.  They can be purchased here for about $13 USD.   

I think I am required to state that I am not affiliated with EasiHair or Max Wigs in any way, nor am I being paid for this endorsement.  🙂

1. Part your hair and put it up into two high ponytails. You can be pretty messy with this step (as I was), since the Magic hairpieces will cover much of your head when you are done. Just make sure the part is nice and straight (as I did not).

2. Twist the ponytails into buns and secure the buns with a few bobby pins. Again, messy is fine.

3. Twist the wires on each Magic hairpiece into a circular shape.

4. Insert the comb in front of the bun and slide it in until it’s secure underneath the bun.

5. Arrange the wires on the hairpiece until everything is sticking out just how you like it!

This is actually a classic Goth hairdo and can certainly be done with real hair. However, doing so requires a lot of teasing and hairspray. I have delicate hair, plus I strive for as much length as possible, so teasing is most definitely out of the question for me. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on big, Gothy teased hair (not affiliated with me in any way) if you want to give that method a try.

I hope my “Magic” secret will be useful to others who must also be gentle with their hair!

Please let me know any time you wish to see tutorials on any of my hair styles, makeup or DIY accessories/alterations.


  1. Oh those look amazing and they have a great selection of colors too.They look beautiful on you

  2. I want to see your tutorials for everything ever. You're amazing.And as a bleachhead I know all about fragile hair. My remedy, I worked out the other day, is putting my hair into two so-tight-it-nearly-hurts buns, putting a wholistic aloe vera solution (chemical-free, in other words) on them, and having a hot bath. The steam opens the pores on your scalp and hair and helps the aloe sink in, and the aloe does everything you need it to. I rarely wash my hair (because that's when it falls out, always has), but a good thing to do is drench it with olive oil and then steam the hell out it (in the bath or a hot teatowel). Helps like nothing else. If your hair is weak, give that a go.

  3. I dont know the existence of this!!! now I undertand this cool hairs, thanks you for the tip!!!!

  4. Great tutorial! Thank you! Now I wish I had long hair. :((I've had mine cut shorter again last week…)Yes, please! More tutorials! DIY and make up would be great, too.

  5. Gracias por el tutorial.Estas guapisima con todo.Besos Isabel

  6. CookingChinchillas, I just wish they came in Eggplant! ;)Kitty Lovett, thanks for the great tips! I've used coconut oil as a hot oil treatment for years. I've tried olive oil too; works great!! I never thought to use Aloe, but it sounds like an excellent treatment for both scalp and hair.Betty, I just love fake hairpieces for a quick, totally different look.Sal, these hairpieces can work in shorter hair too, if you have just enough to put into a ponytail holder. I have a couple more tutorials in my head, so stay tuned. :)Isabel, Me alegra que hayas disfrutado el tutorial!

  7. This is awesome–one of the few gothic hair tutorials I've ever seen on a blog! Great work!

  8. I have complete hair envy. That does it. I'm purchasing the silk therapy tonight. And I'm going to work extra hard at growing my hair out. You have great buns.

  9. I used to have hair down to my butt and do this hairstyle with my real hair. What was I thinking? That girl in that video has enviably big hair.

  10. Aha! The secrets of the mechanics of those hairpieces is revealed~! [as if it were some big secret to begin with.] I think I have more than enough spare mini combs and an old boa waiting to be hashed to recreate this, yaaaaaay~Your picture signature is very professional~ I love it.Thank you for the tutorial~!

  11. Hexotica, thank you! I wish I had more creative hair styles to blog about. :)SiouxieL, you made me laugh. 🙂 The silk therapy is great! Another tip if you have fragile hair and want to grow it long is to use a satin cap at night (can be found at beauty supply stores). I used to just braid mine but it would break a *lot* around the base of the braid. With the satin cap, I wake up with no tangles and no breakage.alicatstrut, that must have been beautiful!! Teasing can look great if your hair is tough enough to handle it. Have any photos?Sir Isaak, great idea! I love to cut up craft store boas. So many possibilities!

  12. great tutorial!! i really love the outcome <3 its such an awesome hairstyle!!

  13. This is really cute. If I didn't have an over abundance of curls I would probably use something like this.

  14. I don't have any photos, no. No one I knew ever remembered to bring their camera anywhere, boo.

  15. Gorgeous! I will definitely be buying some of these! I should cut back on the teasing myself… I'm trying to grow my hair very long so destroying it on a regular basis is not overly sensible. :-/

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