My First Outfit Post!

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Well, in spite of my awesome studio lighting I still have some learning to do when photographing so much black.  Turns out my camera’s auto focus doesn’t really work too well on black.  This could be a problem for a Goth girl!
Anyway, welcome to my first Work Friendly outfit post!  Okay, this outfit is not particularly exciting, except that the sweater is new and super cute and it came from Target, of all places.  Normally I don’t buy clothes there, but this caught my eye… and actually fit me perfectly.
I didn’t add any accessories to this outfit, because I thought the buttons and the ruffle were enough.  I paired it with a pencil skirt I’ve had for ages, with a matching ruffle along the bottom.  I think fishnets would look great with this, but maybe a bit too sexy for work along with the slit in the skirt.  I usually only wear fishnets to work with longer skirts that hit mid-calf.
I actually rarely wear all black to work, as it seems to disturb some of the most conservative people in my building.  I get weary of being asked “Why do you wear all black?”  It’s a question that has no answer, yet they seem to expect some deep “reason” that just doesn’t exist.  I just do: that’s why!  😉

I just had to include this photo, uncropped, so you could see Naughty Kitty in action.  Totally distracting me from my photo shoot!  This is Perseus, one of our gorgeous Maine Coons.  I’m sure you’ll see his twin brother Prometheus crashing a photo shoot soon, too!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I know what you mean about wearing all black to the office – people will say something, not usually mean, just a comment or a raised eyebrow, so it feels more "office friendly" to wear a touch of color with black.Also, fabulous kitty 😉

  2. Absolutely stunning, Kathleen! I love the asymmetry of the ruffle down the front and the large buttons.

  3. LOVED the uncropped photo! it adds graciousness to the theme.The suit is actually very cute but of course the sweater is very unique so its not the standard black suite.PS: Following you, please visit me and follow if you like my blog.

  4. Your outfit is wonderful! Just right for the office, but not to overtly sexy like a lot of 'Librarian' all black looks one sees. I very much look forward to keeping up with your blog! Kat

  5. Trystan, thanks so much! Glad to "know" someone else who has to deal with some of the same challenges I face. Maybe we can do a Goths in the Office Q&A together sometime, or something like that. :)StyleID and AngelShinigami, thanks for following, and for your kind words! I'm looking forward to checking out your blogs this evening.

  6. I'm not a goth girl, but I think 90 % of my wardrobe is black. I don't know why, it just is. Black makes you look good and it matches everything. Haha. Your outfit is really cute, and I agree with you on the part of wearing fishnets to work.. even though our office is more casual and we can sport jeans & hoodies, I don't think they'd appreciate me showing up in fishnets and heels. Maybe if my boss wasn't a woman it could work but… that's not gonna happen.

  7. Oh look at you go! Great pic, and great outfit. Love the extra pic of the naughty maine coon. Lol. Keep at it.-Betty

  8. Hi Katie! I know what you mean – black just always seems to "work." And it's so easy to keep clean. :)I'm lucky to live in Southern California, where people are much more liberal and accepting of things that are a bit different. And my boss (also female) loves fashion, so I really could get away with a lot… But out of respect for those few really conservative people around me, and because I don't like to get too much attention at work, I tone it down by choice more than anything.

  9. Thanks, Betty! Someday when you are back visiting this desert, bring some major antihistamines and come meet the furry kids. They are soooooo soft and snuggly!

  10. I actually work at Hasbro and I feel like it would be just odd for me or anyone showing up all sexy to work.. while working in a kids/toys company. You know what I mean? I have a ton of tattoos though and can show them, so happy about that. I wouldn't know what to do in summer if they'd make me hide them. 🙂

  11. Lol: good point! That would be a little weird, at a toy company. 😉 At least the tattoos are okay. I think a lot of places are becoming lenient on that, which is good in these times!

  12. I've always loved the all black look, but wasn't sure of how to balance that while looking mature. Your outfit looks very lovely and I definitely looking forward to seeing more on your blog 🙂

  13. Hi, Arieru! Thanks so much. I guess there's a fine line between looking mature in all black, and looking like one is in mourning. 🙂 Although some people tend to make jokes about the latter regardless, other people will appreciate the classiness of it.

  14. Oh, what a beautiful outfit! Just love it.Thanks for sharing; it's really inspiring and I might try something like it for work.Sal

  15. I LOVE your top. It is GORGEOUS. I also love the idea of this blog. 🙂

  16. This is utterly gorgeous. Love the ruffles.

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