Blue is So Goth.

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Yes, I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t have a single green item anywhere in my wardrobe; not even an accessory.  Please accept today’s outfit with a hint of blue instead.  I do promise to eat lots of potatoes tonight in celebration of my Irish heritage.

For some reason, blue has never been one of the common alternate colors in the Gothic fashion world.  Sure, red and burgundy and purple and magenta, even grey and white, are fairly typical.  I rarely see blue, and I am not sure why.  I hope this post will help change that.

Today’s sweater, from New York and Company, features a large floral accent on the left shoulder and rhinestone buttons.  The skirt is from Forever 21, and has lots of ruching down both sides.  The belt is Forever 21.  I think the blue tank top is also Forever 21, but I cut all of the tags out of my clothes because they make me itch.  It’s difficult to remember where each piece came from.

I felt like wearing lots of bracelets today.  Actually I feel like that every day, but today I succumbed to the urge.

A close-up of today’s shoes.

I wasn’t thrilled with a single photo I took today.  One little detail seemed to annoy me about each and every one.  I nearly decided to forgo posting today because of it.  But then I reminded myself that I am neither a professional photographer nor a professional model, and here I am attempting to do both at the same time.  And I’m doing it in my spare room at home with relatively inexpensive equipment.  Every day is a learning experience.  So why should I let a little imperfection stop me from doing something I enjoy?  I promise to do better tomorrow. 🙂

To the other fashion bloggers out there, do you ever get self-conscious about your photos?  If so, how do you stay motivated to keep trying?


  1. Don't worry! Your pics are great!And your outfit is, too!Love those shoes also. Wish I could walk in high heels.Sal

  2. I had no idea you do your pics at home by yourself. The cat in one the pictures was an indicator… but then again, I thought you might work at some sort of photo studio or something.. until I read what you actually do for a living. Your photos are great.Mine on the other hand are crap but I try to not let that take the fun out of blogging about my outfits. As you said, I'm not a professional model or photographer, neither do I gain money with my blog. It's just for fun. Although I wish my pictures were a little better… maybe if my giant penny jar is filled up, I can afford a new camera. :)And in reference to blue in the gothic scene… as I mentioned before, I am not part of this sub-culture but had a couple of friends who were… after all, I've been into punk for years and both of these are an alternative to the 'normal' and I feel like you gotta somehow stick together… although I already feel really stupid putting labels on anything.Anyway, I noticed that while bright blue like you are wearing (looking great, btw) is not necessarily common, I've seen a bunch of pretty black-dark blue corsets and lace-y dresses on friends (and random people) which were really pretty. Also… stock up on green! 🙂 I love it. It's like the only color I accessorize myself with besides black/gold and occasionaly white details… haha. Oof, sorry for the novel. I have a lot to say.

  3. So a great outfits ! Two thumbs up ! xoxo

  4. Glad you decided to post today! The blue & black look fab – I really like the photo, too!

  5. I agree, Katie. Green can be stunning! Not lime green or emerald green, necessarily, but a nice forest green or something heavier like that.Kathleen, your pics, not to mention your poses, are SO nice! Many of my friends are commenting on how lovely they both are!!!

  6. I can't say as if I'd know, but a brighter blue like that does seem uncommon for goth; you make it look very good though. Truly, I feel any color–to an extent–could go with goth, it just depends in what form it appears. Shoes, bracelet, YES.For not being professional [or are you pulling our legs? Haha], you certainly have very model makings, my dear. Have you ever considered it?Hmmm… when I take photos of my Aristo or V-kei, I'm just glad to get something not blurry. I have this strange tendency to take rear shots too.

  7. I love this black and blue outfit. Blue actually does seem to be making it's way into gothic fashion recently. Gareth Pugh used a darker, but still really vibrant blue a lot in his latest collection.I love the shoes and bracelets you're wearing. I'm glad I found your blog, I love seeing other people dedicated to gothic fashion that isn't cliche.

  8. Thanks, Joy!! :)Sal, the trick to walking in heels is to learn gradually. Start with something not-too-tall and practice a lot. Take slow, small steps, because it's much easier to stay in control that way. And don't allow yourself to walk in a wobbly or awkward way in them, or it will become habit.

  9. Katie, your blog has it's own look and I love what you're doing with it so far. Just have fun, and if you decide later to invest a little bit you can get a decent DSLR camera and a tripod for not tooooo terribly much. You are so right – the Goth and Punk scenes are not terribly far from each other (I believe Goth even evolved out of Punk/Post Punk in Europe during the mid to late 70s, anyway). Regardless of the labels, we're all somewhere outside of the "norm" and dealing with the same issues that come with that, so we can certainly respect each other and connect on that level!I will keep my eye out for just the right green piece to add to my wardrobe! 🙂

  10. Meilisse, Thank you!! :)Sherry (aka Mom), I love that your friends are part of my fan base!!Sir Isaak, don't give me any ideas. 😉 I have been interested in modeling since high school, but felt it was not a practical career path. As for doing it on the side, suffice to say that if Gothic Beauty magazine called and asked me to be on the cover I wouldn't say no. Zellain, I will check out Gareth Pugh's collection. Sounds cool! And I agree, some people get really stuck on the Goth fashion cliches. They can be beautiful, but are often over-done and nearly always impractical (except at the clubs, where anything goes!).

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